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Krissane says that they must do something about Siali as they got so much punishment because of her. Sid comes there and calls Krissane out. Krissane runs excited and asks what he is doing here. Sid was looking at Siali, then says to Krissane he came to say thanks to her as she wrote his name on his jersey. Sid was more interested in Siali, Krissane was telling him she learned it on internet and did this for the first time for someone. Sid says he must leave now, Krissane says good night to her. Sid walks in the corridor thinking about Siali, he wonders why, when and how what is happening to him, he doesn’t understand.
Krissane tells her friends how sweet her Sid is, he came to say thanks. Her friends say she wrote her name with such love. Krissane says she had to do it, she loves him and he loves her back. No one can take her place in Sid’s life. Niti asks Siali not to hear her, Seemi also says Niti is right. Niti says she will be with some other people tomorrow. Siali says that she broke Utkarsh’s promise for the first time. Niti says sometimes, one has to do something wrong to get other thing right. The three of them hug.
Vibha and dadi were talking, Kamini comes in to get result and papers. Dadi says she wants to thank her, she is such appreciable, is she married. Kamini says not now. Dadi says why, she is so beautiful. Vibha stops Dadi. Dadi says she will give her some tips to get husband. She winks at Vibha, and tells Kamini that tie a red handkerchief with tree at night and then with closed eyes she must say Om, She might get good husband. Kamini asks if this work, Dadi says for ages. She wonders she made Vibha do a lot of work, now she must see what she makes her do. Dadi says her Vibha is upto so much work, she is so pale. Kamini says to Vibha she will do it all and takes it from Vibha. Dadi asks Kamini to do what she said, Kamini says to Dadi she is so nice. Dadi says to Vibha she teases her enough for so many days.
Parth thinks how Vibha would be, he must meet her. He gets up to go to her, then wakes Utkarsh up. He asks him to come with him as he has left his gloves. Utkarsh says lights are going to be off, they will get punished again. Parth says he is with him, nothing will happen.
Dadi gets up to go to keep her luggage aside, but her knee pain was severe. Vibha asks to help her, dadi stops her when Parth and Utkarsh come there and help them. Dadi asks them to have a high-five for this. Vibha introduces them to her dadi and says they are the best students of their schools. Dadi says she will make them have sweet for this, Utkarsh is excited and says thanks to Dadi. Parth was reserved and takes one from them. Dadi says she made it herself, Utkarsh says he never ate it before. Dadi says this is Baalu-shaahi. Vibha smiles watching them. Dadi asks Parth why he is quiet, she asks him to come with her as she has to say a few things to him. She asks Utkarsh to sit with Vibha, and asks Vibha to get on her bed. Vibha offers Utkarsh one more sweet, he asks Vibha to eat it too. Vibha says she will have it tomorrow.
Dadi asks Parth to open his hand, he does. Dadi asks to repeat what she says. She says God, fulfill each of my wish. Parth asks what will happen with this. Dadi says this Universe is like a wishing well, whatever we ask looking at it is fulfilled. Parth watches laughing Vibha and repeats what Dadi had just said. Dadi asks who the most important person for him is. Parth says his mother, he loves her a lot. Dadi says she is happy to hear this, her Vibha is also like him and her family matters for her the most. She feels really bad watching her burdenized so badly, while all of her fellows are studying. Dadi says it is being cold out here, let’s go in. Parth helps her inside; Dadi takes leave from Vibha to go to her quarter. Parth drapes her into a shawl; she kisses Parth on forehead and blesses him. Dadi asks Utkarsh to drop her to her quarter.
Vibha says to Parth she is sorry, her Dadi gets frank so easily. Parth says she is sweet and Vibha is lucky to have her. He clears her bed and asks her to take rest. Vibha says good night to him, he says the same. He turns at the door to look at Vibha, both share look. Vibha lay on her bed.
Kamini walks to the corridor at night with the red cloth piece. She comes to the trees, and ties the red cloth with it. She repeats the lines, the frogs croak and other insects make noises there. She is afraid, still she keep on repeating what Dadi had told her to.
Ayaz and other boys were standing in a corner, when Utkarsh passes by. Ayaz calls him there; Utkarsh goes there and asks are they smoking. The boys offer him but Ayaz asks him not to force him for this. Ayaz takes Utkarsh for a walk, he says he likes him as a new-comer. Sometimes he feels lonely here; Utkarsh asks if he misses his family. Ayaz says he has been out for a while now, when he was in a problem his parents always hug him and all his problems were gone and asks for a hug. Utkarsh doesn’t feel right about his hug.

PRECAP: RIshab comes to medical room to ask about Vibha and meets Dadi. When he is gone, Dadi says he is nice guy. Vibha says he is her senior. Dadi says it is better. Vibha says no. Dadi asks if she will marry that Parth then. Vibha looks at her.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Wow…nice epsd…
    Sidali’s evry small momnt is jst awsm….l want mr sidali scene….
    Sid is in love wid siali…wow
    Vibha’s dadi too likes parth fr vibha…??
    And l thnk thr was no need to shw ayaz as a gay…..?? l m srry if any fan feels bad…
    Btw tnx sona…

  2. sid is head’s n heels ovr in love wid siyali. just lke love is beyond all expectations n just pines to gt a look at there beloved, so so romantic. sid n siyali u both rock. i wish siyali understands sids feeling vry soon n they both get into a beautiful relationship, dat krissane is such a jerk!!. sidyali scenes more… plzzzz. lostboyzzz plzzz

  3. Nice epi!!!

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