Vivah: HaYa ZaYa MehBeer SS Part 8

Vivah….A journey from Engagement to Marriage… Part 8
Dedicated to Ajay who suggested a jodi name for Mihir Juhi as a surprise-JuHir

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Zain:Niranjan uncle..we heard that you sing well.
Nir:Who told you?
Alia:Harman told us.
Nir:How did Harman know?
Harman:Soumya told me.
Niranjan and Soumya smiled at each other.
Nir:But I too heard from Soumya that Mihirji sings well.
Juhi:You are right Niranjanji.Mihir sings well.He sings romantic songs daily for me.
Suddenly Juhi realized what she said and everyone laughed.Mihir and Juhi blushed.
Zain:Anyways Niranjan sing please.
Harman:Please uncle..
Soumya:Please mamu.
Nir:Ok..I will.But first Mihirji should sing with me.
Mih:Ok..I will sing.
Niranjan smiled.

Mihir looked at Harman and sang.

Kal Jisne Janam Yahaa Paaya Kal Jisako Zulene Zulaayaa
Kal Jisne Janam Yahaa Paaya Kal Jisako Zulene Zulaayaa
Najadik Sulaaya Godi Mein Uthaaya
Kaandhe Pe Ghumaaya, Jise Chalanaa Sikhaayaa

Kyaa Ye Wohi Ladakaa Hai
Kyaa Ye Wohi Ladakaa Hai
Kyaa Ye Wohi Ladakaa Hai
Kyaa Ye Wohi Ladakaa Hai

Harman smiled.

Niranjan looked at Soumya and sang.

Kal Tak Jo Nanhi Si Lali Thi, Komal Si Juhi Ki Kali Thi
Kal Tak Jo Nanhi Si Lali Thi, Komal Si Juhi Ki Kali Thi
Wo Totali Boli, Are Kitani Bhali Thi
Wo Jisake Simaa Bas Ghar Se Gali Thi
Kyaa Ye Wohi Ladaki Hai
Kyaa Ye Wohi Ladaki Hai
Kyaa Ye Wohi Ladaki Hai
Kyaa Ye Wohi Ladaki Hai

Mihir:Prep Se Lekar Primary Tak, Primary Se Phir Dasavi Tak
School Mein Chodaa Schoolse Layaa
Baraso Maine Ye Niyam Nibhaayaa
Is Ghar Mein Bholu Jo Kehlaataa Thaa
Teacher Se Bhji Jo Sharamaataa Thaa
Dekh Aapki Ladaki Ko Dil Jisakaa Dhadakaa Hai
Jiske Jawaa Sine Mein Aaj Ek Sholaa Bhadakaa Hai
Kyaa Ye Wohi Chhutakaa Hai
Kyaa Ye Wohi Ladakaa Hai

Haa Ye Wohi Chhutakaa Hai
Haa Ye Wohi Ladakaa Hai

Harman was shy.

Niranjan:Titaliyon Ke Piche Jo Daudaa Karati Thi
Pariyon Ke Chitron Mein Rang Bharati Thi
Kab Ye Kali Se Phool Ban Gayi
Prem Si Jodi Prem Ki Dori
Kab Main Bhudhaa Huaa Na Janaa
Jane Kab Ye Ho Gayi Kishori
Gudiyon Ki Shaadi Kal Jisane Rachaayi
Honewaali Hai Kal Jisaki Bidaayi
Milake Jise Mere Shehjade Ki Tabiyat Fadaki Hai
Milake Jise Chote Saahab Ki Tabiyat Fadaki Hai
Kyaa Ye Wohi Ladaki Hai
Kyaa Ye Wohi Ladaki Hai
Haa Ye Wohi Ladaki Hai

Soumya smiled.

Niranjan made Soumya stand in front of Mihir and sang:

Bahu Aapake Ghar Ki Hai

Mihir caressed Soumya.She smiled happily.

Mihir joined the hands of Harman and Soumya and sang:

Chunaa Ek Duje Ko Tumane Lakhon Mein Karodon Mein
Jodaa Amar Ho Tumhaaraa Pyaar Bhare Jodon Mein

Niranjan smiled looking at Harman Soumya looked at each other with love and sang:

Mausam Aaye Mausam Jaaye Tumhaaraa Jeevan Aur SajaayeMihir:Samay Ki Dhaaraa Mein Hum To Beh Jaayenge
Niranjan:Hamaare Bol Tumhaare Sang Reh Jaayenge

Mihir Niranjan sang together looking at Harman Soumya:
Woh Maryaadaaye Woh Paramparaaye Jo Humane Nibhaayi
Woh Ye Bhi Nibhaaye Bas Yahi Kehnaa Hai
Bas Yahi Kehnaa Hai
Bas Yahi Kehnaa Hai
Bas Yahi Kehnaa Hai-Vivah
They all smiled.

Harman took Soumya to his room.He held her hand and made her sit on the bed.
H:Soumya..this will be our room after marriage.

This room will witness our love.

She blushed.
He looked at her deeply.

She became shy.
S:Why are you looking at me like this Harmanji?
H:I can’t take my eyes off you as you look very beautiful.You are looking more beautiful today.

She blushed.
H:Soumya…you will miss your home after marriage.Right?

