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Episode 6

Let’s see

Ragini was sitting in the garden. All the memories she spent with riya were coming in front of her. She wants to capture them again but she feels she was losing them.. she was crying hard. Suddenly she feels a hand on her face.

Ragini – riya….

But it wasn’t riya. It was laksh.

Laksh – Ragini don’t think much. Everything will be fine. Riya will be fine.

Ragini – no laksh she has much blood loss. How can i be her best friend. I’m ashamed to call me as her bestie.

Laksh – no Ragini what’s your fault in it.

Ragini – yes,fault was mine only. I was very much involved in my personal matter that i forget riya. I even forget to ask her when she reached.

Laksh – but what’s the reason.

Ragini – if i had inquired about her then may be we got her soon after the accident. And she may regain her consiousness till now. You know what you are the reason behind my life’s sorrows. From tomorrow only it all had started. Why laksh i trusted you alot. You never cared for me for a second also. God why I’m talking to you? ?and she left from there. .

Laksh – he was very much sad hearing that  from Ragini. I know you are very much disappointed from me Ragini. I hurted you. But just keep yourself in my place. You will come to know what i had undergoes. At one side you,another one maa and at another one Khushi. I only know how much difficult it was from me. He wipes his tears. I know i only did all these. Now its only my responsibility to correct them. And he also left from there.

At night

Laksh enters inside Riya’s room. And he went and sits near her. As Ragini went to talk with her seniors about Riya’s health.

Laksh – riya you also hates me na. I know that but please don’t punish your best friend for it. She needs you now. I was happy because atleast she can tell you about her feelings. She really needs you. Please come back for her. Here how can you sleep like this? ? When Ragini was crying there. You both were bestfriends from childhood na. Please get up riya.

Ragini entered and saw laksh was talking with riya. She saw him crying. She founds it genuine.

Ragini – laksh now you go home. I’m with riya.

Laksh – no.

Ragini – excuse me i’m not requesting you. I’m telling you. Please go.

Laksh stands up and went near Ragini who was standing near the door.

Laksh – please Ragini let me be here. I’ll not disturb you. Plz.

Ragini – please laksh for god shake just leave .you had already done so much now i don’t want anything more.

Laksh- now laksh was very much angry. He tightly holds Ragini’s hand and pins her to the wall. Ragini was shocked at his behaviour.

Ragini – laksh what are you doing?

Laksh- it’s okay you hates me. May be i deserve that. But I’m not going from here. She was also my friend. So I’ll stay here. Then he saw tears in ragini’s eyes. He understood that ragini was hurt as he was holding her hand so tightly. He leaves her hand. Sorry for this behaviour. I’m outside. You can sit here. And saying this he left.

Ragini – she was confused at his behaviour. But the way he cared for her it brings a smile on her face. She went and sits beside riya.

At Khushi house

Khushi was doing something on her phone when her father called her. She went downstairs.

Khushi – yes,dad you called me.

Karan sharma (her father, a big business man) – what is this Khushi?

Khushi – what?

Karan-tell me where were you last night?

Khushi – i’m at my room.

Karan – don’t lie. That girl what’s her name riya…you only did that accident right.

Khushi – no dad.

Karan- i’m your father. I know i was busy with my work but it doesn’t mean i didn’t keep your whereabouts.

Khushi – yes,dad i only did that.

Karan – but why?

Khushi – she slapped my laksh dad that also in front of my eyes. How dare she??

Karan – but. ..

Khushi – no but dad..she did mistake and i gave her punishment. I’ll not leave anyone who comes in my way. Laksh was mine only and no one can snach him from me. Now do whatever you want dad. And then she left.

Karan -her love was becoming possessive day by day. She did a big accident only because that girl slapped laksh. I have to do something.

Khushi went to her room and saw all the pics of laksh. She went and hug them one by one.

Khushi – I love you laksh. I know you also love me. Don’t worry I’ll not let anyone come in my way. That idiot girl i make her feel how’s death Infact although she survived she is in coma. I’ll not leave anyone. And that ragini she did a big mistake by marrying you. Now I’ll make her out of your life also.

And then she called someone and talked with that person… and smiles evily and made a cross mark on ragini’s park. .

Precap – a big twist…ab bataungi toh tum sab mere next episode nahi padhoge. .I’ll reveal it in next episode only.

Hey guys again thanks alot for all your support. And i think laksh pov also needed. So i added only a little only .hope you all like it.Don’t forget to tell me how’s the today’s episode. I’ll wait for it. See you soon and this time I’ll update with in this week only because I’m going to get a holiday. So see you soon. Bye bye bye take care.

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