Vish 28th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Alia finds out about Vishkanya

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Vish 28th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya watches Alia still in the bath tub. He tells Shekhar to leave now, and not to return without a warrant. Sabrina was happy that Alia is dead, and there the blame has come over Aditya. She wonders where Alia’s body has gone. Shekhar leaves, warning that he will keep a watch over him. Aditya makes Sabrina leave as well. He enters the bath now and holds Alia out of the bath. Sabrina speaks to Shekhar that she is much worried for Alia. She slips and held by Shekhar in his arms. She invites Shekhar for coffee, but he wasn’t interested and leaves. Sabrina makes herself focus on Aditya now.

Aditya brings Alia to the room. She wasn’t even breathing. Aditya was tensed and rubs her hands, pumps her stomach while trying to wake her up. He then opens her mouth and was about to blow inside, with much reluctance. Alia spits all the water and sits up. She questions what he had been doing. Aditya was relieved and says he was saving her life, he wanted a mouth to mouth breathing. Alia asks if he even knew how this takes place. Aditya teases he was about to learn, but she didn’t let him. He asks why she waited for long, she could have come out if it was difficult to breathe. Alia apologizes Aditya and says she always held him a culprit but he isn’t that bad. Aditya asks then what kind of a person he is. Alia says he isn’t safe. She convince Aditya to find the culprit. She didn’t come out of water, she didn’t want to spoil their plan. Aditya was lost. Alia wonders how she will find the spot.

The next morning, Alia looks for information about spiders, marks and Vishkanya. She reads that Vishkanya sometimes live in Pipal trees, and remembers visiting a tree somewhere. She wonders when she would get all the answers of these supernatural matters.

Later, Alia reaches a forest where some Aghori were prostrating. She thinks may be this is the place Shiv Baba wanted her to reach. She was led into a cave. She comes closer and calls Baba Rudhra by his name. He turns around to be a young man.

Sabrina asks Maria for her juice. Maria was apologetic that she forgot. Sabrina strings Maria and turns her into a crow, then returns Maria to her form once again. Maria pleads Sabrina not to hurt her son, whom she has captured. Sabrina sends Maria to bring her Vish Cooling drink, that juice keeps her Vish calm. Mohit who was in the room on his wheel chair trembles. Sabrina decides to detox today, she has got an instrument to kill Aditya. Maria pleads for Aditya’s life, as he is a good man. Sabrina slaps Maria for interfering in her matters. She warns Maria never to speak good for Aditya. She tells her to go and make Aditya sleep, it’s time for him to sleep forever.

Baba Rudhra place a hand over Alia’s forehead. A light enters her forehead. Baba says now she would get a third eye, which will recognize the right and wrong. Alia watches the same tree. Baba Rudhra says no one returns if goes near this tree. He tells Alia they have been looking for a Vishkanya for years now, only her Vish can enlighten this temple of Shiv. Alia thinks there have been a number of super natural happenings around her. Baba says Alia is a special person, a daughter of nature who was brought here on purpose. Alia leaves clueless. She passes by a tree and was shocked to see the tree bleed. There, Sabrina notices a mark over her arm which begins to bleed as well. She hurries outside.
Alia watches a stem develop from the place of bleeding. She runs away from the spot. Sabrina had reached around the tree. She notices the footsteps and thinks there was surely someone here.

Alia rushes into the room. Aditya was in bath. Alia tells him to come outside, she needs to speak to him.
Sabrina finds Alia’s bracelet, recognized through her smell. She thinks there is surely something wrong which must be figured out. Alia must die if she is alive.

PRECAP: Sabrina hides herself under the trolley cover. The chauffeur brings the trolley to the room and turns the knob to open the door. Alia was frightened inside.

Update Credit to: Sona

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