We are one in heart (an ishqbaaz ff) Chapter 12…

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Abi in full shock…

Khanna looks at the photos …
Khanna looks at him with doubt …

K:-what’s this?
K:-how’ll you gets this…
K:-it’s means you know as very well us before enter here.. what’s your plan ? If you want to steal anything ..
A:-(with tension)  no… no.. you misunderstood me! Please listen to me once..
K:-if you want to justify your motivation that destroy our shivay sir..
A:-stopppp… I’m not thief or villein here.. I’m abithban singh oberoi … my papa is rudra singh oberoi … (says everything in one breath)
A:-yes…please believe me khannu…please ..

Abi shows his photos with oberoi that in his phone ..

Khanna is surprise and smile with unbelievably ..

K:-my rudy baba’s son.. oh my god.. i can’t believe ..  abi baba..

Abi gets relive and happily hugs khanna..
Khanna pats abi’s back…

Khanna cares his hair ..

K:- i feels rudy baba antics in your face dear.. shivay sir will get more if he knows his children come to meet him.. I’ll tell him this..
A:- no.. no.. khannu..

Karan enters with su….

They shock to look at the pictures in khanna’s hand…

Karan :-(in mind) god… i think abi got catch by khanna ji…

Karan:- that pictures …. ahh abi you gets this from annika ma na… go and keep it safe…

Khanna and abi laugh …

Su:-what happened?

Su and karan in confused …

Abi:-(abi side hug karan) oh.. awww.. my cute bhaiya .. khannu knows everything ..

Su and kar:- what?

They cover face with hands and smile ..

Kha:- ok tell me why you guys are hide your real identity from shivay sir…

Karan describe    everything to khanna ..

Kha:- i understands but shivay sir will never accept this.. he’ll not returning to oberoi mansion .. he’ll never..
He didn’t look anything about oberoi since he leaved from there…

Su:- what khannu ji don’t worry we are oberoi so we’ll make it simple but don’t reveal this to papa…

Kha:- (smiles) ok.. because i hope you’ll never Hurst shivay sir.. when you guys arrived here after that shivay sir in happy …

Abi keeps khanna hand over his head..

A:-(pouted)then promise me…

Khanna :- yes.. promise ..

They hug him..

Karan :- then ready to do our plans ….

Kha:-(in confused)  what plans??


In college ground ..

Shu:- good idea varun … who is that boy?

(Varun is shuhirth’s best friend)

Va:- his name is virat .. very talented and new to here .. from goa college … i hope he will make strong competition for you..

Shuhi:- how’ll you know more thinks about him?

Va:- he is top competitive so i think  you wants everything..

Shu:-wow.. great ..

Shuhirth hugs varun.

Shu:- where’ll he in now..

Varun :-(in surprise)  behind you..

Shuhirth turns and looks at virat  who practise in ground….


Shivika mansion …

Annika and shivay sit in hall..

Khanna, karan,abi are in behind the pillar …

Ka:-khannu.. go now..
Ka/ab/su:-please …
Kha:-ok… ok…

Khanna comes to shivay .. shivay looks at him..

S:- what khanna if anything serious ….
K:-sir.. i want to tell important think to you sir.. i know you’ll became angry if you know about this but i can’t hide this sir..
An:- khanna … why are you feel like this? Tell me shivay will never became angry? Yes..na shivay ..
Sh:-ha..ahh.. what’s the matter..
Kh:-i got one news sir kalyani party got ill… she is fine now but oberoi want to make big party for her 90th birthday ..

Shivay in emotional but act like angry with khanna ..

S:- khanna .. why you telling this to me.. i want to live distance from them but you make me remember everything …
What you want to telling this?
How’ll you know this?
Tell me?

Ani:-shivay calm down.. don’t shout at him.. he only care for dadi ok.. leave khanna …

Annika holds shivay ..

An:- shivay are you ok na..
Shivay in tears..

An:- i know shivay .. How hard it’s to you to listen about oberoi mansion but true is not that…
you want to know about them that’s why you read magazine about oberoi industry …

Sh:-don’t make me weak annika ..
(In sad tone)

An:-their your strength shivay .. i never asked the reason before or now why you leave mansion  but i want to make you realize the mistakes but i never win in this 16 years …

Shivay hugs her….
Their in tears…

Sh:- i know annika my om will handle everything in oberoi mansion .. dadi will feel proud …


Behind the pillar..

Karan/abi/shuhi:-(while holding ears) sorry khannu ji…

Khanna :- it’s ok … I’m experience in this anger..

Su:-shivay papa is start to feel his memorise …

Khanna :-yes.. what is next karan baba…

Karan looks at abi..

Kara:- are you ready to bear his angry na baby..


Be continue ….

Precap:- shivay , karan,anika,su and abi in car park… Karu looks them. Karan,su and abi look shocked at karuvi..

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