The war between love and revenge – RagLak ff Part 8

Part 8
“Kavi..”Ragini calls out for the nth time since she asked kavitha to get her clothes from laksh’s room as she forgot to bring that before refreshing.
“Where is she.?it’s been more than 10 minutes since she left the room.”Ragini losts in her trance.
Suddenly she came back to the world when she heard the knock at the door.
“Uffo Kavi you took so much time for the clothes but thanks to you atlast you came.”she took a sigh and forwards her hand opening the door halfway.
“Kavi..”Ragini sways her hand in air to get her clothes and finally succeeded grabbing her stuffs and slammed the door behind her immediately when she realised something.
Her heart beats faster and she felt like it may come out at anytime sooner.
“What ar..are you do..doing”She stuttered.
“Silly.”he commented the next moment.
“have some manners Mr.Lakshya..!”She muttered.
“I don’t have to be.”he said ruffling his hair.
“leave.”she said which came out more than a whisper.
“Only for now.!!”he said and left the room after few minutes slamming the bedroom door gently.
She took a deep sigh and slowly rolled the knob of the washroom and peeps her head outside.
“Thank god.He left..!”she let out another sigh and locked the washroom door.
Her eyes widened in shock and she got frozen at her own spot.
“Oh shit..!he saw tow..towel..!”she face palmed herself when she glanced her view on the mirror at the entrance of the washroom which would be clearly visible to the outsider when the door is left half opened.
“Shit..he might have seen it.!”she bit her lower lip just to control her emotions.
“I was extremely happy yesterday but everything changed within a night.I don’t know whether it’s an hatred or not but the fact that he doesn’t believed me still stirring my heart and I can’t help out other than avoiding him because I fear of myself that I would outburst my anger towards him in frustration.!all I wanted is just a time to recover.”Ragini gets lost in her own thoughts.
She came out after being dressed up in the attire which her handsome husband offered.She styles her hair and made it into a perfect pony,her hands then travelled to the bangles stand that’s when her eyes fell on that envelope.
She took it and pulled the letter outside,her eyes widened suddenly and she gasps the next moment.
“Oh god..!”she mumbled being embarrassed and the small blush never forget to glow on her cheeks.
Her hands brushed those letters,she bit her lips and repeated those words “Thanks for the glorious morning wifey..!I am overwhelmed.This is enough to make my day.Come back to cuddle me soon sweetheart.!!”
“How can I face him now..?”she thinks and the clean worry overshadowed her blush.
“Ragini betiya..!”she heard ramu kaka’s voice from downstairs.
” kaka..”she replied back and urged outside towards the dining.
“Breakfast ready betiya.”ramu kaka said.
“Ragini beta,come and join us..!”subhatra asks her to sit opposite to her for which she nods.
“Excuse me..!”subhatra went certain far from family to attend her phone call.
Laksh comes to dining hall and took the seat beside Ragini.She started shivering and the nervousness spreads across her face which dimmed her glowing eyes .
“Towel..!”laksh’s words makes Ragini to startle.
Ragini gave him a pleading look.
“That one..!”he pointed towards the white towel,she sighs and forwarded the towel.
He took that from her hand and started focussing on breakfast.
The smirk appeared in his lips when he found her squirming on her own place thinking about the morning encounter,now all he wanted is to tease her more.
He slided his left hand on her thighs making her to wriggle more.Her food struck on her throat which resulted in choking.
“Slowly..!”he offered her water and gently rubbed her back.
She was about to split the water when his hand freely slided on her back and traced the strings of her blouse but she covered her mouth preventing that action.
“What are you doing..?”her voice came less than a whisper.
“Helping you out.”laksh says having his trademark smirk and winks his eye.
“Please..”She almost begged him.
Laksh takes back his hand when he heard the footsteps of subhatra.
“Good morning mom.!”he greeted her.
“Good morning Laksh beta..!Everyone be ready at evening for our company’s 25th anniversary and laksh atleast for today try to calm down your anger and behave nicely with Ragini in the party because we’ll be under media’s surveillance..”subhatra said.
Ragini:What.?am I
But interrupted,laksh:Yes you’re invited since you belongs to this family and don’t worsen the situation which irks me.
Ragini(in mind):it’s you who is worsening the situation by your dirty acts idiot.I don’t know what evening have stored up for me.(she took a deep sigh and makes her steps to the kitchen).

