The war between love and revenge – RagLak ff part 6

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“Swaru,please relax dear..!”Ragini rubs her back trying to make her calm.
“S..SANSKAR..t..there..h..he is..”swara stuttered.
“What..!”laksh took steps towards the direction where swara is pointing.
“Sanskar..!”swara kept repeating his name.
Laksh gasps in shock and the tears trailed down his cheek.

“Laksh..are u ok..?”Ragini went to check him whether he is ok or not but trembles when she saw those scenes which is airing in front of her.
“it’s been more than a year u left us beta..we lost u and our daughter’s happiness too.”subhatra mumbled while the wedding video of swasan is playing on the tv.
“laksh..control yourself..!!”Ragini holds laksh’s arms and he immediately hugged her weeping.
Ragini who understands the situation dragged him towards their room because she doesn’t want subhatra to get hurt more seeing her son in such a devasted condition.

“Laksh please..atleast for swara you have to be strong..!!”Ragini wiped his tears and trying her best to heal his pain but his eyes glazed with a glassy layer of tears which are ready to escape anytime when he found her sister’s condition.

“how can I be strong Ragu..see her.!few minutes back she panicked just by seeing the video of their marriage and now she is playing with the teddy thinking that as her kid..!this is piercing my heart Ragini..!I can’t do anything to bring her out from this stage.I am cursed Ragini.”laksh said and sobs badly.
“I can understand laksh..but please don’t hurt yourself.!”said she and gave him a consoling hug.
For god’s sake just leave my brother Ragini.It’s all because of you.
Raglak turned back when they heard that voice.

“don’t look that way and stop pretending like you are concerned.!!”
“Kavitha..!!”laksh urged and gave her a reply through his slap.
“waah laksh..!this girl turned you against your own family but you said that you don’t care about her at all but it doesn’t seems like that..!”kavitha tried to smile in between her tears.
Laksh realised that his plan got flopped by now and kavitha found the truth that they are acting before others like strangers.
Kavitha steps back and bolted the door and gazed them angrily.
“Kavi..Wo..t.that..!”laksh stutterers and gave a pleading look to Ragini to help him but he can’t even connect the words properly.
“I know everything laksh..”
“What..!!”laksh gasps.

Ragini’s eyes widened in shock.
“Even I wanted to join u guys in ur plan that’s why I used those words to make u react that way sorry for taking those words Ragini..!”kavitha says which shocked them more.
“But how did you found us..i mean that we are acting like..that we love..and pretend like..!woh..!!”laksh slams his forehead when he was not able to frame a sentence properly.
“oh my brother..relax relax..!!your this behaviour is enough to prove that u r crazy..”Kavi grinned.

Kavitha’s eyes brimmed up with tears and she continue “actually laksh,I wanted to do something to unveil the mystery behind sanskar’s death.I may help you in all possible ways.”
Laksh hugged her trying to console her but kavitha’s eyes doesn’t stops escaping the tears secretly,Ragini brushes kavitha’s hair gently to calm her down.
“I won’t leave them who murdered u sanskar,because..because I still love u..!!”Kavi mused.
Kavitha broke the hug and starts her investigation from laksh itself.

“Why did you blame Ragini as the one who is behind sanskar’s murder.”she quizzed him.
“that..that proof..!!”he said stammering.
Kavi:which proof..??
Laksh(rushed to his drawer):it was here only but now its missing.
“which one laksh..!!”Ragkavi asked in union.
Laksh:how is it possible..??how it went missing..??
Ragini:laksh..relax and say what was that which was against me..??

Laksh(slick with sweat):t..that pen drive.
Kavi:what was there in the pen drive..??
Laksh(closing his eyes):the video which shows that Ragini stabbing sanskar.
“What”both shocks.

“but how do you got that laksh..?”Kavi asked with curiosity.
“The day after sanskar’s funeral..!”laksh went to flashback.
Flashback ***
“Hello..Mr.Verma..i can’t come now,please postpone all my meetings and u know about my current brother in law’s unexpected death and my sister’s miscarriage and after all this I can’t make my mind concentrate on office stuffs..please handle it yourself.”laksh was about to cut the call but hold it back.

“But’s important I can understand your state better but please check the quotes once before finalising it sir.after all it’s our company’s biggest deal.just half an hour matter it is..!”other side says.
“ok email me the details.”laksh says.
“sir I have already copied the details in pen drive and u will be receiving it in next 10 minutes from Mr.Kumar sir.”he says.
“ok..i will check it out and let u know.!”laksh says and hanged the call.
Laksh(in mind):what’s the need for the pen drive..he can just email me those details na.huh(he shrugged)
**Flashback ends when swara again gets frightened and takes sanskar’s name.

“Swara..!!”the three goes to her.

Raglak tried to calm her while Kavi makes swara to drink water.
“So someone distracted us by putting the blame on Ragini..!”Kavi says.
Laksh gets shocked when Kavi believes that Ragini wasn’t behind sanskar’s death but his impulsive brain tooks more than a year to realise this fact.
“I can understand your that look bhaai..!”Kavi winks.
Kavitha(continues):I know about Ragini and she is not that type to stoop that low but I can’t understand one thing still.
“what..!”laksh asks.
Kavitha:what made you to believe that RAGINI MURDERED SANSKAR.
“That VIDEO..!!”laksh says clenching his fists.

Ragini looks him painfully.
Ragu’s pov
“A single video makes u to believe that I have done that murder.
it’s I that untrustworthy..?
u lost ur trust on me with the single video clip..?
what about our love Laksh..??doesn’t it say that I am INNOCENT..??

how can you believe the video and thought that I have done that all..?
Am really feeling broken Laksh,it’s hurting more when a single unknown edited clip has the power to turn ur love into revenge..
I forgot about ur betrayal and wanted to know what caused you to leave me and to recreate our olden days,to make u understand that I love you and my heart belongs to only u,I wanted to solve everything and make u happy but when u say that video makes u to believe that I have done all these,my dreams got shattered completely laksh..!!”
Ragini came out from the trance when she felt a tap on her shoulder,she immediately jerks the next moment.

Before laksh could say anything Ragini interrupted:Let’s find out Mr.Verma first.he only have the answers for our every questions.
Kavi nods and says that she will collect information’s regarding him.
Laksh:Girls,this must be kept as a secret.
Both nodded.
Kavi leaves after discussing something with ragini and tooks swara with her.
Laksh back hugged Ragini and starts showering her with the wet kisses on her nape.
Ragini gets irritated with his this act and unwrapped his hands from her waist.
“Don’t touch me Mr.Maheshwari and u lost all your rights on me.”she says struggling hard to fight with her emotions.

“Ragini..!!”laksh gasps in shock.

Sorry I know it’s an short update but next time it will be an longer one and till then keep smiling dears.

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