Vikram Betaal 16th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Vikram convinces Betaal to marry

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Vikram Betaal 16th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with few men trying to burn a lady on the pyre. The lady shouts for help and asks someone protect me. Vikram and Betaal comes there and ask the men to stop this. One of the man tells Vikram that the lady married three men and they all died. He says this lady is a cursed. Vikram fights with them. The men get scared and run. Vikram asks the lady not to worry and frees her from the pyre. He tells her that she is save now. The lady says you have saved me, but what to do with this cursed life. Betaal asks what is the reason. The lady tells that three men died because of her, and tells that she married them and they died. Vikram says whatever happens is because of God’s wish and asks her to pray for God. He tells that they are going for important work and will take out solution for her problem on their return. Betaal tells the lady that someone will marry her. The lady tells that she will be dosh free when a dead man marries her. Vikram and Betaal reach bhav log. Vikram prays to door of bhav log to appear infront of him and show the door. The door appears. Vikram and betaal try to enter, but Betaal can’t enter inside even after Vikram tries to take him inside. The Dev of the door appears infront of him and says Betaal is unmarried and don’t have shringaar bhav in him so he can’t enter inside. Vikram asks Betaal what to do. betaal asks Vikram to go inside and do putlis betterment, until he waits outside.

Vikram goes inside Bhav log and sees putlis idols on the pillars. He asks them to appear infront of him and tell about the mukti, but nothing happens. He thinks I can’t talk to putlis without betaal’s help. He comes out and tells Betaal that he has to marry. Betaal asks if he is joking? Vikram says it is for betterment. Betaal says I will not hang myself for the world and says I am not alive, but Betaal. Who will marry me? Vikram says there is one lady? Betaal asks who? Vikram reminds of the lady’s words. He asks him to marry to kill Bhadrakaal. Betaal refuses and says I am alone since 1100 years. Vikram says your mission will be fulfilled after marriage and says your struggle, pain etc will be gone, and you will be mukti. Betaal says marriage is a bandhan and I can’t marry. Vikram says if you can’t marry then you have to break friendship with me. he says Vikram and betaal’s name will not be taken together. Betaal says you are big player than Bhadrakaal. He says you know that our friendship is very precious to me and says I will marry for you. Vikram says you are my true friend. They come to the village and enquire about the lady.

Precap: Betaal and the lady get married. The lady is none other than putli who wants to end Vikram and betaal’s friendship.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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