“We want a Divorce!”- Riansh OS by Parita

“We want a Divorce!”

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“We want a Divorce!”

Vansh and Riddhima shouted in unison. Their entire family, standing in the hall looked at them and gasped in horror listening to them. They definitely weren’t able to believe their ears. A Divorce. That too from that couple that were always known as the love birds of the town. Riddhima glared at him, arms folded towards her chest while he looked away and his hands pocketed.

Ishani, Vansh’s sister stepped forward and questioned them; “Why this decision Bhai, Bhabhi?”

“Ask this brother of yours!” Riddhima spat.

“Why me huh? Why are all the questions and accusations pointed out at me?” Vansh objected.

Aryan, Riddhima’s brother and Ishani’s husband went towards Riddhima and asked her to settle down on the sofa, trying to relax and calm her bubbling anger. He went to Vansh and asked him to sit as well.

“What’s the problem, di? Jiju what has happened between you two? You both were absolutely fine till now then what just changed in a minute?” Aryan questioned.

“It was a façade! An act, trying to hide our disputes we had to act all lovey dovey but now I can’t! I’m not continuing this act anymore, I can’t and don’t want to stay with this man anymore!” Riddhima spoke looking at Vansh.

“Not you, but even I can’t handle you anymore! Acting like a nice lovely couple in front of the family that had arrived with a proposal for Siya was just our helplessness.” Vansh confessed. “This woman is too much to handle!”

Riddhima gasped hearing this. She immediately took a pillow from her side and shoved it towards Vansh. It hit him on his face and he glared at her. Taking one from his side, he flew it across the room to her but she caught it on time. Anupriya, Vansh’s mom came in between, being the eldest and wisest out of all, and stopped them from their pillow fight.

“Riddhima, Vansh why are you doing this? Have you not thought of Vanya? What is your reason towards this divorce?” Anupriya asked gently, caressing Riddhima’s hair.

“Ma, it’s final, Vanya shall stay with me! And ma don’t you please take her side!” Vansh spoke, answering his mom.

“What do you mean by Vanya will stay with you? Huh? She’s going to stay with her mother and there’s no argument of that!” Riddhima argued.

“And have you both asked Vanya?” Anupriya put forward her question. “Have you both tried talking to her? She’s a 2 year old girl, don’t you think she’d want both her parents to be by her side as she grows up?” Anupriya added.

“Ma enough now, we’ve taken our decision, we want a divorce! Simple! I don’t want any discussions on this” Vansh snapped at her.

“See ma, he can’t even talk to you properly! Ma and you want to know the reasons yea so here, he keeps talking to that witch; Ahaana! He never leaves a moment without talking or thinking about her. He has a family to be worried for but no, he wants to worry for Ahaana!” Riddhima reasoned.

“Riddhima! You’re crossing your line…..she’s just a good friend! I’ve told you umpteen times but you don’t seem to understand it! Have I ever complained when you shop a lot or when you eat a lot or even when you talk to the Kabir!” Vansh said losing his cool.

“Shut up Vansh!! You’re such a…..Uhh! I just don’t want to look at your face.” Riddhima blasted off.

Seeing their heated fight the entire family had gone quiet. They were surprised by the entire fiasco, and why not? These two had fought with everyone to get married and now these two were fighting with each other.

“I never expected all this from your family, Anupriya ji!”  A voice came from the entrance.

They all looked behind to see; Mrs. Sharma, who stood in shock and disgust looking at the ugly fight between the couple. She had brought the proposal for Siya.

“Mrs. Sharma!” Anupriya muttered in shock. Hadn’t they already left- then what was she doing there with Siya.

“Anupriya ji, I didn’t expect such behaviour from your family especially your son and daughter-in-law. Such fights in the house bring negative vibes and talking about divorce…..please (sighing) I don’t want any relation with such a family.”

Mrs. Sharma, hailing from a conservative family, had disputes against the new norms and changes that were brought about by the youngsters of the 21st Century. She absolutely detested when women worked outside, when women had night outs or even when men allowed women to do their way.

“I’m sorry, but we can’t go ahead with this relationship, Siya is a good girl but I fear she might inherit what I’ve just seen.” Mrs. Sharma caressed her hair, turned around and left.

