The War Between My Heart And My Mind (KANCHI) FS – Shot 05

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Hi……so here is the last shot….thanku all for commenting……..


Kabir again joined SDCH Veer tried to misbehave with Sanchi…..Sanchi got to know about her first love Kabir and a plan to unite Kanchi made by Pragya Isha and two new doctors

Shot 5:

A week passed and Sanchi was just pissed off with Kabir’s behaviour so she decided that today she will get the answer by hook or crook

So she directly went to his cabin and without knocking entered and then locked it

Kabir:what the hell is this Sanchi

Sanchi:just shut up today I want the answer when I am saying sorry continually then why u r not listening and just avoiding me (She said with tears)

Kabir stood up

Kabir:Sanchi plz leave

Sanchi:just say once that u don't care about me…..and I’ll go from ur life forever

Kabir was speechless at that time but with alot of effort he said

Kabir:I don’t care about u

As soon as he said it he turned and found Sanchi lying on floor in the pool of blood bcz she had cutted her wrist with injection

He became shocked and ran to her

Kabir:Sanchi………Sanchi open ur eyes…..Sanchi

Screen gets blur there

After 7 hours:

Almost whole hospital was outside the OT praying for Sanchi

Doctor came out of the OT and Kabir ran to her

Kabir:how is Sanchi?

Doctor:Kabir she is fine now u all can meet her

He went…….Jaya let Kabir meets her first

He went to her and saw Sanchi lying on bed seeing Kabir she tried to get up but she can’t  so Kabir helped her

Kabir:what do u think of urself…….do u know what stupidity u did…… u ever think about ur mom ur family or just……huh!

Kabir was going she held his wrist

Sanchi:Kabir plz just last chance

Kabir:Sanchi plz……and don’t ever try to do this stupidity again or else I’ll also do the same

She left his hand with teary eyes

He was going just then Kusum entered and held his arm

He was amazed to see Kusum as they have gone out of station

Kabir:maa u here

Kusum:come inside Kabir

She went to Sanchi and Kabir followed her along with Jaya and other family members

Kusum came to Sanchi and caresses her face

Kusum:I am sorry beta I took u wrong and just insulted u this much badly but knowing this that u did this wrong move just bcz of Kabir I can say that I can’t find a better girl for him than u

Sanchi looks at Kabir and Kabir looked at Kusum giving her a “sometime what and sometime what”look and Kusum just nodded so Kabir smiled and seeing this a wide smile made it’s way to Sanchi’s face and then all smiled

(I am not giving much description just directly moving to the marriage day as it is a FS and I just want to complete it)

After a month

Marriage day

Sanchi was in her room sitting in front of a mirror fully ready as a bride smiling broadly

Sanchi:finally today I am getting married to my love… first and last love..(she said to herself)

Soon marriage started

They took vows Kabir made Sanchi wear nupital chain and applied vermilion

Then marriage completed……after bidaai Kabir and Sanchi headed towards their car

Screen gets blur there

After 1 year:

Sanchi was standing in balcony staring at moon…….someone came from behind and hugged her

She recognized the touch and smiled

Kabir:what r u thinking

Sanchi:Kabir u lied to me


Sanchi:when u were proposing me at dandiya night u said that u never felt like this for any girl u feel about me but I was ur second love na I mean I was the same girl but on that time u didn’t know this

Kabir had no answer for this

Kabir:Sanchi I have a good news for u


Kabir:reports r positive (he said with his most handsome smile)

Sanchi was beaming with happiness listening this so she just hugged him with all her might

And just then all the family members including Mishra’s and gang along with Vinay and Simran entered

All congratulated them

Vinay and Simran:hey this is not fair we play a cupid for u both and u both never even thanked us (they said with their cute pouts)


Then all laughed



finally completed it…….guys plz do share ur views plz……




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  1. 23SAMAIRA0906

    Thats cute but ending so soon!!! And come to insta i m waiting for u!!

    1. Dimple457

      Thanks and yaa now as I am here I’ll surely come

  2. Beautiful ending, come soon with new fs after your exams, take care dear

    1. Dimple457

      Thanks dear and I think u misunderstood my exams completed a long time ago……even result also came…….??

  3. Dhruti

    superb ending……………..come asap with the next one………………tc dear……………………..

    1. Dimple457

      Thanks dear and u too take care??

  4. so beautiful

    1. Dimple457

      Thanks dear

  5. AAYU

    Sorry for being late dear but I was stuck up with some work
    The story was a little fast forwarded but it was good

    1. Dimple457

      Thanks dear?? and no need to say sorry

  6. Vanu

    plzz come soon with new ff

    1. Dimple457

      Thanks dear

  7. It was nice but a way too fast……..u should write something interesting I have read many articles like that…….??…..sorry if u got hurt??

    1. Dimple457

      Thanks dear and no need to say sorry I am thankful to u that u advised me??

  8. Anu88

    Such a amazing and awesome and superb and mind blowing epilogue yaar………such a sweet and beautiful and gorgeous and happy ending dear…….sorry yaar for commenting late……..maaf kar de na yaar……….. please yaar come back with new story yaar…… u dear…… yaar……..

    1. Dimple457

      Thanks di for such a sweet comment missed u and ur comment so so so much happy to see u here after a long time luv u and u too take care??

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