Vikram Betaal 22nd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Kalike enters as Jogini Ridambara in Vikram’s Palace

Vikram Betaal 22nd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram playing veena and singing in the morning to fulfill Betaal’s wish. Betaal and Padmini hear him and get happy. Betaal sings in rough tone. Vikram says you are such musical and asks why did you ask me to sing. Betaal tells Padmini that Vikram is jealous of him. Padmini tells Vikram that you sings ok, but Betaal sings awesome. She asks Betaal to teach her singing. Padmini says I will try and sings. Betaal says this is not right and asks her to sing like him. Padmini sings like betaal. Vikram says that’s why Maharani liked how betaal sang. He says both are them are not musical. Padmini says you are thinking like that. She says she made Malpua for her Jeth Betaal ji. Vikram goes upset. Betaal asks her to serve the food till he go and sing the raag mala.

Betaal asks Vikram to hear the antra of the raag mala. Just then they hear someone singing in a melodious voice. Vikram says it is awesome and says not bad like you. Betaal laughs. They come out of Palace and sees the lady singing. Betaal also likes her voice. Vikram praises her voice and asks her about her name. Senapati says she is maha jogini ridambara and says we found her outside Nagar and says after hearing from her, we thought to make you meet her, but she said that she will come inside only if ask her. Vikram invites her to come inside. She says she is lucky to invited by him and thinks he stopped her, but now taking her. She steps inside the suraksha chakra and thinks you have invited your death and not jogini.

Betaal tells Vikram that it is not right to let stranger woman come in Palace. Vikram says she is not stranger, Senapati knows her and she is a singer. Ridambara asks if he is talking to anyone. Vikram welcomes him. Bharmal says he will learn music from her. She thinks he is strong, but is weak by mind. Betaal doubts she is putli and tells Vikram. Vikram says you are doubting more and says your voice is rough against her. Vikram says lets competition happen. Padmini takes Ridambara to room and says this is your room. She says one Dasi will be here. Ridambara thanks her. Padmini goes out.

Ridambara becomes putli kalike and talks to betaal and Bhadrakaal. Maha Maya says atlast you went inside the Palace. Bhadrakaal asks her to capture Betaal. Maha Maya says no and asks her to snatch Vikram’s kindness from him and says then he will kick betaal out of Palace then you bring you here. Kalike says she will do. Maya Maya says betaal is a good soul and you can’t see him. She says you can break Vikram and betaal’s friendship. Kalike says she will snatch Vikram’s daya bhao from him. Bhadrakaal gets happy and thinks I don’t need to do anything, putlis are doing everything. I will sacrifice Betaal with my hands and his loving friend Vikram can’t help him.

Padmini comes to Vikram and gives him milk. He holds her hand. Padmini says anyone will see and asks him to leave her. Kalike is coming there. Padmini says it is late night, I am feeling sleepy. Vikram asks her to tell sleep to go back. He lifts Padmini and takes her to bed. Kalike as Ridambara sings song..Vikram and Padmini hear her song. Padmini says I wish I could sing like her, then I would have sing lullaby and make you sleep. They both sleep. Kalike says Vikram slept, now my next step starts…She goes to Vikram and Padmini’s room and sees them sleeping. She moves the bedsheets and applies something on Vikram’s toe to make him unkind/cruel.

Precap: Kalike thinks this is the right time to execute her plan. She makes Senapati ji fall on Vikram. Vikram gets angry and takes out his sword to attack Senapati. Senapati and others are shocked to see his anger.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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