What’s your take on Maharaj Ki Jai Ho?

Star Plus’ latest offering in the lockdown phase, Maharaj Ki Jai Ho brings a funny take on Sanjay’s life, which goes through a roller-coaster ride after he reaches Hastinapur, 3000 BC. The time travel goes wrong and he gets stuck in the past for a long period. What follows is a series of hilarious situations. Sanjay faces many risky tasks and comes out glorious by his wits. He is a small time thief by profession. He becomes the chief advisor for King Dhritrashtra. Sanjay changes a lot while dealing with his life’s chaos. The past changes his present. He becomes a responsible man.

Sanjay then faces a big trouble when he realizes that he has fallen in love with a thief. Sanjay’s fate then shines when he learns that the girl he loves isn’t a thief, but a princess, daughter of King Suryabhan. Sanjay isn’t affected by her social rank. He wishes that the girl Sunaina accepts his love. Sanjay’s modern-aged technology apps and his super car helps him in coming up with great solutions to the King’s problems. The show is a good comic relief and also fills up the entertainment space. What’s your take on Maharaj Ki Jai Ho? Let us know your opinion.

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