Warrior High 20th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Warrior High 20th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sid and all everyone watches Utkarsh crying. Rahul says a frog has been created an issue, Sid says he accepts him as his mother. Charlie says yes, Ayaz did wrong. Krissane says not Ayaz but Utkarsh should be expelled. Sid shouts at her to shut up. The peon comes to announce Urmilla is calling Sid.
Urmilla appreciates Sid for siding truth against his best friend. Sid says his father always sided truth. Ayaz did everything wrong, he should have been punished. Urmilla says for some days he wants to say something to her. Sid says he has forgotten about it after what happened. Urmilla thinks about going to see how Utkarsh is.
Vibha asks Parth to go to Utkarsh. Parth says to Utkarsh they must bury his maa. Utkarsh denies that he won’t let his maa go anywhere. Utkarsh runs with the box. Urmilla just comes out of office and stops Utkarsh. He was crying and says how can he let go of his mother by burying her. He says everyone thinks he is mad but in form of a frog, she always took care of him. His maa taught him a lot, and fulfilled the gap of a mother in his life as only Siali was with him since childhood. He asks maa to speak to him. Siali comes and asks him to let her go happily. He must think she was there with her for a small time. Urmilla cries wishing she could tell Utkarsh his maa is alive and near to him. Urmilla holds Utkarsh’s hand and asks Come with me, son. She takes him to the garden where a hole was dug. She sits besides Utkarsh, she says she knows separating yourself from your mother is difficult, but Siali is right he got her for some time even. It is time for her to go, Utkarsh cries hugging it and asks how can he let go of his mother. Urmilla says she won’t get peace if he doesn’t bury her. She says our body is temporary but souls are permanent. His maa will always be with him, as a mother never goes away from children. She asks him to let go of her, please. Utkarsh kisses the box and hands it to Urmilla. Urmilla says trust me, she is around all the time. She keeps the box in the hole. Utkarsh cries. Niti runs to pluck a flower, Charlie hands it to her. She takes it, says thanks and goes away. She brings the flower and places it on grave. Urmilla helps Utkarsh stand, Sid watches this. Urmilla promises him that she is there with him. Utkarsh was crying that he will never forgive Ayaz for this. Urmilla hugs him and cry, thinking her son thinks he has gone away from his mother, but he has come closer to her today. She says she wasn’t with him, but she is now and will always be.
Sid thinks he said to her that all his questions have ended, but why they reoccur watching her so emotional. Urmilla leaves, Parth says Utkarsh is really depressed, we must do something to get his attention away. Niti asks what they can do about it. Siali says right now, they must leave him alone. She says she has to say something to him, and goes to sit with Utkarsh. She asks Utkarsh to select one hand, he does. She says he is very lucky, she will do all his maths homework for next two days. Utkarsh cries again. Siali says maa’s body has gone down the soil, but she is always there with him in heart. He must ask himself whenever he has to make a choice, she will show him the right path. Utkarsh hugs Siali, and asks will she be with him always. Siali says she is and will always be there with him. Utkarsh says she is his best. Niti says we too. Parth also assures they are with him, they all hug.
Urmilla says to staff that they select head boy and head girl each year. There is selection between teacher’s candidates vs student’s candidate. Kamini names Parth Samthan, he is a responsible and boy with leadership qualities. The others agree with Kamini. Urmilla suggests about naming Utkarsh. Kamini says Utkarsh is going through a difficult times, will he be able to take the responsibility? Urmilla says he will be able to forget his problem this way. She names Krissane from girl’s side.
The boys talk about Sid as head boy and Krissane from girl’s side. Rahul says there is a competition between two candidates, from teacher and students sides and then a selection round. Charlie says teachers and students both will appoint Sid as candidate, so they should be ready to have Sid. Rishab comes to call them into auditorium. Urmilla announces they have selected Utkarsh Rajput and Krissane D’souza as the two candidates. Sid dislikes, thinking how can his mom do this to him.

PRECAP: Vibha tells Parth he was the first choice but Urmilla thinks giving this responsibilities to him will divert his attention. Sid hears this and questions Urmilla why is she bothered about Utkarsh. He says she will tell a lie each time, but he wants to tell her he will be the head-boy this time.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nice epi but i want siali to be new head girl

  2. I want sid and siali as nw head boy and head girl

  3. Don’t worry siali will be next head girl….she wil be the one selected from students side and wil eventually win….nd surprise! Wat is der in krisann dat teachers selected her…yuck…nd again bechara Utkarsh he cant win against sid…

  4. Anyway sids jealousy is interesting….i wannna c hw he wil react to knw utkarsh his brothr….nd Urmila wont say anything dat easily so I think ders gnna b a sibling rivalry in WH…

  5. i wish sid and siyali will be the next head girl and head boy because woh log saath me rahenge toh aur unka pyaar badhega and besides utkarsh and krissann are also a good couple aur hosatta he unka bi pyaar badhe but i wish for sidyali yaar please make sid confess siyali about his love for her and
    we love warrior high

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