Vitharv made for each other (Episode 14)

Recap: Atharv saves Vividha from lorry accident

They stand up Atharv runs towards his car and brings water

Ath: vividha Pani peelo

Vividha​ drinks water and say thanks to Atharv

Ath: shall we go to hospital,come with me I will drop u to home

Viv: no I am ok, I will go by self

Ath: nothing doing come sit in car

Atharv opens the car door and Vividha sits into car

Both are in car front side and Atharv drives towards​ the coffee shop

Vividha thinks of the accident and sees​ Atharv’s face

She notices Atharv’s pain in eyes

They reach coffee shop Naina and Ankit comes from coffee shop hand in hand

Ankit:(shocked seeing vividha) wat happened didi?

Vividha: nothing we will go home

Atharv: (interrupting vividha) why are u lying?

Atharv explains Ankit abt lorry accident

Ankit: didi are u fine?

Vividha: I am fine, bhai we will go to home

Ankit : (facing Atharv) ty u Atharv for saving my sister

Atharv: no need to say ty u bye

All will leave from coffee shop

In the night Vividha is in her room

Vividha thinking about accident

Vividha (inner voice) I can see pain in his eyes, I can see how much he loves me in his words, care towards me

Do I also love him?

All vitharv moments in the USA, Atharv’s proposal near statue of Liberty USA, their meeting at Disney world USA etc are shown onscreen

Tu aata hai seene mein
Jab jab saansein bharti hoon
Tere dil ki galiyon se
Main har roz guzarti hoon

Hawa ke jaise chalta hai tu
Main ret jaisi udti hoon
Kaun tujhe yoon pyar karega
Jaise main karti hoon plays

Vividha shouts yes I love Atharv, I trust him, he will take care of me like a small baby

Guddi: (near room’s door) wat happened didi? Why are u shouting

Vividha:(holding Guddi’s hand) I love Atharv

Guddi: I know it already, didi ur engagement ceremony happened how will u convince our parents? Wat abt ravish? Wat will u do now?

Vividha: the real battle begins now I will first convince ravish and his Mom

Next day Vividha wents to ravish house

Suman: aao meri hone wali Babu

Vividha: aunty I have to tell something important

Suman: bolo beta

Vividha: I, ravish are best friends but not soulmates , I have found my soulmate

Suman:(shockingly) wat are u talking? Wat abt my family prestige?

Vividha: aunty plz both me, Ravish will not be happy if our marriage takes place
Even u can ask ravish

Ravish: (comes from his room) hello vividha, when u came?

Suman: Ravish don’t u love Vividha?

Ravish, Suman, Vividha are shown from upper angle camera

Ravish: Mom I tried several times to tell that me, vividha are gud friends but we don’t love each other

Suman: (slaps Ravish) wat are u talking? How can I show my face to society members

Dadi,kalavati, all family members shocked

Dadi to Suman

Dadi: Suman why are u scolding ravish? Don’t bother about society members, think about ur son’s future

Suman:(with tears) hugs dadi

Viv: please aunty samja karo

Suman: ok beta wat is name of that guy?

Viv: Mr.Atharv Ramakant

Suman: (shockingly) wat ? Atharv? Beta think twice ur papa will definitely object this, even he will cancel Ankit, Naina wedding he is more bothered abt society, society prestige

Vivi: that I will take care, ty u very much for understanding me and takes blessings from Suman

Suman: u are like my daughter may u succed in ur love mission
I always want u, Ravish happiness

Vividha leaves from ravish house and reaches her home

Kailash:(shouting at uma) do u know wat did ur daughter done?

Vividha enters into house

Kailash: (shouts) ruk jao ? When u became independent to take decisions by urself
Now Suman sister called me and cancelled engagement

Viv:(with tears on her face) I really love Atharv Ravish, me are best friends we don’t love each other

Kailash: mere Peet peeche ye sab chal Raha hai

I will cancel Ankit Naina wedding, how can Atharv look at my daughter, love my daughter
I thought they are respectable family

He immediately lifts phone and calls Ramakant

Vividha falls on his legs and says don’t do this
Ankit, Naina like each other plz listen to me

Wat will be Kailash decision?

Wat will happen to vitharv love story?

Stay tuned for more details

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