What’s your reaction on Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan getting one hour airtime?

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan is a popular youth show and very much acclaimed by the audience, which worked wonders for the channel MTV. The latest buzz is the show getting more airtime by the immense popularity. The viewers can see their Manik and Nandini along with the Fab 5 gang for one hour every day, as Fanaah 2 is going to end. Talking about the story so far…. Nandini & Navya launch a crusade around the campus to have her expulsion revoked while Dhruv decides to confess his feelings to Alya. Nandini and Navya step up their efforts to have her expulsion cancelled with surprising consequences.

Soha steps up her efforts to boot Nandini from Manik’s life while Nandini tries to tend to Navya in her time of need. Navya finally triumphs in her attempts to gain her admission back even as Soha makes a jealous strike against Nandini which only serves to bring her and Manik closer. A shocking turn of events witnesses Soha replacing Nandini as the new manager even as Manik bluntly opposes the decision. Manik attempts to build bridges with Nandini while Soha tries to explain herself to the Fab 5. What do you think about the show getting one hour airtime? Let us know in this poll.

  1. I m so happy ………wish to see manan more

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