The story starts from the point when puru denies death (it is being shown in the kal dekhiye part)

Maharaj Bamni stands up and says that you can not choose anything and comes towards him while taking out his sword and says that if you won’t die through fansi then I will kill you

Anusuya is looking at him teary eyed trying to think about a way to save her son from getting punished by maharaj

Puru says:- he will not be harmed

And pulls so that the sword passes through his waist and he DIES…

Anusuya is shocked and falls down and carresses puru’s face crying

From background we hear a noise PURUUU

Laachi runs towards him and falls down on her knees crying

Bamni is shocked

Darius, Gadika and Kanishq are also shocked but happy

Dasyu Rani taps on Laachi’s shoulder and consoles her

Pritha and hasti also come and cry and hasti says:- because of me you are in this condition I should have accepted my crime that I tried to kill kanishq on darius’s order but you came to save him on time but mistakenly he saw your face and took you to be the killer


So sorry guys this part is short but do tell me weather if you like this ffs or not

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  1. its superb , pls do continue . this story is continued in a unique way , puru is stabbed by bamni , hope he gets saved

    1. VanishaShrivastava

      Thank you so much and I also hope that puru gets saved
      Btw will it be good if I also add barsin

  2. It’s nice….
    I liked it…..
    A FF on lachi- puru’s love would just be awesome ????

  3. Yvonne Codner

    Thank you Vanisha…I will like this FF if Puru does not die…I really would like to read the love story of Puru and Laachi…I just think that they are perfect together…Poor Anasuya just found her son and is about to lose him…I really hope not.

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