Soumya nodded painfully.
S:I am very close o my mamu and choti Meher.
H:Don’t worry Soumya.Every month for some days you can stay at your home.
S:But then….I will miss you.Right?
Harman looked at her naughtily holding her hand:Really?You will miss me?
Soumya became shy.

H:Don’t worry.I will also come with you and stay in your house.I don’t care even if people call me ghar jamai.

Soumya smiled happily.
Slowly he pecked her palm making her blush.He was lost in beautiful innocent blush.

They all reached home.

Soumya gave tea to Kalpana.
K:Why are you giving me tea?Now you have a lot of people to support you.If they know this they will complain that I am treating you as a servant.
Soumya became upset:No mamiji…nothing like that.
K:You don’t need to show your fake love.
Soumya was in tears:Mamiji..why are you saying like this?I love you all very much.

K:Stop it.If you had really loved us you would have tried to get Meher married instead of agreeing to marry Harman.
Soumya was shattered.
Suddenly Meher entered saying:Jeeji can’t do that as I love someone else and I can’t marry anyone else.

Kalpana was shocked and slapped Meher.
Soumya:Mamiji…please don’t slap Meher.
K:You shut up.Don’t interfere in our family matters.You are only an outsider.
Soumya’s heart was pierced.
Kal:Tell me Meher.What did you say?
M:Yes mom.I am saying the truth.I love my college mate Abeer.I can marry only him.
Kalpana was angry.She stared at Soumya.
K:You knew everything and still hid it from me.Is this your love for us?
M:It’s not jeeji’s fault.I begged of her not to tell it to anyone.That’s why.
Suddenly they saw Niranjan standing there tearfully.
Soumya:I am sorry.I did’nt hide it purposefully.
N:I know that Soumya.I trust you.
M:Dad…are you angry with me?Abeer is a nice guy,
N:No Meher.I am not angry with you.In fact I knew everything before.
Meher was shocked.

A few days back…

Niranjan was shocked to see Meher behind Abeer on his bike.
Meher bid good bye to Abeer.
Abeer pulled her closer looking at her passionately.They shared a passionate eye lock.

Ab:How can you go like that?Won’t you give me my gift?
She blushed.
Meher moved towards his cheek romantically

and pecked there.Abeer smiled.
Meh:Bye dear.
Abeer smiled sweetly:Bye.

Niranjan hid himself when Meher went inside home.
Niranjan came in front of Abeer.
Abeer smiled at him:You are Meher’s father.Right?I know you very well through Meher.
Niranjan was surprised:Meher has told you about us?
Ab:Yes.Infact I was waiting for an opportunity to meet you.
N:Really?Can you tell me when will you get opportunity to talk to me properly?
Abeer was embarrassed.
Ab:Uncle..I am Abeer Malhotra.I am planning to start a music band after college as music is my passion.I was thinking of meeting you after college finishes as there are only 2 more months for the studies to get over.But now I think I should’nt delay it.Otherwise you will mistake our relationship for a casual affair.I really love Meher and want to marry her.Please don’t say no Uncle.

Niranjan was stunned.Slowly Niranjan smiled.
Nir:It’s true that first I was annoyed like any other father.But I saw truth in your eyes,So I have no problem beta.
Abeer was so happy that he touched his feet:Thank you uncle.
Nir:God bless you beta.


Niranjan:I told Abeer to keep it as a secret till Harman Soumya’s marriage gets over.
Meher hugged Niranjan:Thanks a lot dad.
Niranjan caressed her.Soumya smiled.
Kalpana:You all fooled me.You all never thought of discussing it with me or even informing me.
They became upset.
Nir:It’s not like that Kalpana.

Kal:It’s like that.You crossed your limit Niranjanji.

Soumya:Mamiji…please don’t be angry.Mamu will be very upset.
Kal:You shut up Soumya.Actually you are the outsider.But you all made me an outsider.
They became upset.
Kalpana walked off leaving them upset.Soumya and Meher hugged Niranjan crying.

Kalpana went to her room and cried.

Soumya prayed in the puja room painfully.

Jai Jai Jai Giriraaj Kishori Jai Maheshmukh Chadrachakori
Jai Gauri Maa Teri Jai Ho Gauri Maa
Amar Suhaagan Jai Devi Maa

Maa Maiyaa Shrigaar Teraa Laal Hai
Maa Maiyaa Shrigaar Teraa Laal Hai
Laal Mahavar Laal Laal Mehandi
Laal Sindoor To Laal Laal Chunari
Mrugmada Kaa Tilak Tere Bhaal Hai
Darshan Karake Ye Manavaa Nihaal Hai
Wo Gauri Shrigaar Teraa Laal Hai
Man Waanchit Var Denewaali Rakhiyo Amar Suhaag Ki Laali
Jai Gauri Maa Teri Jai Ho Gauri Maa
Amar Suhaagan Jai Devi Maa
Jai Gauri Maa Teri Jai Ho Gauri Maa
Amar Suhaagan Jai Devi Ma- vivah

Kalpana went to the kitchen and started cooking.But she was so disturbed that she forgot to close the kerosene bottle.It fell down and leaked.She used the lit match stick for the stove and did’nt even realize when it fell down as she was thinking of how others hid such an important matter from her.
The match stick fell on the kerosene drops and the kitchen caught fire.Kalpana screamed.

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