Warrior High 22nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Urmilla scolds the staff that inspite of their presence what students are doing here. She says to Kamini-head of teachers department, it’s her fault to the most. Kamini says she has done wrong, she gave her responsibility for the first time to someone and didn’t know she will be so irresponsibility. Urmilla asks how she blame an assistant teacher for her fault, how she did this without her permission. If she is fond of taking off, tell me and I will send you on a long vacation, permanently. She says that like other teachers are answerable to her, I am also answerable to my mom. How can you take things so lightly. She says to Kamini that she has disappointed her, highly. She then come to Parthik and asks was boy’s dorms responsibility his till head coach is on leave. She asks if he is on probation period, he says yes. She asks he is being so irresponsible from now. She says she has heard he has been a sports person. He nods. She says a sports person’s life is really disciplined, will he teach this to their children. He says he will take care from now on, Urmilla says he better be because they are responsible for Warrior High’s students and she can’t take risk. She says that from now on, they will bring her all the reports of ongoing activities on regular basis. They may leave now.
Kamini walks in the corridor thinking that today she was insulted in front of everyone. She says Vibha, you are the worst thing in my life and before it hurts her more, she will get rid of her. She wipes her tear and walks through the corridor.
Krissane and friends talk that they won’t leave Siali. One of them turns and says look who is here, it was Seemi. The girls call, look guys! Drama queen is here. Krissane calls Seemi a loser as they all got punished because of her. Siali stops Krissane and says she must shut her mouth if she doesn’t know the full story. She doesn’t know what happened to her last night, so stop blaming her. Siali takes Seemi along. Krissane asks if she will tell her how she must talk to her friend. Siali says had she been her friend, she wouldn’t have misbehaved with her this way. Krissane says she must keep quiet, as she got the boys caught along with girls. Siali says boys got what they deserved, and they deserved to be punished. She says she isn’t like her who thinks only about self, she knows a girl’s respect. Krissane and friends make indifferent faces. Siali says she keeps some girls walk around her and poses to be smart, one day these girls will leave her side and she won’t be less than a loser then. Krissane attacks Siali asking how dare she. Seemi holds her hand and shouts at her not to dare touch Siali. Seemi’s friends were shocked. Seemi jerks Krissane away saying Siali is right, she doesn’t see someone except herself and is a selfish and mean girl. It is better to say alone than having friends like her. Krissane asks if she thinks she is dying to be friend with her, she throws Seemi’s bag and tells her to leave. Seemi says thankyou so much, as a fake friend isn’t needed. Other girls try to stop Seemi, Seemi says she is telling them too to leave Krissane as soon as possible as she only knows to use people. A true friend is like Siali. She helped her in times of need, and this Krissane only thinks about herself. Krissane asks her to shut up, Seemi says who has to stay with her even and leaves with Siali.
Vibha was coming from corridor, Kamini stood with a student in the corridor. Vibha thinks about hiding from her and goes inside the library. She was coming backwards and hits Parth and was about to fell down. Parth holds her, both’s eyes meet. Vibha straightens up, picks her books and they again fell off. She asks what is he doing here. He says he came to divert his mind from what is happening in school. Vibha says it is good he thinks so. Parth says Urmilla punished them hard. Vibha says they should be as such movies are banned even in the whole country. Parth says in their schools s*x education isn’t given. Vibha says in such movies unrealistic things are shown, s*x education is important but s*x isn’t about lust but love making. She says they must talk to a male teacher about this. She goes to read books while Parth looks at her, smiling.
In the class, Sid comes and takes Rohit from collar. He shouts that they are suffering this punishment only because of him. He says he was misbehaving with Seemi. Rohit says she herself said she liked him. Sid shouted at Rohit saying he could get expel because of this, he warns him for doing this again. The girls mouths were left open hearing this all. Charlie calms Sid down and asks him to go to gym.
Utkarsh comes to boys, they called Utkarsh as loser because his friend complaint against them and got them punished. Utkarsh begins to cry. Ayaz hears this, Utkarsh runs crying. Ayaz runs behind him, stops and says it isn’t his problem. Utkarsh says Siali betrayed him, she never does any such thing. Ayaz tells him not to take tension, sometimes best friends even betray. Ayaz hugs him but takes his hand beneath. Utkarsh is moved, but Ayaz tells him not to worry. He takes him to the boys and says no one will say anything to Utkarsh, it isn’t his mistake as his friend ditched him. They are still friends, and asks everyone to shake hands with Utkarsh. They all do so, and hug Utkarsh. Ayaz says this is last warning, and takes Utkarsh with him. Utkarsh says thanks to him as he thought he wouldn’t talk to him. Ayaz says it is ok bro, Ayaz treats his friends very well.
Vibha was in staffroom when Kamini comes there. Vibha stands to leave the staff room, Kamini deliberately brings her tea cup in the way as it fell on Vibha. She creates panic and asks Vibha to run quickly to washroom and throw water on it. She says to Vibha she must go to washroom of library as here the taps aren’t working. The peon enters and Kamini asks if he has seen well that Siddhardh Rajput has gone to the same hall. She tells him to shut the door from outside. The peon nods and leaves. She smiles and says it will now be fun when she gets her caught with her student.
In the class, Kamini announces that at exact 9 o clock they all will be in their dorm rooms. She takes the roll call. Roll no. 22 is missing, she smiles and calls Siddhardh Rajput. Sid comes to the class and says present maam. She wonders who is with Vibha if Siddhardh is here.
Vibha was in washroom when Parth appears in towel from bathroom.

