Vikram Betaal 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram leaves his throne and goes to return Sunanda’s debt

Vikram Betaal 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sunanda telling Padmini that she has snatched her husband from her and says I will never forgive you. She asks why you didn’t punish her still. Vikram says I have promised you that I will give her punishment according to your wish. He asks do you want to give her death punishment. Sunanda says I don’t want death punishment for her, as it is small punishment, I want her to remain alive and feel the pain which I am bearing. Vikram asks her to be clear. Sunanda says this woman is married and I want her to lead a widow life like me. Everyone present in the court is shocked. Acharya asks what are you saying? Vikram stops him. Sunanda says I will get the right justice when I kill her husband with my hand. Padmini says I have done crime, I accept your punishment, but leave my

husband. Sunanda says there can be no big punishment than snatching husband from you. She asks Vikram to give justice to her. Vikram says my name is Vikram Aditya and says I never done injustice with anyone. He says Padmini’s husband will be killed with the same arrow with which your husband is killed. Padmini is shocked and faints. Senapati, Acharya and others are shocked. Betaal says this is my chakravuy, only real person can break it. He says if you will turn out to be the real man or not.

Vikram is tied with his face covered with black cloth. Sunanda takes the arrow with which her husband is killed. Senapati and others get tensed. Sunanda takes the bow. Acharya says padmini’s husband is standing infront of you and if you want you can take revenge from him, but think that if you take revenge of one eye from another than everyone will be blind. She says she don’t understand all this and needs justice. Acharya thinks she doesn’t know that Padmini’s husband is none other than Maharaj. Sunanda asks Acharya to show Padmini’s husband face and says I want the face of the man whom I am going to punish. Senapati removes the cloth from his face. Sunanda is shocked to see his face and says you tried to make injustice happen with your hand. Vikram says your husband died with my wife’s hand. He asks her to shoot arrow on him. Sunanda says I will take revenge on you and says your wife’s crime don’t end as she is Maharani. She aims arrow on Vikram, but stops. Vikram asks her to shoot at him and says I love justice more than my life. He asks her to release arrow. Everyone is shocked. Sunanda panics.

Vikram is smiling and posing for death. Sunanda releases the arrow on the sky. Everyone shouts Maharaj and see the arrow going in the sky. Vikram tells her that it is injustice and asks her to shoot arrow at him. Sunanda says I can’t make your people orphan without your people. Vikram says I have decided to give you justice and asks her to lift dhanush and shoot at him. Sunanda says my justice is a loan on you, Ujjaini and the people. She says I can’t punish the people of Ujjaini for my husband’s death and asks him to remember this always. She cries and runs. Vikram asks her to stop and says you can’t slap loan on me. He breaks the chain.

Vikram disowns his throne and says my life is of Sunanda now, and says until I pay her loan, I will not sit on this singhasan. He is leaving from the palace. Padmini is shocked. Acharya tries to say, but Vikram says I am not Raja anymore. Acharya says this is not right. Vikram says 9 people shall take his place and see the court. Bhabhi says how can 9 people handle the court. Vikram asks what is your suggestion? Bhabhi says when you are not there, Bharmal is the heir of Ujjaini. He says nine people will decide and tells that he will return when he returns her favors. Padmini says I will also come with you and will do penance. Vikram says I am Sunanda’s guilty and have to go alone. He asks her to take care of herself. Padmini cries. He folds his hand and leaves from the Palace. Song Plays….Main Hun Prachand…Shaktimaan….He walks out. Padmini is shocked and says you might have taken my punishment on yourself, but my crime doesn’t get less. I will do penance for my crime.

Sunanda’s Rajya’s people throws stone on Vikram and hits him. Sunanda looks on. Later the people come to Sunanda’s house and say this time Chadawa for Brahmarakshas will go from your house. Her father in law tells that he will ready to go to Brahmarakshas, but the villager tells that Brahmarakshas will not accept you as Chadawa and asks him to give his grand son in chadawa. Sunanda is shocked. Sunanda’s little son is given to Brahmarakshas as Chadawa. Vikram comes there and calls Brahmarakshas.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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