Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 25th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 25th February 2013 Written Episode, Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 25th February 2013 Written Update

Show starts with the prep. Mithali has sent a kathakali shaped menu card. Looks like a South Indian menu.
Welcome drink: Rasam Is Rasam a drink? I can think of it as a soup if not an accompaniment to rice
Mains: Coconut rice, Kalhapuri Mutton, Chhole Parantha, Chapai, Kothimbeer, Raita, Pappadam
Sweet: Mishti Doi
RJ comes first dressed in dhoti and pretending to be a famous actor Romit Kapur. He hands her a rose and she closes the door on him as she is not ready RJ has come with another man who he calls his secretary. Mithali says she does not know Romit and RJ says he is very famous and has acted in hindi films like Souten. **Don’t know what happened to that extra man after that
Dimple has come dressed as a salesgirl. Says she has sindoor, kundli and garland ready in case she meets a suitable guy. RJ opens the door and Dimple says she has come for a survey. Romit offers her a job as a secretary and she wants to know the package. She goes to the washroom. Both have such dead faces and voices like they are already bored
Mithali back in a saree to welcome Mauli (in a saree and huge earrings). RJ wants to know whether the earrings don’t hurt. Bhaktiyaar comes next in a ganji and goes sits on Mithali’s sofa seat. She points to another seat (Bhaktiyaar shown complaining that he was told to sit on a stool). RJ asks what Bhaktiyaar does and he says other than bajaaoing you, I will do a lot. RJ’s opinion that he got negative vibration from B that he is some star. RJ bajaos Bhakti saying I have seen you ‘ as background dancer. Knowledge for me: Bhaktiyaar was a background dancer in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Dimple has changed into a saree and comes out now and is confused who the host is and host confused how she got in. RJ clarifies how and discloses that he is Pritam Pyaare. **Very lame
Host brings the Rasam and now food natanki starts. Mauli drinks and starts coughing as she found too much tadka. Bhaktiyaar points out that Mithali did not ask him for water and asks if Rasam is taken like this? Dimple says her friends say Rasam is normally taken after main course and so how could she serve it as a main drink. Mithali argues that people actually have it with main course **So why did she make it into a welcome drink?
Guests ask for starter and Mithali says I thought we will start a proper conversation but you all started off just like that. B’s comment shown: So she wanted conversation for starters
Pritam was Pritam Singh and thought you have to be a Kapur or Khan to succeed and so named himself Romit Kapur Bhaktiyaar says Irani was also an option (Boman, Aruna, Bhaktiyaar). RJ upset as he expected more sophistication from Bhakt and Dimple during such serious conversations. Some nautanki from him that he is done.
B says on calls RJs tease women and say they want to come home if the woman is alone.This upsets RJ Pritam
Mithali lays out dinner on banana leaves and Dubai ka angrez looks stunned that he has to use his hands. Mauli says she is from America but uses her hands. B says there is no connection between the two as he is used to fork/knife. Atleast today there is no veg/non-veg fight. Mauli finds channa undercooked, someone finds water coming out from mutton and RJ is tapping the mutton bone and enjoying the food which Bhaktiyaar finds disgusting.
Dinner over. RJ says so many background dancers got lead roles and asks B why didn’t he? B says lots of people come to become heroes and land up becoming RJs. RJ says B had declared he came to become a hero ( in some reality show) and B says he did not and uses the Irani/Paul family phrase I REST MY CASE. **Rajev Paul had better timing
Game is passing the ball. B has to propose while in bathroom, RJ is Devdas, Mauli sings as Sita maiyya and Dimple wins. Not much shown of their acts. Show over.
Bhaktiyaar: 2
Mauli: 6
Dimple: 5
RJ: 5

Update Credit to: BullsEye777

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