“Mrs. Sharma! How can you say so……wait!” Anupriya tried calling after her but it was of no use. Anupriya gave up and dejected she turned back at Vansh, and raised her eyebrows.


“So what now?” Riddhima asked sitting on the bed.

“Celebrations! Our plan was successful!” Vansh cheered, pouring some champagne in three glasses. He passed two of them to Aryan and Ishani while he sipped some. He went towards Riddhima and kissed her forehead.

“Great acting I must say. For a moment I actually thought it was real….the way you both were lashing out at each other!” Ishani commented.

“But all in all, thank you so much bhaiya and Bhabhi. You saved me from all this.” Siya said, smiling.

“Anything for you Siya!” Riddhima said.

They all looked towards the door as a voice came out. Anupriya. She entered the room and clapped, in anger.

“She’s heard it all!” Vansh murmured and tugged Riddhima.

“Fantastic! It was all a plan of y’all…..all this divorce acting, fights! How can you do this? We lost such a good alliance for her!” Anupriya huffed in anger.

“But ma, it was for her! Didn’t you see how Mrs. Sharma was talking, couldn’t you see how Siya would have suffered if she went in to that house.” Vansh reasoned out to her.

“Ma, Mrs. Sharma is a traditionalist, she’s an orthodox. She doesn’t like it when, a girl does something bold or a man changes a way of living for someone. She wouldn’t have let our Siya to be independent, she wouldn’t have let her work or fulfil her dream. Imagine if someone did that to me or Ishani or even in future to Vanya? I know ma, Siya’s not your daughter…..” Anupriya intervened her.

“Riddhima, Siya is my daughter! I’ve always considered her as my daughter, I’ve never differentiated her and Ishani. You know that.” Anupriya, said a bit hurt.

“Exactly ma, so we couldn’t have given your daughter to them right?” Riddhima asked on which she nodded.

Anupriya went to Siya and caressed her cheek.

“We’ll find better grooms for you, you’ll get the best! And it’s good we didn’t form any relation with them. If she didn’t let you fulfil your dreams and live the way you want then? I couldn’t have let you suffer!” Anupriya said assuring.

“Even we wouldn’t have!” Ishani, Aryan and Vansh said in unison.

“Thank you bua, you’ve done so much for me!” Siya thanked Anupriya.

Anupriya hugged her and caressed her hair. She backed off and looked at the rest who were adoring their bond.

“So Vansh, Riddhima…..when’s the divorce taking place?” she asked teasingly.

“Maa! No divorce!” they both yelled in unison.

Anupriya and the rest chuckled seeing their shocked faces. These two were impossible. They loved each other beyond limits, love birds.

After spending some time together, the rest left the couple alone in their room. Riddhima walked towards the bed and grabbed the pillow, hauling it towards Vansh. As it hit him he looked at Riddhima, who was throwing deadly glares at him.

“What now?” Vansh queried innocently.

“I shop a lot huh? I eat a lot huh!” Riddhima repeated his earlier said words in anger.

“Riddhu, jaan you know it was just for the act yea……an also you called Ahaana a witch? Is that fair?” Vansh carried on.

“Ohhh wow!” Riddhima clapped sarcastically and hauled another pillow at him. “You know, calling Ahaana a witch was true, it all came from my heart…..because she is a witch! She keeps calling you, roaming around you! Chipku!”

“Jealous?” Vansh smirked seeing her.

He went closer to her and grabbed her from her waist, pulling her closer to him. She glared at him, trying not to show how much his one touch affected her. He put away her strand of hair behind her ear and looked at her intensely, sending chills down her spine.

“So what, aren’t you jealous of Kabir?” Riddhima added.

“You had to bring him in right? And yes I’m jealous of that friend of yours…..he’s a glue, sticks to you always!” He huffed in jealousy.

“Idea!” Riddhima shouted in excitement.

“What?” Vansh asked.

“Why don’t we marry Kabir and Ahaana off together….that way Ahaana won’t stick to you…..” Riddhima said

“Interesting, Very interesting, And that way Kabir won’t be close to you!” Vansh interrupted. “You’re such a genius! What a plan!”

They both laughed and he hugged her tight.

The End

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