She squirms on her seat rubbing her shoulder and hands and the tears trailed it’s way down her cheeks.
“Shshh..bachcha please don’t cry.see I am with you only’re safe with me,no one can near you when I am there.”he consoles her holding her.
“All had happened with your presence only laksh.”she said sobbing which directly squeezed his heart.
“I am sorry.”he tightened the steering of the car and his nostrils flickered like an angry bull.
After 15 minutes of journey,they reached mm.He doesn’t let her stand instead carried her in his arms gently like a flower and slowly made his way to their room.
“Refresh.i will be back.”laksh uttered placing her on the bed.
Laksh froze at his place when he felt ragini’s hand around his waist.
“Please don’t leave me laksh.”she said still sobbing.
“Ragini..!”he spun her and lifts her chin to face him.
“Why don’t you say anything when he asked me for a dance..?”she mumbled painfully.
“Even you didn’t refused though.”he backfired her question.
“I thought you would..”she clenched her eyes shut.!
“I thought you would..fine from now on learn to say NO when you’re uncomfortable with anything whether I am there or!!”he wipes her tears and kissed her eyes.
“I will come back.You go and refresh.”he said planting a kiss on her forehead.
“I won’t spare you Mehra..!”he said under his breath gritting his teeth.
Ragini took a cold shower and reminisces laksh’s words and the way laksh tooks her out from mehra’s grip when she gets extremely suffocated with his intensive gaze on her.
Eventhough she doesn’t want to dance with any other man except laksh,she agreed just because she doesn’t want to create any mess in the function because of her.
Laksh’s voice brought her back to this world.
“Haan laksh..two minutes..!!”she uttered back.
After getting changed she opened the door sneaking outside and found laksh pacing to and fro,she cleared her throat to gain his attention.
He immediately scuttered towards her and held her shoulders in rage,his eyes clearly showed the monster in him and his grip tightened unknowingly makes her to wince a bit.
“I am sorry.”his face dropped in sad and he forwarded her a packet.
“What.?”she asked.
“Your gel.How could you be so careless Ragini,you have to apply that gel to the bruises daily and it was over yesterday why don’t you ask me to buy it.We had a fight which doesn’t snatch your rights and you from it damn it.”he said in his extremely anger tone and the genuine concern for her were clearly visible in his eyes.
“Devil.!”she stated.
“Yes I am.”he shrugged his shoulder and turned to move.
“But the cute one.My Cute devil.”she whispers and back hugged him,his corner of lips lifted up by her words.
“I want my cuddle bear back.”she said and kissed his cheek.
Laksh(spun her and cups her face):Ragini,are you sure..?please don’t make any decision in a haste.
Ragini(gasps):it’s seems like you are enjoying my absence.Fine,I won’t disturb you Mr.Lakshya and won’t come to you anytime soon.
Laksh:Ragu not like that baby.I don’t want to use your this emotionally weak moment(trying to point out the things turning out since evening).I want you to come back to me with your heart not by any other it.
Both were confused in their own point of view.
Ragini(pout):but I need you by my side Laksh.why can’t you understand that.?
Laksh(grin):I am always your side sweetheart.
Ragini:Then why don’t you ask me about ruining the saree which you gifted.(she pouts)
Laksh rolled his eyes doesn’t have any clue about what she is saying.
Laksh(in mind):does she undergoing mood swings..?I heard it would happen only on maternity period..oh god are unpredictable.
Ragini pinches him on his waist just to bring him back to world and succeeded getting his glares.
She continued:That day before sanskar’s death we had a party right,I wore that saree for the party but on my way I found a little girl on the round lying in the pool of blood,yes someone made an accident and left her behind.I rushed immediately to her and made my way to hospital and she was critical in icu and that’s why I was not able to attend the party and my phone went missing,I don’t know where did I missed may be on the accident zone I think.i made a call to you from hospital’s landline but your number was not reachable.That’s what happened laksh and I didn’t murdered sanskar,trust me.(she broke down completely on his feet).
“Shshh Ragini..!!”laksh too went to her level and tried consoling her,rubbing her back gently.
“I trust you Ragini,please bachcha don’t make me to undergo this worst state.i can’t see you like this.”his tears made it’s way out.
“We’re trapped somewhere Ragini.We’re screwed about things.Need to find out that culprit before things getting worsened.”he says gritting his teeth.
Laksh phone beeps and it’s kavitha on line,he swiped and answered the call.
“Come in video call laksh.”She said and immediately laksh turned on the video call.
“I asked you to not to come back right,then why did you appeared infront of everyone Verma.?”
“Mam,I know but laksh sir is searching me and my location.”he said.
“So what.!you are voluntarily surrendering yourself to him.”she said huskily.
“I came to meet you after he left the party mam.”he said lowering his head.
“So you are monitoring him.”she says turning her face towards the focus of video.
Kavitha’s face fell and slick with sweat finding the lady covered in black blanket was none but her own mother.
Laksh was shocked like an hell and bombarded with millions of questions.
“Maa.”Ragini gasps in shock.
Screen freezes.
What turn the story would take.?Why Ragini is weird with her own behaviour.,does laksh’s naughtiness and concern had so much effect on her which leads to take back her decision or her love for him overtook her other emotions..??Indecisive one.
Things are getting opened up.Let’s see what else is stored up for us in the next chapter.
Am extremely sorry for the late chapter.I don’t know when I will be updating the next one.Please bear me dears.
“Happy birthday varshu????.May life’s brightest joys illuminate your path, and may each day’s journey bring you closer to your dreams.Wish you all success dear.”

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