Waaris 24th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Mohini hugging Jai. He stops her. She pushes him on the bed and flirts with him. He asks what are you doing here, plan will fail. She says i came to know the plan, did it change, you did not get late to impress any girl, why is it getting late to impress Amba, did you fall in love with Amba. He gets away and asks why did you come. She says Amba will get ready for marriage, I made her agree, we will get jewelry and run from here.

Jagan calls her out. Jagan comes there. Jai hides. He asks Mohini what is she doing here. She says I was thinking everything looks changed in my room, your house is big like palace, any outsider can get lost. Jagan says its fine, come I will show you your room. She goes. Amba comes to Jai’s room and turns away seeing him in towel. Jai asks you here. Amba says I m ready for marriage. Jai gets shocked. She says its good mahurat, roka preparations are happening. She smiles and goes keeping food for him. He thinks how did she agree for marriage, what will I tell Mannu.

Mannu comes home and sees the arrangements. Amba gets ready and comes. She says its my and your dad’s roka today, I agreed for marriage, go and get ready. Mannu gets shocked. He rushes to Jai and asks what’s happening, why are you not refusing for marriage. Jagan says congrats, Mannu is first son to find a handsome groom for your mother. Mannu argues.

Jagan says you got Jai as your bodyguard, see now, he is marrying your mother, go and say truth to Amba, ask Jai to save you and Amba. Mannu thinks what’s happening, Jai agreed to marry Amba.

Raavi does tika to Jai. Jagan claps and says congrats. Mohini says Jagan, you have to accept, my steps are auspicious for your house. Jagan smiles. Mannu gets angry. Amba smiles seeing Jai. Mannu comes to Jai and asks what’s happening. Jai says I…. Mannu says you know everything, why are you not refusing, did you stay here to cheat me and marry Amba, how can you do this.

Jai says I m not cheating you, I will tell you truth, Bheeru’s accident happened by my car, I dropped him to hospital. Mannu gets shocked. Jai says I did not do this intentionally, I knew I did big mistake. Mannu recalls Jai saving them. Mannu says all this happened because of you, my mummy lost her memory, if Bheeru came that time, this would have not happened, no…. I can never forgive you, you cheated me, leave from here. Mannu throws things and shouts on Jai asking him to leave.

Mannu comes to Amba and asks her not to marry Jai. Amba asks how can you ruin Jai’s happiness, he loves an orphan like you, I decided for my marriage by thinking well. She gets ready. Jagan asks Mannu did you break marriage and laughs. Jagan jokes on Mannu.

Mannu meets Raj. Raj asks was Jai behind this, Jai saved Bheeru, he is a nice man, Bheeru met with an accident, he did not do that purposely. Mannu scolds Raj angrily. Mannu cries and says if Bheeru came that day, mummy would have been fine, why is Jai marrying her now, what’s happening, I can’t forgive him and trust him now, I will do everything alone now. Raj asks what will you do.

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