Walking together through the memory lane – Episode 10 (Samaina FF)

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10. Longest Night of Samaina

About 100 metres far from house, Vishaka see Sameer standing (she didn’t see his phone). Vishaka heads towards Sameer’s direction and he was speaking through phone sincerely.

As he was gazing randomly, Sameer saw his mother coming. Shocked to the core, he said to Naina, “Naina, please wait for few minutes. Whatever happens, please don’t cut the call.” He hides his phone in his pants hip. Acts to be casual.

Naina thought that his parents might have called him and decided to wait for him until he comes.

Vishaka comes to Sameer, “Sameer, What are you doing here at this late night? First of all, where is your phone? I’m ringing you almost 10 times.”

Sameer says, “Mom, my phone is with Munna. He came now.”

Vishaka – “Why had he come at this late hour?”

Sameer didn’t know what to say.

Sameer – “Mom, Munna need to talk to his lover. His phone is repaired so I gave my phone.”

He thought this answer would convince Vishaka but this reply take problem to the next level.

Vishaka – “What! Love? What kind of boys are you?  Are you in need of love at this age? And you are also helping him to succeed in love? You’re pushing him in the trap, Sameer. I should speak to his mother, tomorrow.”

She drags Sameer to his house and calls Vivek and starts yelling about Sameer. If Sameer said some other reply, he might have escaped but he himself caught in clutches. Vivek hears everything patiently. Both got a sudden strike of doubt on Sameer too about phone. So, Vivek ask him to do handstand.


Vivek is not interested in beating or scolding Sameer and his only key is to punish him without harming. Sameer is scared, if he do handstand, definitely the phone from his hip would fall down. He gave some lame excuses but nothing works.

With no option, Sameer do handstand. As expected, the phone fall down. Sameer comes to normal position. Vishaka is shocked and with more of anger, she looks at the phone. There is a ongoing call (with Naina). She takes the phone and says, “Hello” with loads of anger

The voice has terrified Naina. She guessed the situation and make her voice little sweeter and answered the call, “Hello.”

Hearing the girl’s voice, she confirmed that Sameer had lied to her and he was the one loving. Her anger goes to the second level and she started to bash Naina with all atrocious words. Naina tries to explain that they were just friends and nothing more than that but in vain.

At some point, Vishaka scolds Naina with strong words. Naina in her room is clueless what to do. She is extremely scared and remain silent.

Sameer knows Naina don’t even like bad/hate words. He is sad that how is he going to convince her. He says, “Dad, please ask her not to yell at bad words to Naina. Mistake is on my side. We were just friends nothing beyond that. Please dad, she could not bear those strong words.”

Vivek is silent and looking at everything silently. After hearing what his son said, he slap him hard. Vivek – “How dare you to disobey your mother.” Sameer – “Dad, I didn’t disobey her.” Sameer gets another slap from him. Sameer becomes silent.

Naina cuts the call after bearing it too much and she starts to cry as quiet as possible.

She gets scared because of getting continuous calls from the same number and getting caught in her family too. No one knows Naina is speaking to Sameer in her house. After ten minutes, she gets a call  from Sameer. She don’t know whether to attend or not. She don’t know whether it is Sameer or his mom. She decide to attend.

“Hello..” – she hears a male voice with some maturity. She find that it was Sameer’s father. She wipes her tears and speaks.

Vivek  asks about her and whereabouts, family etc. She too answers silently. Vivek – ” Consider me as father figure. I know you both are loving eachother but it is not the right age. You both have to read and get good scores at this age. Sameer dreams to become a Civil Engineer. It is in your hands whether Sameer becomes Civil Engineer or a simple mason.”

Naina is surprised to hear what he speak. She understand that whatever Vishaka spoke was a part of misunderstanding  and Vivek is polite somehow. But moreover she is guilty that Sameer is not concentrating on his studies because of HER.

Naina – “Uncle, you misunderstood us. We are just friends.”

Vivek – “I know you guys. We too crossed this age. Please let him study and we ourself pair you after his studies. Even if your parents refuse, we convince them. Even I am sorry for what Sameer’s mother spoke, she is short tempered.”

Naina explained that they were just friends but still he stand by his point. Then Naina – “Ok Uncle, I’l’ never disturb Sameer.” She cuts the call. She don’t how she would spend without speaking with him

Sameer is crying in his room.

He know that Naina never talk to him after such incident. His parents got his phone. They said to him, “From now on, you’re not going to college. You should go to some works herafter.” All these thoughts were high on him and he could not even forget Naina. He could not even believe how life has changed within a fraction of second.

Sameer: Now I could understand their feelings as a parent. But actually, that was the longest night of my lifetime. I know Naina would never speak to me. But I long to speak for the last time asking sorry for what my mom said.

Naina: Actually, I wish the same. I was at guilt because you are not doing well in exams because of me. I just expect is, Good Bye from you.

Ten days passed,

Sameer didn’t go for college as his parents never let him go. They just fill their advice in him. He didn’t get permitted to use phone. His friend Pandit came to house. He call Sameer for company to leave Munna’s father at Railway Station. Vishaka and Vivek let him as they wish him to relax atleast. Also Pandit don’t have any idea about what happened on Diwali Night.

Sameer goes to Railway Station with Munna. He said what happened at Diwali night. After leaving  Munna’s father at Railway Station, he saw a Phone Booth near by.

He got a decided to call Naina and dialed her number.

Naina gets a call from an unknown number. She attends and speaks. She was delighted to hear his voice for what she was longing for these much days. Butterflies fly in his stomach, when Naina attend his call.

Sameer apologized for what his mother said. Naina controlls her emotions and,

Naina: Sameer, its ok. I don’t keep it in mind. You want to get succeed in your life, Sameer. Your parents wish you to become a Civil Engineer. After becoming a CE, inform me. I would feel very proud of what you are going to be. I would enjoy seeing you as a CE. More than you, I would be happy if you get success. Let us part ways, Sameer.

Sameer: Good Bye, Naina.

Naina: Bye, Sameer.

To be continued…..

Author’s note: I hope you like the new turn in the story. Although their breakup would get cured, the storyline gets more intense with mixed emotions of happiness, depression, joy, care, mistakes, learning, do’s and don’ts in love etc… I am happy that I could explore many things in the genre of romance and love without adding(mixing) other genre elements. Do comment about the pics in this and previous episode. Although the pics are too less, it takes time to find it and edit every pic. Stay Happy. Take Care


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    oh no.vishaka n vivek trapped sameer.sameer got exposed.vishaka scolding naina was painful.vivek advising naina politely was nice.what he said was true.sameer apologizing to naina n they deciding to part ways was very emotional.waiting for their reunion.lovely pics

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