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Many young actors are seen joining the big brigade. While the long running shows are surviving on their good TRP sustaining actors, many news shows are giving a space to new talents. Luckily, the new faces are drawing more viewership and interest, forming a fan bank by their awesome chemistry and cute looks.


We would like to bring this poll on the new add ups on the Indian telly, which succeeded to entertain the audience and also get huge fan following in less time. The actors and their prowess are the only reason for the show’s success, whereas concept is tried and tested before. The actors bring a fresh appeal in old concepts and make the show much more watchable by their dialogue delivery, intense eye expressions, pain and feelings emoted by their faces, and speechless conveying all the message.

When a scene plays on tv and if that gets you praise the talent of the actor, you start following the show just for the actor/actors, then the chemistry and acting skills of the actors have to the pulling point. We have just listed few actors in this poll, who has won viewers’ hearts by their real talent and onscreen effect. Let us know which new talent you got connected to? You may select upto two choices in the list. You can leave a comment as well.

We recommend
  1. omakara, atharv, sita and vividha

  2. Erica Fernandez / Sonakshi for sure

  3. omkara…,,,,,Sonakshi…. 🙂

  4. madirakshi mundle , her acting is very good

  5. Om <3 ,Atharva

  6. Kunal jaisingh as OmKaRa…✌

  7. Padmaja

    Sita aka madirakshi.. i just love her❤

  8. Atharava,vividha, sonashki, omkara..

  9. Athrava, vividha, sonashki, omkara..

  10. Of course sonakshi

  11. Its only our sona aka sonakshi/Erica fernandes…..

  12. Rajini is cute… cuteness is Rajini… adorable robot…. watching the show only for her…. my stress buster… love bhrk show….

  13. Madirakshi aka sita….luv her… ??

  14. RANdomfANCreationz

    Sona, Rajni and Om 🙂

  15. Only n only sonakshi aka Erika….

  16. Priya15

    Omkara….. Actually I started to like sita’s acting after few episodes only.. But om I love him from the first epi of ishqbaaz. That guy’s expression.. Awww.. Killer expression.. His smile so cute.. Can I say one more guys who is not in this list? ? If so then it’s namik Paul.. He is a great expression king for me.. Love both namik and kunal a lot..

    1. Khushi

      Agreed priya….firstly I also find om so cute…he is my fav in the show can’t take my eyes off him…secondly yeah namik Paul must have been here yaar….I also love his expression and ofcourse his million dollar smile☺☺

  17. Kathy

    My vote for rajni… Acting as a humanoid robot is not that much easy… Luv her acting ….

  18. 4nshika

    erica …. !

  19. One and only rajanikanthhhh
    bhrk super robot

  20. Sita sita sita
    East or west madirakshi is the best?☺?

  21. Atharv rocks. He has a lot of passion and is a natural.

  22. atharv, om n rajini

  23. Obvio Sita and Omkara!

  24. Omkara…………

  25. Khushi

    Atharv and omkara….I used to like athrav from his previous show only…but with omkara it’s an instant connect he is so damn cute…his smile uff kills me….I just love him… one is better than him…
    Love u kunal jaisingh

  26. Nishu

    Omkara & rajni

  27. Only nd only vividha nd Atharva

  28. Saasha123

    Love DevAkshi jodi…

  29. Rajni and om are my favourites!!


  31. Esme

    Erica fernandes as sonakshi aka sona in kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi.

  32. only rajni ridhima pandit

  33. Devga

    Erica sona

  34. Shivay is best Atharv vividha ommkara are good

  35. Jakia Sultana


  36. rani and omkara

  37. Loveleen

    sona rajni n omm

  38. all time lovely sita aka madirakshi mundle or madi didi

    love u madi di


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