He is Waiting for her LOVE: Ahaanthi – EPISODE-4

Hi Frnds! HAPPY HOLI TO ALL.I am back with new episode of Ahaanthi.thanks for the people who commented for last episode .I hope you like this episode also……….

Let start the story….

Ahaan went to his village. In which he finds kushi.he went to kushi house and knock the door….

Anitha opens the door…

Anitha: who are you??

Ahaan: I want kushi .

(Angrily) pulled Anitha a and entered into house shouting kushi kushi..

Anitha: Are you manav son..

Ahaan: yes iam manav son…

Anitha: why you came here??

Ahaan: I came here to take kushi with me ..where is mamaji..

Anitha: no kushi no mamaji. Your mamaji died .kushi escaped from here..

Ahaan: what you did to kushi ??

Anitha:who are you to ask me ??get out from here..

Anitha close the door ..

Sadly he came back.

He say all the things happened in village TO richa

Richa tells to Ahaan ..

Ahaan you have a competition. .

First you participate in competition. .

Ahaan: no I won’t participate.

Richa:this competition is important to you ..

We will search for kushi. You go and participate ..

Ahaan: okay I will go.

Ahaan boarded the train ..all the frnds said all the best to him .


Ahaan and pankthi both were in same train .

They both get shocked while seeing ..

They both are going to same competition. .

Ahaan and pankthi both Registered for the competition. .

They were staying in a room .given by sponsors.

Richa didn’t find kushi .so she came back to Ahaan. ..

Before 2 days of competition. …

It was holi..

On holi day every one weared white dress.pankthi and Richa planned to drench ahaan with colours but ahaan drenched them with colours they all enjoyed in the holi…

Ahaan see the chain which was given by kushi father but he can’t find kushi because of colours…(they both have same chain)

Nxt day..

Pankthi’s lost her ghungroo. She asks ahaan where it will repair..

They both went to repair shop ..

While going in car ..ahaan ask..

Ahaan: pankthi .do you anyone??

Panthi:yes ahaan .

Ahaan :who is that lucky guy??

Pankthi:when I succeed  in my love .I will tell first to you..

Ahaan you didn’t love anyone..

Ahaan: yes .when I succeed. I will test first..

They both went to repair shop..

Ahaan gets a phone call

Ahaan busy in talking…

Jd see pankthi..

Jd trying to take her away..

Pankthi shouts ahaan ahaan..

Ahaan fights with jd..

In the middle of fighting. .

Pankthi got accident…???

She is under conscious. .

Immediately ahaan take her to hospital ..

Doctors tell her both kidneys are damaged..





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