What’s your take on upcoming murder twist in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?

Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will be soon getting a murder track. One can easily guess that Ishita is the target once again. Despite her numerous efforts to keep the family happy, she will be losing trust and fall in danger. Parmeet makes a plan to get Ishita killed. He gets Simmi on his side. Parmeet wants some member from the family to kill Ishita, so that he gets a clean chit. Simmi finds Mrs. Bhalla capable to do this task, since she can be easily manipulated. Simmi cooks up the story to prove that Ishita isn’t good for the baby, if they keep believing Ishita, Bhalla family may lose their last heir, Adi’s child.

Mrs. Bhalla falls in Simmi’s words. She loves Ishita, but she loves her family heir more. She can’t imagine losing the baby. She is brainwashed by Simmi and her aide, a fake tantric. Mrs. Bhalla starts assuming that Ishita is harmful for the baby, hence she needs to be kept away. Strangely, she doesn’t think of making Ishita out of home, instead she decides to poison Ishita to kill her. Simmi and Parmeet work out Ishita’s murder cleverly. It will be interesting to see how Raman will be protecting Ishita. What’s your take on upcoming murder twist in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein? Let us know your opinion.

  1. Honestly what I feel is take a flight to Mumbai … poison yhm cvs and surrender myself to police .
    I wish I can do that ! I have nothing to lose but can save millions tortured by watching this

    1. Lokesh

      No comments, urs is just perfect ,girl. End this crap.

    2. Mona146

      haha i left show for same kaun marta hain kaun jeeta hain koi fark nahi padta. backwass serial. can someone tell me whereis mihir shagun’s brother.

    3. Mona146

      i agree infact ekta ko khatam kardete hain. I remember tushar said once upon a time he will get married/setteld once his sister ekta does which she never did. so eventually he seems to have watched her serial and decided for child without marriage.

  2. I just loved your comment VP????????

  3. Riana

    Though I had stopped watching this show but still….Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !…….Somebody plsssssss stop this show !!!!!!!….ITS A VIRUS which is spreading badly !!!!….lol

    1. Mona146

      me too but even spoilers boil my blood and switch off the mood instantaneously.

    2. Riana

      @Mona.. i had even stopped caring about spoilers also…ekta wants to create such a drama so that everyone switch to tv to see whats happening and trp raises by her cheap trick…..but now most of the people are aware of this trick was many of us do not bother…?

    3. Mona146

      haha true riana

    4. 100% true


    Absolutely ridiculous ! Is this creativity? Param poisoning that child Ananya, Toshi poisoning Ishita, Simmi going to any extent to avenge her daughter’s death. all this in the name of entertainment.

  5. I hate the fact that Mrs toshi wants to poison ishita but I doubt ishita will actually die. If anything she’ll be rushed into the hospital in time and then they’ll be a leap and the bhalla and iyers will split but I’m excited to see what happens next

  6. how many times will ishita will almost get killed? Its good that the show airs late and is not on trp chart. This show should be aired at 11pm. These writers r giving people ideas. They just do it for trp.

  7. Bakwas…horrible and no matter what words we use it still wont do justice to how this serial sucks….CVS have no common sense and that Ekta supports all these stupid things

  8. My God .. not again Devi Ishi Maa will have to suffer again.. or is it a plot to expose simmi and param!! Whatever it is ridiculous.. irrelevant and irritating… sabse mazedaar baat hai ki none of them is ageing.. ruhi is single… pihu isn’t growing…. romi is out…. baap re!! Kitna Param paap karega aur bachta rahega.. wake up the creative team of YHM

    1. Mona146

      jab tak hai trp ekta nahi rukegi YHM

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