Warrior High 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Niti takes Charlie’s hand friendly. When Charlie had left, Utkarsh asks where she went. She says she was in the school and didn’t go out. She says when seniors got Sid, I ran away. I could see a girl calling me to her, some seniors came calling her and looking for her then. She thought about going to the girl and followed her. She took me into a room and locked me, I hid under a table and slept. The seniors ask Vibha, but Vibha says rules are rules in Warrrior High. She tells them that Vibha had said to her that in life height isn’t important, though difficulties will come. She boasts on being a legend of Warrior High. Some more students come to congratulate her. Utkarsh asks Siali why she is sad. She says right now there is no place for her, she must go back. Niti asks if she has gone crazy, Utkarsh also says the same. Siali says she will have to go when Angela will come back. Siali says her going back to Mumbai is important, Mother must be worried. Utkarsh asks how she will go back. She says she came alone, Utkarsh says she came with Maa. Siali says it is with Sid, Niti pours her anger on Sid. Utkarsh says he will take Maa from her.
At Anvesha’s room, the staff gathers Anvesha says this time the history has changed, in 2013 a group of juniors became legends but this year a single girl has survived the night call. Kamini suggests about the schedule. Anvesha says she wants something new. Vibha says they must invite batch 2013 legends, they can perform as well. Urmilla and Anvesha like the idea, Urmilla asks Vibha to make arrangements. Kamini says she does this every year, Urmilla says she has so many responsibilities why doesn’t she take a rest. She asks Vibha to make arrangements, Kamini was disappointed.
Suzanne shows the girls her gown. A dress comes there to them and says she didn’t know about Fresher’s party else she must have brought her gown from London. Suzanne comes to Siali and asks Angela what do you have for party as she doesn’t have clothes to be worn in normal days. Niti attacks her but Siali takes her out. She scolds Niti why she does so. Siali says do they have good clothes to be worn at party.
Utkarsh asks Parth where he will get tuxedo. Charlie boasts his body, a boy shows them a magic. The senior says we must show some talent that teachers keep on watching them. Utkarsh asks how he will do the dance. He asks Parth if he knows dancing. A peon comes to call Sid to office, he takes his coat and leaves.
Vibha texts fab5, Kamini comes to her and asks what she thinks of herself. She will be a teacher here and will compete her. She must not try to snatch her position. She says she has bear her as student, but as colleague she won’t anymore. She held Vibha’s arm, Vibha says it is hurting. Kamini says she is hurt too, leaves her arm and go.
Kamini comes to girl’s room and asks the guard to put the box down. She says their parents have sent clothes for them. In the boys room, she leaves a box. She warns them to behave well with their partner girls tomorrow.
Suzanne look down upon Siali and Niti and make fun of them. She says they have no one to send clothes. Niti and Siali were hurt. The peon gives Parth his clothes and says he has a call for him. Utkarh opens the box, there was nothing for him in it. He looks around, then sits aside. Parth gets his mother’s call, he asks if that man keeps her well. She says she can take care of her. She knew about his fresher’s party, she parceled the next day. He says he feels good listening to her voice. She asks him not to worry about her, she is fine. He says I love you, and thinks I love you the most. Parth looks at the parcel and a letter from his maa. He cries as he reads it.
Urmilla was in office with a dress and shows Sid his designer dress. She asks if he liked it. He says thank you. She says it will look very good on him. He says he won’t let her down. Anvesha comes to the room and gets on her chair. Sid says good morning, good morning maam. Anvesha asks Urmilla wasn’t this dress supposed to be sent to Sidhardh to the dorm room like all others, this is school. She says good morning to Sidhardh, saying he may leave now.

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