The war between love and revenge – RagLak ff part 4

Part 4
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Ragini slowly opened her eyelids and found laksh holding her hand.When he found her hand shaking,he immediately urged outside and called doctor.
Ragini felt the shivers in laksh’s voice and the tears gushes out when she witnessed some bandages in his hand and head.
He immediately scuttered towards her and caresses her face fondly, unknowingly his eyes turned wet showing his love for her.
“are you ok..??”Ragini struggles to utter while removing the oxygen mask.
“Mmm..!!”he nods wiping his tears by looking the other side.
“laksh..!!”she pulled his wrist and sighs him to sit beside her,he too does the same.
She kept staring him and took his glances while laksh asks “what” through his eyes.
Doctor entered in the unwanted time and broken their sweetest moment.He checked her and informed laksh that Ragini is perfectly alright but she needs some bed rest and left the room giving some privacy to the newly wed couples.
Our khadoos maheshwari is now completely in a different avtar,love took over the place of revenge and spreads it’s fragrance in his heart.

“laksh.,that!!”she struggles a lot inorder to get cleared about her confusions.
Gosh..he stopped her breath for a moment by recreating the foreign feelings and he pressed his rough lips on her softy petals.
“I won’t do it on everyone,it’s ur soul it..!!am your husband and have rights too..”he said pressing his lips into flat.
Ragini(holding her stomach and laughing):is it..??I don’t remember when you tied knot around my neck.
Laksh(cuts her sentence):which you and me alone knows.but to the outside world..??we are legally married,if you need I can show you the proofs too(he smirks)
Ragini (nudging his forehead):Oyiee..!!are you trying my trick..??
Laksh(suppressing his laughter):not at all..!!how can I use that..??that too on a clever girl like you..oh god..!!
Ragini glares him for a moment and bursts out laughing.
“am sorry..!!”he holds his ears and apologize her..!!
Ragini(pouting):I don’t need it this way..!!I need my cute lucky..,will he come and take me back??will he lock me in his embrace.??will he loves me unconditionally again..??will he laksh..??
Laksh face turned pale and he take a deep sigh “I don’t know about your lucky Ragini,but my swara is more important to me in my’s all over between us and am sorry for making it a big mess by playing with your are freed from me and also from my revenge..i will inform your uncle to take care of your health.!!”
Ragini pulled his shirt collar when he stood up “why did you saved me instead you might have let me die in that accident itself na laksh..?”

“Ragini..!!”he screamed at his high pitch..
Ragini:you love me right..??do you think that way that I have murdered him and spoiled swara’s life??
Laksh(gritting his teeth):Ragini please..!!stop it
Ragini:I need an answer laksh..please,let me know what you are crushing in your mind..
Laksh remained silent for a moment clenching his fist “you need rest..!”
“don’t act smart Mr.Maheshwari..!!I need an answer because I am blamed here..!!”she said
Laksh:Ragini..stop this nonsense and take rest..!!don’t stress more that’s what I can say and moreover you won’t be blamed anymore because our relation is over and you are no one to me from now on.
Ragini:Then why the hell did you kissed me now..!!
Laksh just closed his eyes and reminisces something.Ragini kept questioning him with back to back daggers.
Laksh:stop it..what you want to know now..??(he paused for a moment)yeah am crazy about you.I madly loved u and it will remain the same in future too but Ragini I can’t afford to risk your life.
Ragini(but interrupted):I got my answers Mr.Maheshwari..,you may leave now.
“Ragini..!!”laksh welled up..
Ragini:what..!!i asked you to leave from here not from my life,got it..!!
Next moment,laksh immediately took her in his embrace cuddling her waist.
Laksh(parting away):I have an urgent work and will be back soon(he pecked her forehead quickly and left the room assuring her something through eyes)
After his absence,Ragini reminisces everything that happened just now to her and blushed feeling the kiss they shared and laksh’s confession but still confused about his sudden change.
“he didn’t answered my question about the blame.!!what does he meant by not afford to risk my life..?? are unpredictable laksh..!!”she let out a sigh.
Laksh drove off to mm and on his way he felt something is pinching his heart.
Laksh(in mind):Ragini isn’t behind all this but I..(words got strucked for him)..I felt only the truth in those eyes but why couldn’t feel that it because of the thought of last minute of survival..??anyway thank god for kicking my impulsive brain..!!
He then reminisces that it is kavitha who forced him to take Ragini with him,he then takes a turn from his way towards the get together party area where Kavi is enjoying with her friends.
He hurriedly parks his car and entered the club to confront kavitha.
There she is..!!enjoying silently with her friends at the corner of the club.
Laksh pushed the peoples in midway and reached her place.He tapped her shoulder and kavitha gasp in surprise.
“Laksh..!!you here..”
Laksh:you didn’t expected me alive right..!!
Kavitha(shocked):what the hell laksh..??why do u think so..??
Laksh:stop it’s you who have tried to murder me and Ragini..but why..??
“what..!!”she was shocked again and got laksh death glares in return.
Kavitha:laksh..,seriously I haven’t done anything..!!believe me (tears welled up)
Laksh’s phone rings and he immediately tapped the answer button.
“you ok..!!what..??ok ok relax coming there..!!”laksh hanged the call and rushed out leaving the confused kavitha behind…!!

Within few minutes,laksh reached the hospital panicking about Ragini.
He scuttered to get inside the lift which is about to close and reached the second floor and then to her room.
He takes a deep sigh when he found her munching fruits.
“where were you..??I wanna say something important..!”Ragini seized his wrist and made him sit near her.
Laksh explained everything to her which made her shocked.
Laksh(trying to be normal):leave that one Ragu,I will handle it..!!you don’t worry..!!now tell me what you wanna open up to me..??
“laksh..,u misunderstood Kavi..!!she isn’t behind this..!it was planned for me by my dad’s business rivals..!!yeah laksh..!!you took turns inorder to prevent us from crushing in that truck you saw the truck’s name..!!”Ragini sounds serious..!!
Laksh nods in no..!!
“that was AK’s truck and it has the same number plate which AK uses for his vehicles to differentiate it..!!”said she
Laksh was shocked like a hell..!!
Laksh:but why..??
To be continued •••’s been more than 2 months I really sorry for not updating the next part..!!I know u all may get angry about but plz plz forgive me na*pouting*..!!
Frm tmrw onwards I will try to be dears and love you all..

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