PRECAP: Siali says it is Utkarsh’s mistake, she won’t say sorry. Utkarsh says she broke the promise, not him. Siali says it was important because Seemi could be expelled otherwise. Utkarsh says to Ayaz that they will got caught breaking rules of the school. Ayaz asks when else would they break them if not today.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. I feel ayaz is a gay. Nd he loves utkarsh. I think so. By the way he was too awkward in the precap. Leave it. Today it was our PABHA scenes. Loved it <3<3<3

  2. utkarsh don’t get angry at siali

  3. Nt bad epsd..tnx sona…
    Yeah princy…ayaz is bhvng like a gay…nt sre abt ths…
    Kamini mam is jst too much…

    1. its my pleasure thanks for updating bye

  4. Nice epi… and soon sidali wil gt along… vibrth its bit uncomfrt to think.. bt nice

  5. Yeh kamini ki secret abhi take USS school mein kisi ko pata nahi tah kya sirf vibha ko hi pata chalna that??????? Waise bhi kamini uniform main ghatiya Sikh rahi this :(:%

  6. Sidali… I want more sidali :'( And Thanks Sona, for the update….

    1. its my pleasure please thank to telly

  7. Ayaz is gay

  8. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    vibharth sidiali

  9. NYC episode

  10. Vibha Nd Parths Movmnts Was Supperbbbb?
    Nd Ayaz Is Vullgar?
    Krissane’s freinds At Least Here That Seemi Is Not Wrong Nd Rohit Is Bad????

  11. Please update 23 april for warrior high

  12. plzzz update 23rd april for waarior highh.. it has been 2 : 30 hrs since d show got ovr….

  13. guyz, l thnk sona is vry bg or stuck wd sm pb…she dint evn pst d kyy updt…

  14. Are Yar aaj Ka 23 april ka update kab kroge episd?????


  15. What happen to telly update today?
    Please update ASAP ‘coz i can’t fully understand hindi, i’m just relying in written updates.

  16. Actually i think sona would have been busy wth hr work or not feelinhg.. so nly she did not update the epi…

    1. fairy daniela and others thank to telly because i am stealing the telly credits bye gud ngt

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    r u der danny

  18. Episode starts with Vibha coming to the washroom.Peon locks the door.Parth comes out and sees her.He just took a bath.Both are uncomfortable seeing each other.Vibha tries to open the door but it is locked.Parth asks her to let him try.He tries but its still locked..Both got stucked in the washroom.Parth asks what she is doing here.She says Kamini mam poured tea on her.Vibha gets a flashback where Kamini told her to immediatly use the washroom.Vibha says how can Kamini mam do this.

    Kamini is in the classroom.All students are present.She notices Parth is not there and Sid is there.She gets disappointed but continues her work.Urmila enters. She says she hopes the students have learned from the punishment.She reminds that there will be no sports period for two weeks.Then she aks why Parth is not there.Kamini says Parth had an headache since morning.Utkarsh gets surprised.Then he thinks that atleast Mam has saved Parth.Kamini says thats the reason she asked him to take rest.Utkarsh stands up and says Parth was feeling too ill and supports Kamini.Kamini thinks to herself that she thought Vibha and Sid will be trapped but now if she tells Urmila everything then her Balwaan ji will get punished.

    Vibha is upset.She says she doesn’t understand what Kamini’s problem is.She always creates problem for her.Today she crossed all the limit. First she poured hot tea on her and now locked them here.What Kamini will get doing this.She will loose her job.Her family needs this job.Parth keeps his hand on her shoulder to show his support.She looks at him.He says he doesn’t know what Kamini did to her but everything will be fine.She wipes her tears and says she is fine.

