Vishkanya ff epi-29

The episode starts with Apu laughs..??Malay asks r I am joking? She tells nothing like that.. I thought u r brave but u are fear of ghosts.. He tells not like that.. He tells if u were there on that place u will also be feared.. He crack jokes.. She laughs.. He sees her smiling and comes close.. She asks what? He tells nothing and kisses on her hand.. She asks what r u doing? She removes chain.. He tells what r u doing?? Her face and body changes into blue.. Malay takes selfie with her. Apu tells u knew that I am vishkanya and after knowing it u married me..??He tells so what? I love u now also.

Apu tells not like that.. He keeps hand on her mouth and takes chain and makes her wear.. she becomes normal.. He smiles and tells I always wanted this apu and not vishkanya so pls don’t take chain away from u.. She smiles and hugs him… Siye re plays.. Apu and Malay sleeps on bed.. Later Malay gets up from bed and sees apu standing near balcony and comes near her and keeps hand on her shoulder.. Suddenly some bird hits his nose and flies.. He shouts and gets up and sees apu near her.

He shouts.. Again.. Apu gets up and asks what happened? He tells about dream.. She tells nothing will happen when I am near u.. He smiles.. She tells see u r body and face is full of sweat.. She removes his dress.. Malay gets into romantic mood.. She tells not now and keeps hand on his mouth.. He smiles and bites her hand.. she keeps hand on his body and tells see many girls is running behind u.. But u love me..

I am very lucky.. She smiles.. He tells not like that.. In many girls u r OK.. She tells me ok? He tells yes.. She takes pillow and throws and beats him on shoulder… He tells it is paining.. She smiles and sleeps…

Precap:Kathy,shai,narendran, rufina and siddhi plan something to surprise apulay..

Credit to: Narendran

  1. Wow I enjoy apulay moments naren… Tnx for adding… Atlease we could see some beautiful moment here…??

  2. Wow precap tnx naren for adding me… Eagerly waiting for the next episode … Soooo excited yaar…I wonder what was the surprise …

  3. Wow Malay ur the first person on earth to take selfie from a vishkanya … I Mean it that form…

  4. thanks for adding me naren bhai…(but i thought you were gonna make me negative…as i love playing negative parts 😉 )

  5. hmmm…what are the bird things…interesting

  6. hey naren you forgot about apu’s mother…in last episodes apu said to malay that they will meet her

  7. Hey naren bro today I read all your episodes of this ff that missed and its funny and awesome

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