What’s your take on Guddan’s current track?

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There is a leap recently seen in Zee’s Guddan Tum Se Na Ho Payega. Post leap, the lovely couple is seen living separated. Destiny brings them together again. Guddan’s equation changes with Akshat. She becomes a tough girl. She doesn’t bear anything wrong. Antara troubles her Bahus once again. She is back in Jindal family. She spends time brainwashing Akshat. She claims to have fallen in love with him. She lays a trap against him. Antara informs the police about superstar Guddan’s kidnapping. She gives the lead that Guddan’s ex-husband Akshat.

Akshat faces more troubles when police accuses him for the kidnapping. Guddan doesn’t accept any feelings for Akshat. She still cares for Akshat and his family. She respects Akshat’s family and loves them as before. She remembers their good times. Guddan will be seen having an emotional moment with Dadi. Dadi wants Guddan to save Akshat from Antara. Akshat seems to believe Antara more. Antara struggles to win his trust. She proves her efforts in managing his household. Akshat’s Bahus are still against Antara. They also wish Guddan’s comeback. Dadi makes a request to Guddan to return home. The new leap shows Akshat and Guddan’s separation. What’s your take on Guddan’s current track? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. I want this antara’s truth come out and end her role pleaaaaaaaase

  2. I have a huge problem with Akshat trusting his brother’s murderer more that the young, naive Guddan who has sacrificed so much for him and his family

    Antara is a self-confessed killer. Yet, she is free to do as she pleases!
    Rawat, Angad,Vikrant,Alisha and baby Akshan have all been killed by her and Akshat marries her to hurt Guddan….
    instead of using his resources to find out the truth he is now humiliating, insulting and abusing Guddan.
    Then he has the gall to ask Guddan why she left him and did not stay with him and that is why he is an alcoholic..
    It is time for Akshat to man up……and exit Antara from this story permanently by revealing all her deceipt and lies

    But what does the writers do:
    1. conveniently disregard all Antara’s crimes
    2. tortures Guddan all the time
    3.cherry on top!!!! Akshat, Guddan and Antara love triangle!!! what a JOKE!
    4. how does Antara get punished……. Shaadi, shaadi, shaadi aur Guddan ki barbaadee

    Why they can’t the writers introduce a male villian now, that is totally besotted with Guddan, I cannot understand…or will Nishant’s ego not allow another male opposite Guddan.

    Akshat Jindal needs to experience the same pain Guddan did when he chased her out of his house and life the day he married Antara.
    Guddan’s dialogue should mirror her pain and suffering she had to endure when he called her a good for nothing that he picked from the streets of Indore…and not worthy of his name.
    Not to forget that this is also the 2nd time he called her a child murderer

    Akshat needs to go to a rehab and get some more electric shocks!!!!

    1. I second ur every single word. They are meant to be together as they are leads but i want guddan to keep her self respect her utmost priority. She will be with aj for any reason but she should never accept aj as her husband. She should not accept his name with her name. Before their so called reunion she should file a case against him for her mental and emotional torture and for marrying somewhere else while still being married to her and for this crime he should get legal punishment and for once properly divorce for guddan. Then show their reunion for any reason or helplessness but not out of guddan’s love bcoz aj doesnot dezerve it. Even then she should never accept any of his wifey rights which he keeps on snatching from her at every first chance without even thinking and which he had given to a s**t and murderer. She should not wear any mangalsutra or vermillion of his name not even for dadi.

      P.S i know these cant be fulfilled by our CVs bcoz they only know to show guddan insult from every other person.they cant show her taking a stand for her self respect

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