    Niti brings Siyali to meet Utkarsh.Utkarsh asks why Niti has called him.Niti asked them to stop their drama.Siyali says she was compelled to tell the truth.She had to save Simi otherwise Urmila Mam would have suspended her.Utkarsh says that would been seen later.But she broke her promise.He says all these years they never left each other.He says he got to know that Simi is more important to her than her.Siyali says Utkarsh is not understanding her.Utkarsh tries to leave but Niti stops him. Utkarsh says not interfere as Siyali is stubborn and she will not understand.He leaves.Niti says she will make him understand.Siyali says no use and she will not make her underatnd again.She leaves.Niti says to herself that both of them are stubborn and not understanding that for all those idiots they are ruining their friendship.

    Kamini comes in front of washroom.She is worried that Vibha is stucked with her Balwanji.Two girls come to her.She says what they are doing here.One of them informs that other girl is vomiting.Kamini says have u done anything wrong.One of them immediately says no.She wrong was done by Siyali.Her friend is only having problem after eating dinner,nothing else.She asks her to give medicine.Kamini asks them to wait but then agrees.She enters teachers room and gives them medicine.

    Peon comes and informs Kamini and Sir that Urmila has called them.Kamini gets irritated and starts thinking.Sir asks is everything ok.She says yes.She says to herself that she can’t ask peon to open the washroom as it was because of him her balwanji and Vibha got stucked.They leaves to meet Urmila.

    Vibha says its too late and she doesn’t think anyone will come .She says its strange that Kamini doesn’t know which family she belongs to.She shares she was a pampered child.She got everything without even asking.She wanted to study in Oxford.She wanted to love a person who will love her.But everything changed after her father’s accident.She says destiny had other plans.She says her grandmother says one need to face problems.So she faces problems everyday.She stops and asks Parth to speak.
    She asks her about his dream.

    He says he doesn’t have much desire.He only wants the people he loves will always be with him.He mentions about his mom and says he loves her very much.He doesn’t want anything.Vibha asks doesn’t he want to be famous.He says no he doesn’t want to be rich.He wnats to earn only for taking care of his mother and wife.Vibha smiles and says she never saw anyone who have such clear thoughts about marriage.He says he wants a small family.She says he must have planned a dream house.He says his house will be small.And he will have a pet.Vibha says she likes cat.He says then he will keep a cat.He says they will decorate the house themselves.Vibha says yes and realizes what they were planning all this while.They gets uncomfortable.She goes to check the door.She says no one will come.They will have to do something.

    Utkarsh,Ayaz and other boys are in library.Ayaz shows Utkarsh an adult magazine.Utkarsh is happy seeing pics of girls.He asks who she is.Ayaz says she is a model and her name is rose.Utkarsh says she is beautiful but she has were strange clothes.Ayaz says its called bikini.Ayaz says lets leave.Utkarsh asks him whether he can keep the magazing for one night.Ayaz agrees.

    Vibha searches something.She says there is no window.Parth says he thinks they will have to wait for someone to come.

    Urmila is in her cabin.She says Siyali is always with her two children.Because of Siyali her two children always have problems.She gets flashbacks of how Siyali told about boys watching movie and how she protected Utkarsh in boxing match.She says she will have to keep eye on Siyali.

    Precap : Sid is talking to two boys about how he understands that their parents doesn’t understand their likes and dislikes.Utkarsh is standing in front of a classroom where a lady is writing something on board.He watches her dreamily.He calls her and she looks at him.He asks permission to enter and she through chalk on him.All this happens in slow motion.

    1. Hello fairy, thanks for the written update of april 23. You’re really a fairy and your effort is much appreciated..?

    2. Pleasure is mine….u r welcm….:D 😀

    3. Hey fairy! Thanku so much for the update!:)

  19. I just donno whats wrong with this stupid kamini mam…she’s just so mean?..and y is utkarsh behaving like a moron?…and sidyali are almost absent in some episodes…#loosinginterestinthem

  20. U r welcm cuppycake…

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  24. Thnx Fairy……
    4 Yestrdays update….
    1 Bat To Clear Ho Gyi K?
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    Kamini Ko Apne Traf se Thnx Dono Ko Qareeb Lane K Lye….
    Or Sat Me urmila Mam -Ve Thinking Mat Rkhiye Siyali K Bare Me?
    Wo Bahot Innocent he Ji.
    Or Utkarsh Bro Tu Na Ayaaz K Sohbat Me Rhega To Bigad Jayega Yaar?Bach K Reh….
    Niti Tum Aur Koshish Kro Charlie Ki Help Le K Utkarsh Or Siyali Me Ki Nfrat Kam Kr K Dosti Bdhane Ki…..

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