Sanchi and Isha were in Sanchi’s cabin.

I: so Sanchi when do you plan to confess your feelings?

S: here are the files you were asking for.

I: nice try to change the topic but please tell me. I’m not able to control my excitement anymore.

S: I will not tell him. He has to propose me. If you all can see that I love him then why can’t he? She said making a cute pouting face.

I: don’t be stubborn Sanchi. Anyway tomorrow we have a day off so we are going for shopping. Pragya’s wedding is in the next week.

S: ya I remember but my Khadoos will not come. You know he does not like spending his time on useless things.

I: please convince him na. We have a day off.

S: I will try.

They resumed their work.
Kapoor Mansion

Sanchi came to the room to find her boring husband engrossed in his work. God tomorrow was a day off but still this person was preparing his schedule! So impossible. She went to his side of the bed and sat beside him.

S: why are you working now? Tomorrow is a day off so you can prepare your schedule tomorrow.

K: I’m busy tomorrow so I won’t get time.

S: busy? Where are you going?

K: I have to go out for a useless thing called shopping. He said casually without looking up from his laptop. Sanchi stared him with mixed emotions. She was angry that how dare he call shopping a useless thing and how did he know that they were going shopping tomorrow?

S: who told you about shopping?

K: Veer told me. Sanchi breathed in relief as she thought that Kabir heard her when she was talking to Isha. Everyone excluding Kabir knew about Sanchi’s feelings but she told all of them to shut up. She did not want anyone to tell Kabir. She wanted Kabir to realize it. She then grabbed his laptop from his hands and kept it in the cupboard and locked it. Kabir was annoyed by Sanchi’s act but he was used to it.

K: now what I did?

S: how dare you call shopping a useless thing? You know na I love shopping. Then it is your punishment.

K: Sanchi don’t be stupid. Let me prepare my schedule. It is very important.

S: If you want your laptop then you have to take this key. She ran from there.

K: you are testing my physical abilities? I go to gym regularly so please. He ran behind her.

They were running around the room chasing each other and throwing whatever comes in their way. While running Sanchi’s leg got stuck in the bed sheet. She tried to remove it and Kabir approached her with a great speed. He could not balance himself and hence fell on Sanchi and Sanchi on bed. They had an eyelock which was disturbed when Sanchi winced in pain. Her hand was bleeding as it was cut when she had fled past the sharp edged table. Kabir saw the cut and brought the first aid box. He began to attend to her wound with utmost care. He was feeling guilty as Sanchi was hurt because of him. He just bandaged her hand and tried to leave but Sanchi held his hand and made him sit down. She cupped his face and made him look at her. His eyes were reflecting guilt and his face was pale. She could not see her Kabir in this state. She loved her Khadoos workaholic husband.

S: Kabir that was not your fault.

K: no Sanchi. I could have behaved a bit maturely. You were running like a crazy kid I could have stopped you.

S: there is no wrong in being kiddish sometimes and by the way how dare you call me immature and crazy? She faked anger but soon they burst out laughing. After a good session of laughter, Kabir made Sanchi sleep and covered her with the quilt. He resumed with his work, of course with Sanchi’s permission.
Malhotra Mansion

Isha was looking at the moon from her balcony. She was lost in some thoughts when two arms snaked around her waist. She knew it was Veer. (Veer finally had the guts to propose Isha. He had confessed his feelings to her and now they were a happily married couple in all the senses.) Isha just rested her back on his chest and curled her arms on his. They stood there admiring the beauty of life.

I: I think that we should tell Kabir Sir about Sanchi’s feelings.

V: no Isha, Sanchi has strictly prohibited us. You know that.

I: but still we need to help our friends. Why Kabir Sir is not able to understand Sanchi’s feelings?

V: it’s not like that Isha. Kabir Sir knows that Sanchi loves him. He just wants some time. That’s it.

I: I think you are right. We should not interfere.

V: hmmm. He said snuggling in her neck. They stood there talking about random things and headed to bed after some time.
Next morning all of them gathered in the mall. Pragya and Satish had decided to co-ordinate their dresses for each ceremony. Everyone was busy in selecting dresses and matching jewelries and accessories. Soon the shopping for Pragya and Satish was over. It was afternoon and they were exhausted. The couples headed to lunch in one of the restaurants and then resumed the shopping. Pragya and Satish went out on their last bachelor date. Isha and Veer were busy in Veer’s selection. Sanchi and Kabir were looking for Sanchi’s dresses. Kabir was just admiring his love and adoring her every antics. She wanted a plain but royal ghagra. She was not satisfied with any of them. Kabir, who was listening to all her conversation with the salesman, threw a glance around the shop and found the one exactly matching Sanchi’s description.

K: Sanchi I think you should try that. He said pointing his finger in the direction of a lovely dress.

S: yes I was searching for something like that only. She said and went to the trial room collecting the dress from the counter. She came out wearing it. She was looking beautiful just like an angel. Kabir was mesmerized by seeing Sanchi in that dress. He went near her and whispered in her ears ‘beautiful’. Sanchi lowered her gaze and blushed a deep shade of pink. She went inside the trial room to change. The choli of the dress had a zip on the back. She was not able to remove the zip as cloth was stuck in between it. She tried a lot but still could not unzip it. Out of helplessness she called Kabir who was waiting outside the dressing room. He came in at once.

