We Are Together SamAina PreeDit MunWa AbhiGya DheerDaa SS Part 11

We are together Part 11

Seeing Manoj and Swati leave ,Sameer and Pandit cried.Abhishek was numb.Naina and Preeti who were there also became upset.

Sameer:Dad,why are you not stopping bhaiiya from going?

Abhi:Let him leave.That’s better.If he leaves he will get peace of mind.Here he will only get taunts from his so called mother whom he loves the most.

Pandit and Sameer went near Manoj and Swati painfully.They hugged Manoj-Swati and shed tears.

Manoj:Don’t cry…We will be back one day.Maa will accept me again.Wait and see.

Swati:Yes..we will definitely come back.This is only a temporary exit.
Manoj:Take care of papa and  Maa.
Sameer-Pandit nodded emotionally.

Swati to Naina and Preeti:Take care of my Devarjies Sameer and  Pandit.
Preeti nodded tearfully.
Manoj smiled:Swati.. is there any need to tell Naina and Preeti to look after Sameer and Pandit?They will even worship your devarjies.
Swati was in tears:You are right Munna.We don’t need to worry about that at all.

Naina :Yes Swati.We will not let them know your absence.But the truth is that we can never replace you in their lives.
Swati felt so emotional that her eyes got filled up with tears.Manoj tried to control his emotions by looking down.

SWATI:I am so lucky to get such sweet devranies.Naina,my sister turned out to be my dearest Devrani.And Preeti …you are the sweetest and perfect for Pandit.
Naina and Preeti hugged Swati tearfully.
SWATI:Naina…Preeti…don’t send us with tears.We won’t be happy.
They wiped their tears.
Preeti:We will not cry Swati bhabhi.Come back soon.We will be expecting it.

Swati and Manoj smiled:Sure.
Manoj-Swati left waving hands at them with tears.
PANDIT:Still bhaiyya has so much of hope that mom will call him back.Do you have that hope Sameer?Do you think that mom will call him back?
Sameer wept:No…

Sameer stared at Pragya.
Sameer:Mom,were you happy when Munna bhaiyya left this house?

PANDIT:You stooped so low that you made him leave the house.Why mom?

Sameer:You fear whether Munna bhaiyya will abandon us if gets power and position?Because you don’t trust Munna bhaiyya’s love.But how could you forget so easily that Munna bhaiyya risked his own life to save us during childhood?Because of that incident he lost his health and got ridiculed by the whole world for his physical defect caused by that accident.But you forgot that very fast because he is not your real son.

PANDIT:Munna baiyya lost so much due to saving us.Still you doubt his love and loyalty?How could you mom?

Pragya struggled hard to control her tears.

Abhishek stared at Pragya:If you were not my children’s mother the moment you kicked out Munna and Swati I would have sent you out.
Pragya was stunned.
Sagar and Anjali came.
Anj:Why are you all upset?Where are Munna bhaiyya and Swati bhabhi?
Pandit replied painfully:They left the house.
Anjali was shocked:Why?
Sameer:It’s all because of mom.
They told her everything.Anjali was shocked.She burst into tears.
Anj:I never expected this from you mom.You are so stone hearted.I feel ashamed to be your daughter.
Pragya ran to her room crying.
Anjali cried:How could mom do this to Munna?
Sameer embraced her consoling her.

Sagar entered Pragya’s  room.
SWATI:Sagar…everyone hates me for what I did to Munna.
Sagar became dull.
SWATI:But nobody knows that I did’nt do it purposefully.I was forced to do it.Everyone thinks that I hate Munna.But I love my Munna very much.I did this only following your advise.
Suddenly Pragya saw Abhishek,Anjali,Sameer and Pandit at the door way.They were stunned.
Sameer:What did you say mom?You were forced to do it as you obeyed Sagar?What did you mean mom?

PANDIT:It means Sagar only asked you to make him the managing director instead of Manoj bhaiyya?
Anj:It’s because of Sagar that you kicked out Munna bhaiyya?
Pragya was silent.Sagar was sweating.
Anjali looked at Sagar:Mom is not saying anything.Tell me Sagar…is it because you wanted to be the owner of our family property that mom did all this?
Sagar could’nt face Anjali.He looked down painfully.

Anj:Your silence speaks the hidden truth Sagar.
Pandit,Sameer,Naina,Preeti and Abhishek were shocked.
Abhi:We considered you as our son.But you blackmailed Pragya to do this?Because of you, I became so rude to Pragya.
Abhishek apologized to Pragya tearfully cupping her face in his hands:I am sorry Pragya.You love Munna a lot.But I doubted your love for him.Sorry.

Pragya fell into his arms and cried.

Sameer,Pandit and Anjali wept:Sorry mom for hurting your mind.
Pragya:No children..don’t…..
Anj:Sorry mom.Without knowing the truth how much did I shout at you shamelessly?
Pragya:Don’t cry beta.
Anj:I don’t even deserve to be your daughter.
Pragya: Don’t say like that Anjali.
Pragya kissed her forehead and tried to console her.
Naina:Anjali,don’t cry.
Anj:Naina….I hurt my mom trusting my unfaithful husband blindly.
Anjali hugged Naina crying.Naina caressed her:Anjali….don’t cry too much.Everything will be alright.
Anj:No.Everything is over now.
Naina became upset.
Naina looked at Sagar tearfully.Naina remembered how she used to have fun with Sagar and Anjali.

NAINA:I considered you as my brother.All of them considered you as their real brother,not as their brother in law.Abhi uncle and Pragya aunty treated you as their own son.Then how could you do this Sagar?

Sagar wept silently.

Sameer stared at Sagar pulling his shirt:Because of you we almost hated our mom.
PANDIT:Why did you do this Sagar?
Anj:I trusted you blindly.But you hurt all my family members.I never thought that you were so greedy and cruel.I thought you were different from my so called mom Tanu though she brought you up.But you proved that you are exactly like our God mother Tanu.You are also greedy like her.Because of greed,she left her own husband and children.Because of greed.you betrayed me and ruined all the lovely relationships you had.
PANDIT:Anji…no need of talking to a cheap person like him.
Anjali did’nt hear anything.She looked at Sagar with burning anger.

Anj:Don’t call me ‘Anji’.I hate you call me ‘Anji’.

Sagar was shocked:Anji..please don’t hate me.I can’t bear it.

Anjali:You deserve only hatred.You are a destroyer.For wealth and position, you ruined our family relationships.

She raised her hand to slap Sagar.Suddenly Pragya pulled her away from Sagar.
Pragya:Don’t hurt Sagar.He is your husband.Don’t forget that.

  1. Revu

    This episode was so emotional one. Munna and Swati leaving home was emotional. Their bonding with brothers was so touching. Swati telling please take care of my devarjis to Naina and Preeti were so touching. Sameer and Pandit questioning Pragya was so painful to read. Oh No Pragya really did it at per Sagar’s insistence, not able to believe it.Anji hating him was so sad to read, Pragya stopped her from slapping Sagar. Hope Sagar is not negative in this story. Dialogues were really written so good in this episode. Really wonderful episode.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you so much.

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