What’s your take on Star Plus upcoming Anupama?

Star Plus’ new show Anupama revolves around the life of a middle-aged woman Anupama, who is a homemaker. She loves her family a lot. She has dedicated her entire life towards her husband and children to the extent that she has forgotten her own identity. She doesn’t have any dreams to call her own. She then faces a crisis when she learns about her husband cheating her, just because she doesn’t own any strong identity. She is just a housewife for him, who is supposed to do household chores. Being uneducated, she is often taken for granted by her husband. Even her children feel that she suits to be in kitchen only.

She then gets on a journey to value herself and get valued by her family. She wants her family to know her worth. She is extremely caring, positive and loving. She keeps her values and personality intact. With a caring heart, she decides to change the perception of her family towards her. She begins to follow her dreams and make her own identity. The story about Anupama is heart-touching. The show is soon going to air from 16th March at the 9 pm slot, replacing Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum. Rupali Ganguly is playing the lead character Anupama. She was last seen in Sarabhai vs Sarabhai S2 on Hotstar. What’s your take on Star Plus upcoming Anupama? Let us know your opinion.

  1. Few years back there was a show on sony named Sujata and the actress who played the lead role has plated the lead role in the original anupama. The concept seems similar to sujata her family takes her for granted she has lost her own identity and husband has an affair in Sujata aman verma played the role of sujata’a husband. Love Roopali but the show is going to be boring.

  2. This is very similar to Patiala Babes and English Vinglish.

  3. There is a Bengali version too, Sremoyee. This concept has been reused too many times.

  4. What has Indian television come too! can’t believe that such a regressive show is going to replace a progressive and unique show like KHKT! Disgusting! And what’s even more surprising is that, looks like according to the poll, there are people ready to watch this show!

  5. star india went in loss for 1200 something crores last year. i still cannot believe that channel has come up with such dumb producers and makers that they are replacing shows like KHKT for boring shows like Anupama? really star plus? have you gone crazy? you really think in this era of progress and logic, people are going to watch Anupama, a mother’s sacrifice? really? and what is up with Rajan Shahi? he has produced shows like YRKKH, YRHPK and he thinks that all his shows will rock? people should experiment new things. only sacrifice, marriage, cheat is not Nayi Soch. it is 2000 years purani soch.
    honestly star plus will surely regret this decision. i hope some miracle happens and this show is postponed. or if not, then Timings of KHKT should change. we definitely don’t want to lose a show with such a unique concept.
    people who are voting for excited to watch? really? in which centuary are you guys living? 1880?
    Modi ji says correct. “yeh desh badal raha hai, bas kuch logon ka dimag nahi badal raha.”

  6. BalajiMurugadoss

    Eventhough promo says it is a story of homemaker’s but after three months of airing, the makers start to concentrate on marriage tracks of her children, divorce case then marriage case and it is of YRKKH producer, he will drag the story as much as possible

  7. SerialLover

    Same storyline as Zee Marathi’s “Mazhya Navryachi Bayko”

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