Warrior High 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Krissane who was watching Sid looking at Siali, comes to him and says she has something special for him. She shows a jersey with his name on it, he says thank you. She says he doesn’t need to say thank you, she knows well what he likes. She asks Sid to look at them playing with water, such morons they are but Sid’s eyes didn’t move away from Siali. Krissane takes him away.
Niti comes to Utkarsh and asks why he keeps in smiling without reason. Utkarsh asks does he has to pay tax on that. She asks Utkarsh to go and make up Siali. Utkarsh says did she look at how Siali talks to him. Niti says she always speaks like this, he makes her up. Utkarsh leaves, Niti is worried how to make them understand. Charlie comes to sit with Niti and says let it be, they will talk to each other. Niti asks who is he and what he knows about friendship, they don’t leave each other on their own condition and help them in every possible way. They aren’t just her friends but her family, she will try her best to keep it together and leaves. Charlie keeps on calling her, then thinks what is in her that he likes her so much. A boy comes and asks Charlie where he is lost. Niti comes to play with Siali and Seemi. The peon comes and announces Kamini has called them all in staff-room.
Kamini sat idle and bored in staffroom worried why no prince came to her life till now. She looks at the front camera of her cell phone and says nothing is lacking in her, then why is she lonely. She walks and says today, boys can’t recognize true beauty. The peon comes to ask for tea, her cell phone drops from her hand.
Siali asks Niti is her uniform clear. Niti says it is alright and asks her to come to library, she wants to improve her English. They come inside, the peon says it is closing time. Niti asks for a few minutes from him, he allows. Niti leaves Siali in the library and hides behind the wall. Parth brings Utkarsh to library, Niti says to Parth now they will see how they don’t talk to each other. Siali and Utkarsh keep on calling them, but Niti says she won’t. Utkarsh thinks about leaving from window, and then stops. He asks Siali why she broke his promise, he boasted with such trust and she let him down. Siali says it wasn’t easy, that days Rohit misbehaved with Seemi alone in classroom and put all the blame to Seemi in front of Urmilla maam, it wasn’t easy for her as well. Utkarsh says sorry to her, and asks her to slap him if he does anything wrong again. He says he felt really bad without talking to her, she says she too. They both make up, Utkarsh tells her to remember that she was, she will be his best always. Siali says she will kill him even if he tries so. They hug each other. Utkarsh says he will call her, and calls Niti to open the door now. Utkarsh says he will have to return her drama. Parth and Niti were worried there is no voice from inside. Both Siali and Utkarsh appear from window, Siali says thanks Niti for making this crazy man understand. The four of them hug each other and walks through the corridor, Parth gets mischievous with Utkarsh.
Kamini comes to the medical room to Vibha who was asleep. She clears her throat, Vibha sits up. Kamini says I am sorry I disturbed you. Vibha says sorry, I fell asleep during paper checking. Kamini asks her to prepare result today and make paper for tomorrow’s exam as well. Vibha nods, her dadi comes to warrior high and makes the payment. Kamini asks Vibha to do her work well because she has been really irresponsible. Dadi comes inside, Vibha goes to hug her and says she really missed her. Dadi says she is so ill, still she is doing her work. Kamini asks how she came here. Dadi says someone had to come to take care of her, and this is the rules of school that family member can stay. She asks Kamini that her luggage is out there and they have to bring it. Kamini says no peon is here right now. Vibha offers, but dadi winks at her. Her dadi says she has pain in legs as well. Kamini looks around, Vibha smiles. Dadi asks Kamini if she will help her with the luggage, Kamini says she must be helped as she is older and leaves. Kamini looks out and says this is too much luggage. Dadi says now she will get up herself, Kamini says alright she will do it. She brings the luggage, Dadi says her school mates are really helpful. Kamini urges to leave out. Vibha laughs, Dadi says she teases her daughter so much and hugs Vibha.
In boy’s dorm, two boys were fighting for Prerna- a senior girl. The senior warns the junior to stay away from her. Utkarsh says to Parth that there will be a big fight, Parth asks what he must do. The senior deters to break face the next time, the junior attacks. Ayaz comes in between and sends the junior out. Ayaz says to Sid that in their group fights about girls have started, he is good to be set with Krissane, she does a lot for him. Sid says yes, he tells Ayaz that he is going out for a while.

PRECAP: Krissane boasts in front of everyone that Sid is so sweet, he came to say thanks to her and no one can take her place in his life. Ayaz says to Utkarsh that he is the sweetest among new comers, and asks for a hug. Utkarsh doesn’t feel it right when they hug.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. krissane has cute eyes but a bad heart girl needs to learn from siali the cute one

  2. Nice epsd…tnx sona…
    Ayaz is a gay!!!! Kamini’s part was too funny…..sid likes siali bt he dsnt knw hw to express it…tht’s too whn krissane is mad fr sid…
    It us gud tht utkarsh nd siali cleared thr all cnfusn nd f8s..

  3. wht is this yar, in ky2 cabir is gay nd here in wH ayaz (real name of cabir) is also a gay.. So sad.. Dnt make a sequel or copy of ky2.. Try sumthing new.. Many characters nt only names are same like ky2..

  4. ayaz is a gay!!! n he has his eyes set on cutie utkarsh… now dis is total repetation of ky2… names are real names of ky2 characters n now dis gayism… see mtv we r supportive of LGBT issues but dnt put it out evrywer…. its afterall a serial!!!! pls dont try n be too much informative….. m not against s** education or anything else but u shud remember dat dis is being watched by kids from all age grps…. n moreover its INDIA… so pls limit ur informative scenes to minimum…. its a high school drama.. better keep it dat way n simple…. please

  5. ‘d’ ur right..

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