Vish 17th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Aditya raises a police investigation for Sid

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Vish 17th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sabrina decides to teach Alia a lesson. You will now understand the power of my poison. Sabrina uses her powers to fail the engine. She shouts and the weather changes. Mohit senses the change in weather. Spiders cling onto the boat from below. Smoke starts blowing. Even Sabrina is choking but laughs evilly. This island moves as per my orders. People come here when they want but they leave only when I want them to! My plan wont change till the time I get what I want! She breathes heavily. You wont be able to run!

Driver tells Alia that the engine has failed. They head back in the ambulance when Alia notices the dead spiders. She picks one as a sample. Something is surely wrong here! She recalls what the fruit vendor had told her. All this isn’t a coincidence! There is some truth behind all these weird things. I cannot let another person lose his life. I must find out the truth behind the poison inside Mohit Sir.

Aditya rushes to his brother as soon as the ambulance returns to Kothari Mansion. Aditya demands to know who allowed Alia to take Mohit. I told you to stick to your work or I will fire you! I can get doctors like you here anytime! I am sure you are getting support from Sabrina. You all want to kill Bhai! That’s the plan! Alia recalls the lie Aditya had told on the night Mohit slipped from his window. She begins to say something but Aditya warns her to stay away from his brother. This is my last warning! She thinks Aditya wants to kill Mohit. I can see your double face. You pretend to be nice but want to harm Mohit Sir in reality. I will expose you in front of Sabrina Ma’am now. Mohit Sir needs your support now, Sabrina Ma’am. She asks the driver to keep her bag and jar in her room. Mahendra does as told.

Sabrina is unable to stand or walk. I used my poison to tackle the situation but I must cool my body asap. there wont be anything left in me otherwise.

Alia is looking for Sabrina. A servant tells her that she must be taking rest in her room. Someone asks Alia for health advice. Meanwhile, Sabrina gets inside her room and locks the room from inside so as to take the ice nap. Alia manages to come inside. The spiders come back to life. The spider in Alia’s room starts moving inside the jar. Sabrina has Sid’s phone. Aditya calls on his number but gets no response. Alia hears the sound of vibration and touches the closet. Where is Ma’am?

Aditya is concerned as to where Sid is. He should fight and talk to me if he is upset with me.

Alia hears the vibration sound again and looks at the almirah again.

Sabrina has rejuvenated. She pats at Alia from behind startling her. Alia apologizes to her as she got Mohit’s blood sample tested. I did it to make you believe that Mohit Sir was indeed hinting at Vish and not wish. I was right somehow. I found a strange poison inside his body. I have been researching over it since some time. There is no mention of that in any book. Sabrina thinks she is learning too much just like last doc. You too will meet the same fate though! Your time has come. She throws Sid’s phone away while Alia is busy talking. Alia is sure it is someone from the family. Sabrina is about to bite her when Aditya enters. She turns back to normal in a second. Aditya asks them if they were planning to kill someone. Sorry to disturb you guys. Sabrina asks them why he has come here. Aditya calls the Inspector inside. Inspector says Aditya told me that his friend Sid is missing. I have come here to investigate about him. Alia is surely something is wrong with Aditya. He commits the crime and then acts to be nice to save himself. Inspector questions both Sabrina and Alia. Aditya shares that he was trying Sid’s phone but he dint pick up. Alia says even I heard the phone ring. It might be Sid’s phone. We will find out if someone is trying to be over smart. Aditya agrees with her. He dials Sid’s number again. The phone starts vibrating. Sabrina stealthily extends her hair to silent the phone. Sabrina wears her shades suddenly which puzzles Aditya. She makes a story about infections. I have conjunctivitis. Aditya argues with her. Alia excuses herself. Aditya and Inspector also go.

Sabrina rues that she couldn’t kill Alia. She is a very big danger now! There will be more enquiry if I kill her now. I must think of something else. She removes her glasses.

Precap: Sabrina removes the paper cover and finds herself looking into a mirror. The glass breaks. She shouts as her hand gets stuck in the glass. Alia decides to check what happened. Maria tells Alia that she has been called back in the hospital. Alia bids an emotional farewell to everyone.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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