Warrior High 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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All the students were in the auditorium, Krissane calls them losers. Krissane asks if she thinks country’s best school isn’t good for them. Sid asks them not to waste their time on such people. Ayaaz also says they are losers, and they aren’t interested in talking to losers. They all disperse. Utkarsh tells Siali not to worry, he has packed his bags to leave. He goes saying he will pack maa in bag, else they may do anything to her. Utkarsh thinks he can’t leave her, may be they check his luggage. He was about to enter the hall, when Urmilla comes to him. She corrects his collar band, and asks what is in the door. He happily says Maa. She looks at him with utter love. She says she didn’t get him. He opens the door and says this is his maa. She asks if he considers a frog as his maa. He says his maa left him when he was really young. Urmilla sadly recalls the event, and the baby Utkarsh calling her maa. Utkarsh says he fought the boxing match for his maa, that Siddhardh stole his maa and challenged him for the boxing match. Urmilla asks he can go to such an extent for a frog. Utkarsh says he is maa, and one can do anything for a maa. Urmilla turns away from him wiping her tears and asks him to leave. The box was about to fell off his hand and he calls maa. Urmilla turns to say yes. Utkarsh leaves with the box, Urmilla thinks he does a lot about a frog, what if he had a real mother.
Anvesha comes to assemble hall, she says life is all about evolving. She says they came to know about these three students of orphanage. She says to Utkarsh that he is bad at maths, but he is talented and they want him to be given an opportunity to polish what he is good at. She says to Siali that she wrote Utkarsh’s name on her answer sheet, but the answers were from her mind; this makes her qualified for the school and she is a very good dancer. She says to Niti that she is also a talented students. Anvesha says inspiring from them, they have decided that from next year paper wouldn’t only contain academic questions. She says decision at this point of time, these students are Mr. and Miss Fresher of 2015. This make them better from all of them, she says to the three they are the students of Warrior High. She begins to clap for them, they all follow. Anvesha says they are here because of their exceptional talent. The staff leaves, students get to Sid’s side confronting the three of them. The students mocked them, but Parth comes to side Utkarsh, keeping a hand on his shoulder. Sid was the first to leave the hall.
In the corridor, Utkarsh calls Parth and says we are very sorry. He does sit stand for him, and asks the other three to do it too. Parth asks them not to do this, they accept their mistake. Siali says they always thought about their worries, and never listened to his explanation. They say they never thought his mother would be in such tension. Parth says he was mistaken too, that he left him. Parth asks did they forgive him. Utkarsh says he is his brother, and takes him to do a group hug. Siali says Parth is also their friend now, they keep hands on hands. Utkarsh leaves for their dormroom, and says to Parth that he thought he must be so angry. Utkarsh pushes him while Parth messes his hair up. Siali says to Niti that she is relaxed about their lie’s revelation.
Anvesha informs mother that Siali is also here with her friends. Mother says she will send someone to get her. Anvesha says she is a student of warrior high here, because of her talents. Mother says she is a brilliant student and that this decision would never be regretted. She asks to talk to Siali but Anvesha says she will let her all her. Urmilla comes to the office, and says she is surprised she let them stay but she is happy. Anvesha offers Urmilla a seat, and asks why is she surprise. Anvesha says this is an exceptions, sometimes one has to see the reason behind a mistake. These students didn’t want to go away from each other, Urmilla agrees. Anvesha says this is an exception as well, because both of them has agreed on a single point today. She informs Urmilla she is leaving for London tonight with Rishab, these three students are new here and their old students will take time to accept them. She doesn’t want a misbehaviour from anyone in her absence. Urmilla assures to take care of it all.
After Anvesha has left, Urmilla says one has to snatch the rights of someone specially when it is about your child’s fate. She looks at a photo and says she is happy Utkarsh is here, but curtly says that Siali has also reached here with him. She can’t lose whatever has gained in all these years, to someone else.

PRECAP: The PTI asks a boy and girl to pair for badminton. Charlie takes up Neha, later asks Niti if she wants to play. She says he can’t show this courage in front of everyone, he must play now. Charlie says she needs to be shown how much courage he has got.

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  1. nyc episode……. eager to see warrior high each and every day :-))

  2. nice epsd..anvesha mam is soo gud…gud show…

  3. I am eager to know about the relation between urmila and siyali

  4. can anybody tell me which sad song was played in the background when there was a very senti moment between utkarsh and his mom?

    1. its sun le yeh dua asmaan song from the film we are family..it starts like tu jo gayi…

  5. Can ny1 pls tell whos dis urmilla?? N y z she not happy wid siali???

  6. Very good episode

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