Warrior High 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Vibha comes to staff room, RIshab says it seems she has done good preparations for tomorrow’s class. Vibha says she is impressed by the three students, who lied but then they accepted lying in front of so many people. Kamini hears the conversation, she comes and scolds them both that no one asked them an opinion about Anvesha’s decision. They must do some work, instead of just making discussing. Rishab says to her that they both are also teachers in the school like her and have full right about discussing the present scenarios. Kamini leaves curtly, Vibha appreciates Rishab for making Kamini quiet.
Krissane says Siali stayed here for so many days lying to them. Krissane says this is unjust that they were allowed to stay here. Sid says whatever it is, he will make their lives so miserable that they have to go back. There is so space for losers in Warrior High. Ayaz tells Sid he won’t be able to do anything about it, as principal allowed them to stay. SIali and Niti passes Sid, who changes his expression to flirtatious upon looking at Siali.
Parth brings Utkarsh to library, Utkarsh resists but Parth tells him to sit and read. Parth says he isn’t worth playing right now, he must get a seat and study only. Utkarsh goes to bring another book, Parth notices Vibha struggling to keep a book on the upper shelf, he comes there and helps her. She stares him, while he also look at her. Parth is the first to leave. He comes back to Utkarsh and asks which book is he studying. VIbha comes to them and sits on a nearby book. She asks Parth that why is he studying as he is fine now. Parth says he likes reading more than sports, and he works out sufficient in gym. Vibha says in their times, sports was considered an incomparable workout. Parth says there isn’t much difference in her times, she passed out some two years ago. Utkarsh says he loves workout but is injured, Vibha tells him to play as much as he wants to, once he gets fine. VIbha asks Parth what he is reading, he says Little women. She asks what is in it, he tells her that it is a story about a girl who loves one man for whole of her life but can never express it. He asks did she read it, she says her subject is literature. Parth asks why she didn’t tell the man about her love. VIbha is uncomfortable, then says most girls can’t express their love, sometimes with fear, insecurity or societal pressures. She takes a leave soon. Utkarsh also goes to take a break from reading.
Rishab tells them that they will play doubles today. He tells Ayaz and Sid to divide teams. Ayaz takes Anny, Sid takes Krissane, Charlie takes Neha. Everyone else takes up all the girls except Siali and Niti. Rishab comes back from round and tells Siali and Niti they will get chance until someone get’s out, till then they must wait. They go to a corner, Niti says they won’t ever get better. Siali asks how will they be able to stay here if this happens, Siali leave curtly. Charlie comes to Niti and asks if she wants to play. Niti says he didn’t make her a partner in the first place, and he can’t stand up in front of everyone. Charlie thinks he has to prove how courageous he is, while Niti leaves.
Utkarsh comes out of the library, upset for having to study all the times. He comes to sit with Siali on corridor wall. She was upset, he asks why is she sad. She asks didn’t he hear what they were saying about her. Utkarsh says people are meant to speak, God has given her two ears to listen from one and let it go from others. He says he is happy that they will stay together in warrior high. She smiles that how she always find a happiness about small things. Anvesha comes and asks Siali to call orphanage, they have been looking for her all those days. She also says that Siali is a brave girl as she accepted her lie in front of everyone, but she must never do it again. Anvesha leaves, Utkarsh says Anvesha also wants them to stay here. Siali says this is going to be difficult to stay here. Utkarsh says it is, but it was her dream to come here. SIali says she wanted her life here as easy but it isn’t. Utkarsh says it is like a seed, when sown deeper it comes out as more beautiful.

PRECAP: Sid and Ayaz were talking about Siali, when Utkarsh dislikes it. Parth also confronts them, Sid misbehaves with Parth.

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  1. pls show siyali in a pleasant way. Nt able 2 see her annoyed face al d time.. Parth’s face is totally expressionless

  2. So it was a nyc epi.. Hoping for the bst in future!!

  3. Hey..nice one..but….siali strt smiling plz….and parth…plz being

  4. Nice one…parth ..more emotions plz….and strt smiling ,siali….utkarsh awesome …

  5. Nice epsd…
    Guyz, really l want to see siali nd sid tghtr…..utkarsh is so cute..
    Parth hs no emotion….he hs no reaction in anger..love..sadness…shyness…nthng…principal is gud too.

  6. No… siali n utkarsh…. dey both r perfect

  7. Sid is just hopeless…… just hate dat ashwin

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