K: what happened Sanchi?

S: my zip. It’s not opening. She said in a low voice. He just shrugged and made her turn around. She stared him through the mirror and he too reciprocated the stare. Sanchi shivered when his fingers touched her bare back. Kabir slowly unzipped the choli still staring at her through the mirror. Their eyelock did not break even for a second. He leaned forward on Sanchi’s shoulder. His hot breath fanning her neck. She stood rooted in her place. He moved forward and spoke in a low voice.

K: It’s done. Anything else?

Sanchi just nodded a no and Kabir left the room. She saw her reflection in the mirror which was a shade pink then she expected. Everyone finished their shopping and was heading home in their respective cars.

Sanchi and Kabir’s journey was silent. Sanchi was looking out of the car when she noticed that they had reached on the outskirts of the city.

S: Kabir where are we going?

K: that’s a surprise. Sanchi was surprised as she never expected Kabir to give her surprises. She kept quiet and continued looking out of the window. They arrived near a large farmhouse. She was about to question when Kabir kept his finger on her lips.

K: this is my dad’s farmhouse. We are here as some of dad’s friends have come for a night out so he insisted me to stay away from home today.

S: oh so this is the reason why you came for shopping and don’t tell me that this was your surprise. So boring Kabir. But what could I expect from you Mr.Workaholic?

K: you can give me all those lectures once we get inside the house. Now come let’s go. They went inside. Sanchi was angry as he cut her in the middle when she was talking. She straight away went inside the house and poor Kabir brought all the shopping bags from the car.

He went inside and saw that Sanchi was sitting on the sofa sadly. He went near her and held her hand and led her through a small opening to a large garden behind the house. The whole garden was decorated beautifully with lights. Two chairs and one table were kept in the center and food dishes adored the table. She turned around to face Kabir with wide eyes and a happy smile. That smile, he could do anything to get that smile from her. He was satisfied that his attempts were not futile. He was successful to impress Sanchi.

K: so how is the surprise?

S: sorry I overreacted, but this beautiful. I just love it.

They had their dinner and settled near a couch kept under the tree which was lightened. Sanchi was leaning on Kabir’s shoulder and Kabir had wrapped his hand around her.

S: Kabir why you did all this?

K: ‘Dil mein chhipi yaadon se sawaru tujhe,
Tu dekhe to apni ankho me utaru tujhe,
Tere naam ko labo pe aise sajaya hain,
So bhi jaau to khawbo me pukaru tujhe!!’ I LOVE YOU SANCHI.

(I recreate you through the memories that I have in my heart, I adore your face through my eyes when you look at me, your name resides on my lips to such an extent that I call you in my dreams when I’m fast asleep)

He spoke his heart out to her. She was just astonished by this side of Kabir. She was very much fond of shayari but she never knew that Kabir would propose her with this shayarana style. She had tears in her eyes as she realized that Kabir loved her to the extent of changing himself for her. He was never like that. She was proud to get the love of such a pure hearted person.

S: ‘rakh loon nazar mein chara tera, din raat ispe marti raho, jab tak yeh saanse chalti rahe, mein tumse mohobbat karti rahon.’ I LOVE YOU TOO KABIR.

(I will keep your face in my eyes and adore it day and night, till the time I breathe I will love you)

They engulfed themselves in a tight passionate hug. Kabir held her waist tightly and rubbed her back with his cold hands. Sanchi hid her face in his chest which rested on his heart which was beating for her. That feeling was superb to know that someone’s heart beats for her. Kabir rested his chin on her head and tightened his hold not allowing air to pass through. They broke their hug after some time and went to the most beautiful room of their farmhouse. It had a swimming pool attached to it and a beautiful garden balcony. Kabir was sitting on the bed and Sanchi came out with her hairs all wet. She had changed into casuals that Kabir brought along with him as he had planned this surprise. She stood near the mirror of the dressing table and began to dry her hairs with the towel. Some of the droplets fell on Kabir’s face as he was engrossed in his mobile. He looked up and saw Sanchi drying her hairs. He kept his phone aside and walked to her. He wrapped his hands around her waist. Sanchi shivered as she felt his touch as a husband for the first time. Kabir moved some of her hairs aside and began to kiss her on her neck. He turned her around and proceeded to kiss her on her collar bone. Sanchi’s hold on the towel loosened as it fell off from her hands. She placed her hands on Kabir’s shoulders as she moaned in happiness. Kabir came up to her face and placed a soft kiss on the corner of her lips. He placed his lips on hers and they went for a soft kiss which turned deep and passionate later. Sanchi responded equally passionately. She circled her arms around his neck and lifted herself on her toes to match his height. He tightened his hold on Sanchi’s waist as they kissed. They broke the kiss after some time to breath. Sanchi was blushing heavily and Kabir was smiling, a content one. He scoped Sanchi in his arms and took her to the vast king size bed to keep her in his manly cage for the rest of his life and explore her sweetness. After two hours of the pleasurable pain, Sanchi and Kabir slept in each other’s embrace.
So this was the second part. The profile picture is the set up where Kanchi confessed their feelings. If you all want then I will write the third part also or else we will stop here.

Thank you for reading.

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