Vikram Betaal 30th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Vikram saves Ujjaini from Chudails

Vikram Betaal 30th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chudail telling Vikram that if he destroys the kalash then all royal families will end. Vikram says I shall end you all and attacks her with sword, but nothing happens to her. chudail stabs Vikram on his stomach and he falls down unconscious. Chudail laughs and says my 35 years old dream will be fulfilled and says she is waiting for the moon eclipsed. She recites the mantras. Vikram gains consciousness and thinks to stop her somehow. Chudail is more blood to the kalash and says their Samrajya will be founded with this blood. She puts blood in the fire. Her sisters shake their heads. Chudail closes her eyes. Vikram gets up and sits, takes Padmini’s hand. Padmini says it is important that they shall end, rather than our protection. Padmini shows him painting on the wall. Vikram says if I bring water to this Andh Koop then something can happen. Padmini asks him to go fast and bring water. Vikram says I can’t leave you here. Padmini asks him to understand and says if these chudails get successful then all humans will be killed. She gives him promise. Vikram asks her to promise that she will wait for him. Padmini promises him. Vikram says I will come soon. He gets up and goes. Chudail’s sister wakes up and says she will follow him. Chudail says he will be part of my samrajya now.

Chudail closes her eyes again. Vikram thinks to stop his flowing blood and holds on his injury. He sees banana trees and ties one of the leaves. He thinks Maa Shipra can save them from this big problem. Chudail tells her sisters that Chandragrahan started. She sees black souls and tells her sisters that whoever died prematurely is present here and will become beautiful chudails. She laughs. Vikram comes near the river and prays to Mata Shipra. He says his ujjaini is in trouble. Mata Shipra appears and asks what to do. Vikram tells him about the chudails doing Anusthan to make their evil kingdom. Mata Shipra tells that the river is flowing in opposite direction and asks him to make the way till black mountain so that she can help him. Vikram says he will make a way and starts digging.

Chudails says once these women become chudail, all the men will become their das and their kingdom will be started. Vikram is digging alone. Acharya ji comes there with the helpers. He asks Vikram to help Maharaj make the way. They dig the land to make way. Acharya ji asks Vikram to see the black light falling on the mountain. Vikram looks at it and asks Acharya. Acharya says their Anusthan is going to complete and we didn’t make the way yet. Vikram says what to do. Acharya says we have to get Devya Shakti. Vikram calls his ancestors/Pitr and says if I have dedicated my life for dharm and betterment of people then come infront of me. pitr comes there and say they will help him. They make way for Mata Shipra. Vikram thanks them and asks Mata Shipri to go there and end the bad souls. He runs while the water storm is behind him. Chudail is still doing Anusthan. Padmini looks on.

Chudails says after this last ritual, our Kingdom will be made on earth. They laugh. She takes the blood kalash to put it in the fire, but just then she sees the storm. Vikram comes and says I had told you that I will not let your Anusthan successful. Chudail says you will die as your wife and asks all evil souls of women to kill Vikram. Vikram asks Mata Shipra river to do the souls’ betterment. Water flows and the souls become fishes in the water. Kalidas tells that maharaj has protected the nation once again. Acharya gets a book in the water and says Maharaj has ended the evil spirit just like it was written in the book. Vikram comes and tells that he couldn’t save Maharani. Padmini comes to him and hugs him. She says nothing had happened to her because of him. Mata Shipra comes infront of him and praises him for saving the humanity.

Rishi Vishwamitra had killed Rishi Vashisht 100 sons and then also he was called as superior man of the world.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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