Someone is seen sitting on the bench admiring the nature for it’s serenity and beauty. What could be better than an early morning view, seeing a growing sun, coming from beyond the long lasting night that is imparting a new hope with it’s every ray, the sky changing it’s colour with every ray of sun, from black to bronze, from orange to yellow, the sky is an absolute beauty in itself. The happily chirping birds living the fresh morning and slight breezes touching your face the morning itself has some magic.
Om approaches the person and gets shocked.
Aru looks at him and passes a smile, she stands up from her place and says
Aru: Come with me.
Om: But where?
Aru: Just come.
Om nods.

Aradhya takes Om inside the house where ShivRu were waiting for him.

Om: Sh..Sh..Shivaay.
Shivaay came to him smilingly and placed his hand on his shoulder, Om holds his hand and says in cracked tone
Om: Sh… Sh… Shiv… Shivaay I am…sorry.
Rudra comes from behind and placing his hand on Om’s shoulder and in his cheerful Rudy style speaks
Rudra: O Shivaay bhaiya’s name is just Shivaay not Sh…Sh… Shiv… Shivaay, Aare we just left you for sometime and you became SRK.
Soums: Hye shut up don’t you dear say anything about my SRK.
Rudra with an open mouth: If SRK is yours then have you adopted me.
Soumya: Do I look like a mad that I will adopt a duffer like you.
Rudra: Mad no, not mad but fat.
Soumya was about continue with the argument when Anika interrupts.
Anika: Are you all done with your nonsense.
Rudra: Anika Bhabhi nonsense talks of Soumya will never end but my intelligent talks if you say I will halt them for you.
Shivaay hits his head and says
Shivaay: Shall we do the work that we have to.
Anika: Yup! Here you go.
Anika hands over him a pile of clothes.
Om who got too emotional hugged Shivaay and said
Om: Shivaay you forgave me.
Shivaay patted his back and said
Shivaay: Om I wasn’t angry with you I was just annoyed but what to do I can’t see you in this state it kills me every day. I just want you to be back to what you were my Om, who kept on saying shayari’s for everything, who use to accompany me in cooking, who use to prank Rudra along with me, who use to make me understand life and who is my strength even today, (he parts away) I just want you to be perfectly fine.
Om nods.

Rudra who also got tears said
Rudra: I also want you two to give me that hidden slap, make me agree together when I get annoyed and cook for me. I miss our happy O Bro moments alot.
ShivOm look at him and drag him into a hug.
After a while when none is ready to leave and AniSoums are just staring actually capturing this long awaited moment in their hearts, Aru finally takes the pleasure of bringing them back to world.
Aru clearing her throat: Ughhh Ughhh guys are you here.
Finally the brothers break the hug.
Shivaay: Vo actually…..
Aru: It’s okay Bhaiya no need to explain anything.
Shivaay smiled at her.
Aru: So quickly get ready.
Om: What?
Aru: Actually when ever you start a day you should take a bath, so go and take a shower.
Om gets scared and begins to tremble, cold tremors run across his body and with in no time the fear takes the lead on him and his sweating body is the proof for that.
Om: Aradhya what are you saying? I can’t do this, you know na that I am sacred of water.
Aru: Yes, I know that and that is the reason I am asking you to do this, look Om one day or the other you got to face your fears then why not today.
Om: But…
Shivaay places his hand on his shoulder.
Shivaay: Don’t worry Om, Rudra and I will help you.
Om: B… But..
Shivaay cupping Om’s face says
Shivaay: Om when you were five years old and you had injured your hand and no one was at home I helped you to take a bath even then and trust me you are not to grown up even now.
Love, concern and the never dying hope in Shivaay’s eyes gave strength to Om and he involuntarily nods.
Rudra just to lighten the environment says
Rudra with genuine expressions: But this is my first time.
ShivOm hit him playfully on his head while he gives them a big sized smile and both pull him and kiss him on the either cheeks.
Aru: All the best guys.
Girls leave the place.
Shivaay was checking everything in the bathroom as if he wanted to make it a luxurious bath that annoyed Rudra who sat at a place and employed his teeth to eat the apple that he had forcefully snatched from Soumya.
Om was hell scared seeing water he retreated his steps but both ShivRu held him and helped him.

Om: Guys stop it you both are styling me as if I am going to do ramp walk.
Rudra: Keep quiet you long hair creature. You don’t even have good fashion sense and now when we are trying to improve your style, you are arguing with us only
Shivaay gives him an agreeing look.
Om: Please Shivaay.
Shivaay: Shut up Om.
ShivRu keep dressing him, sometimes correcting his dress, then shoes and finally his hair that irritated Om the most and he kept giving ‘a not so pleased’ look to the two idiot fellows but who cares.


ShivRu: Come in.
ShivRu give him a ‘Why?’ Look.

Brothers look at the door, they find Aru there.
Aru: WOW Om not bad you are looking cute and hot.
Om was looking stunning in his casual wear as ShivRu had got him back to his previous avatar.
ShivRu share a naughty look while Om gives an awkward look.
Om: Thank you Aradhya.
Aru smiles back.
Rudra whispers haughtily to Om: HOT…
Shivaay from other side slightly brushing his shoulder with Om’s in same accent as Rudra: CUTE…
AniSoums from door: Not bad.
Om: Please guys.
While Aru just smiles.
Aru: Are you ready.
Om: Yes.
Rudra: No, this overcoat is left.
Om: Rudra control yourself man, I am not going to your wedding.
Shivaay taking the overcoat from Rudra shows it to the ladies and ask their opinion. Girls finalise the brown overcoat and Om is forcefully stuffed into it.
Om: Is it ok now.
All nod happily.
Om to Aru: Where we have to go?
Aru: Hmmm hospital.
Om: Why?
Aru sarcastically and with a made-up smile: To check the interiors.
Om: But why?
Rudra hits Om on his head and says
Rudra: Hye duffer she is giving a sarcastic remark.
Om: Oh ok.
He says rubbing the back of his head, while the rest laugh at the role reversal.
Aru: Come on let’s go.

To be continued…

Let’s face it.
Any idea what???


Well I know this one is short but this is all that I could manage to write in the little time I owned. As I already told you I am hell busy with my upcoming exams, so won’t be able to write regularly an ardent apology for that. Plus an apology to all the ff writers as I could not read any ff or comment on it. SORRY guys.
Moreover I will update the next asap but this one is for all my impatient readers (well it’s not that I am complaining but I am really glad that you all liked W.A.D. So much and it’s just due to your love that I am writing this part.) THANK YOU ? to all the readers out there and if you guys want to share something or ask something you all are most welcome.

Stay happy
Keep smiling
Live your life for a cause.
On this note signing off for now.

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