Vivah: HaYa ZaYa MehBeer SS Part 2

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Thanku all 4 supporting this SS.Expecting the same till the end

Vivah…A journey from Engagement to Marriage… Part2
Harman and Soumya were shy to look at each other.They smiled.

Do anjaane ajnabi chale bandhane bandhan
Haay re dil mein hai ye uljhan
Soumya served coffee and snacks to all.When she reached Harman she was very shy.Harman was so shy and nervous that he took the coffee cup shivering.

Milkar kyaa bole kyaa bole kyaa bole re milakar kyaa bole
Nayi umamg nayi khushi mehak uthaa hai aangan
Seeing that Zain and Alia were giggling.
Juhi:Stop teasing.
Zain and Alia cou;d’nt stop laughing.
Juhi whispered in Mihir’s ears:Are you reminded of the day you came to see me?
Mihir blushed:Yes.But that time we could’nt even talk to each other.We talked only after marriage.
Juhi smiled:Ya…
Mihir:But let Harman and Soumya talk to each other.
Mihir:Niranjanji..I think they both should talk privately and take a decision.
Niran:Why not?Sure.Soumya take Harman to the next room.
Soumya:Ok Mamu.
Soumya looked at Harman with shyness:Please come…
Harman followed Soumya.
They both sat on the sofa.Both were shy to look at each other.

Haay re ghar aaye man bhaavan
Milkar kyaa bole kyaa bole kyaa bole re milkar kyaa bole
Finally Harman broke the silence.
H:What is your name?
She smiled:My name is Soumya.
H:Nice name.
S:But you already know my name.You called me Soumya.
Harman realized it and got embarrassed.
He thought:In tension my brain stopped working and asked her to say her name though I know her name.Oh…
H:I asked to confirm…
He took his kerchief and started wiping his sweat.
Soumya saw it.
S:You feel hot?You want AC?
H:No thanks.I am ok.
S:But you are sweating.
Harman was embarrassed.
S:I think I will give you water.
She gave him a glass of water.
H:Thank you.
He kept looking at her with a smile.

S:Are you feeling ok now?

Harman smiled:Actually it’s my first experience to come and see a girl.So to be frank I am a bit nervous.That’s why I am sweating.

Soumya smiled.
H:You are so bold.You are not nervous.I mean you don’t seem to sweat.

S:Choti..I mean Meher says that when I am nervous my hand becomes cold.

H:Is it?Now is your hand cold?Just touch and see.
Soumya touched her own palms and looked at him shyly:Yes..cold..
They both smiled.
H:We both are so funny.We are adults.But behave like the kids who go for board exams.
S:Life is also an exam sometimes.May be because of that.
H:Ya…Soumya…I was always a boring…everywhere.Both boys and girls used to tease me for that.They used to say that it’s because I am boring that I have no girl friend.You may also find me boring.
S:I don’t find you boring.I swear.
Harman asked innocently:Really?

Baichaini betaabi aaj mujhe ye kaisi
Aaj hai jo peheli na thi dil ki haalat aisi
He became happy:The first time somebody said that I am not boring.Now I feel that it’s good that I don’t have any girl friend.That’s why I could come here and meet you.
She blushed.

Ankhon ko usika intajar hai
Unhike liye ye roop shrigaar hai
S:What do you like?
H:I like photography very much.Though I did MBA and joined our family business photography is my passion.And what you like?
S:I love dancing.I teach dance to kids.
H:So you are a dance teacher.Great.

Mihir:Guess Harman and Soumya di not want to come here as they enjoy each others company.
They all laughed while Kalpana was getting irritated.

Harman Soumya came back.
Mihir:Tell beta…did you like Soumya?

Harman was shy:Yes.
Soumya could’nt stop blushing.

Dekhi hai taszir hi aaj milenge darshan
Haay re badh ne lagi hai ulzan
Alia Zain were excited:Wow.
Niranjan:It’s such a happy news.

Juhi went near Soumya:Tell Soumya beta..did you like my son?Will you come to our house as our daughter in law?

Soumya blushed:Yes.
Harman was very happy.

Milkar kyaa bole kyaa bole kyaa bole re milkar kyaa bole
They all jumped with happiness.Niranjan hugged Soumya:I am so happy for you beta.
Soumya smiled.
Juhi hugged Soumya.
Mihir:Niranjanji…we are going to be relatives.
Mihir and Niranjan hugged each other.
Zain Alia hugged Harman.
Meher hugged Soumya:Di..I am so happy.
Alia hugged Soumya:My dear Devrani..hug your jethani.
Kalpana was irritated.
While all were engrossed in happiness Harman called Soumya to the next room secretly with actions.
Soumya followed Harman to the room.
S:Why did you call me Harmanji?
Harman smiled.

