Vikram Betaal 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhagwan Shri Ram’s story continues

Vikram Betaal 27th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Betaal telling Vikram about Ram doing his father’s tarpan with Raavan’s help and that’s why he was feeling guilty to kill him. Sita questions him and says she has right to question him. Ram asks her to ask what she wants to ask. Sita asks if he does his sheesh daan then it will be proved that she was wrong and Raavan was right to kidnap her. Ram says no. Sita says if it was not a crime to try to marry a married woman. Ram says it was wrong. Sita says if it was wrong to save your wife from him. Ram says it was his duty. Sita asks who is that Raavan then, and says if you does this Sheesh daan then he will be freed from all crimes and your Sita will be proved guilty infront of the world. Ram says I have taken this decision for myself and have to do my sheesh daan. Lakshman

tells Ram that he will also do his sheesh dan. Ram says this is my penance and I will do it alone. Bharat asks him to kill them. Ram asks do you want me to have guilt all my life. He says I have to go to get freed of this guilt and let her do penance for my karma. He touches Rishi Vashisth’s feet. Rishi Vashisth asks him to rethink once. Ram says this is my last decision.

God Shri Ram is about to leave. Sita keeps his slipper. Rishi Vashisth asks her if she will not go with Ram. Sita says no and says this decision is against all women in the world and that’s why he has to travel this journey alone. Ram apologizes to her and leaves.

Betaal says God Shri Ram’s decision was strong and nothing could stop him. He says because of his decision, everyone, including Devtas was shocked. He says Brahma dev went to Mahadev and asks him to show right way to God Shri Ram. Mahadev says how can I show the way. Brahma dev says if he does sheesh dan then guilty will be freed. Mahadev asks Inder dev to stop God Shri Ram. Varun and pavan dev and inder dev and others try to stop Ram. Ram falls down, but manages to come back. Inder Dev asks Agni Dev to stop God Shri Ram from doing Sheesh dan. Ram prays to Agnidev and he is forced to take the fire back. Betaal says Inder dev tried, but the time came nearer when Ram wanted to do his sheesh daan. Shri Ram does puja and asks the God to accept his head. He beheads himself. Betaal says everyone tried to stop him, but shri Ram did his sheesh daan for Raavan. The Gods come to Mahadev with Shri Ram’s head and says if the head is not returned to Ram’s body then three worlds will be lost. They present Ram’s head to Mahadev.

Betaal says story is ended and asks why did Ram give his sheesh dan for Raavan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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