Harman took a small camera from his pocket.
H:Since I love photography I always carry camera with me hoping that if I see something beautiful on the way I can capture it with my camera.Today I found the most beautiful
Soumya blushed.

Roop ki raani aayi hai jaise gaganse utarake
Mere liye kyaa mere liye aise sajake savarake
H:So I want to take your photo.
She smiled.
He took her photo with his camera.

Sabse chupaake idhar udhar se mujhako hi dekhe chor najarase
Baat labon par hai ruki tejh dilon ki dhadakan
H:Thank you.
She smiled:Why should you thank me?It’s your right to take my photo.
Harman became very happy.

Haay re kal ke sajani saajan
H:Bye.See you later.
She smiled:Bye.

Milkar kyaa bole kyaa bole kyaa bole re milkar kyaa bole(Vivah).

They both went out.They all bid good bye and went home.
Niranjan caressed Soumya’s head:I am so happy for you Soumya beta.Your parents will be happy to know this in heaven.
Soumya became emotional remembering her parents.

Alia prepared gulab jamun.
Zain:Wow…Gulab jamun.Is it for me?
Zain tried to take it,but suddenly Alia stopped him.
Alia:No.It’s for my darling Devar.Don’t take it.

Alia:Today is a very special day for him.So much of happiness.To celebrate such happiness sweets is a must.
Juhi:You are right Alia.
Alia fed gulab jamun to Harman.
H:So yummy bhabhi.

Alia:But only till marriage I will make gulab jamun for you.After that let Soumya make Gulab jamun for you.
Harman became shy.Everyone laughed.

Zain was in his bedroom.
Alia entered,Zain ignored her pretending to be angry.
Z:Don’t talk to me.These days you don’t care for me.
She giggled:Is it?But see what I have brought for you.I made your favourite grape juice.
Zain lost his control and got excited:Grape juice?
A:Yes.That also cold.
Z:Wow.I can’t wait to drink.
Alia poured grape juice into 2 glasses and gave one to Zain.She took the other.They both sipped the juice.

Alia asked him smiling:By the way are you still angry with me?Do you still think that I don’t care for you?

Z:Yes.Still I think that you don’t care for me.
Alia became upset.

Zain looked at her face deeply:I feel you love me too much.
Alia was relieved and made me upset.
Z:How can Zain think that his Alia does’nt love him like before?You are the best wife in this world.And I was only pretending to be angry with you.How can I ever get angry with my sweet wife?
She smiled.They both embraced each other.

Meher rushed to Abeer happily.
M:Abeer..I am so happy.
An:Your marriage alliance got cancelled?See…I told you not to worry about it.
M:Actually Abeer.The boy came to see Soumya jeeji,not me.
Abeer was surprised:What?
M:Ya..They are a very nice family.I am happy that Soumya jeeji is going to a good family.Mom has always taunted Soumya jeeji.But her future mother in law Juhi aunty is very sweet.Now itself she considers jeeji as her daughter.It’s like jeeji got her parents back as Mihir Uncle and Juhi aunty.Like me jeeji will have a sister cum friend there..her jethani Alia di.
Ab:Wow..that’s so nice.Let’s celebrate it.You want to have burger?
M:No Abeer.You sing.We will celebrate it with music.
Ab:Yes true.No celebration can be complete without music.

Abeer took his guitar and started singing.Meher enjoyed.

Zinda hua main phir se
Tujhe chu ke jaane jaan
Rag rag mein tu hi hai ab main…

Meher leaned onto his back enjoying his soothing music.

Chahat se teri roshan…iss dil ka gulisthaan

Pyar se apne rang de…
Yeh adhuri dastaan…

She was lost in his magical voice.

Mere nishaan… Mere nishaan… Mere nishaan
Mere nishaan… Mere nishaan … Mere nishaan …
Mere nishaan… Mere nishaan… Mere… Nishaan(Phir Bhi Na Maane..Badtameez Dil).

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  3. HaYa scene was so cute . harman asking soumya’s name was very funny . so finally marriage is set to happen . abeer and meher celebrating wid music was nice . aliya telling that soumya will make gulab jamun for him after marriage and aliya becoming upset and then zain telling her that she is the best wife was really cute .

  4. Hai dear I am soo happy to see you big fan this couple I just see now ur ff and also want know soumya is not kinner na

    1. Jasminerahul

      I’m happy to know that you are a fan of haya.Soumya is not a kinner.This SS is inspired by the movie Vivah

      1. Thank you dear I love that movie shahid kappor

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