Vikram Betaal 15th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Mahadev gives life to Kameshwar and changes Narmada’s destiny due to her karma

Vikram Betaal 15th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Parvati asking Mahadev to stop Narmada. Mahadev says it is wife’s duty to protect her husband, so how can I stop her. Narmada dances to please Mahadev. Parvati asks what is he thinking? Mahadev says she is my bhakt and that’s why I have to protect her husband. Parvati says sun is about to rise, how will you protect Narmada’s husband now. Mahadev says I will protect Narmada’s husband and will hide Sun from rising today. Narmada is still dancing while religious song plays. Mahadev throws his cloth on the sun. It flies and goes to the sun, hides it. Narmada still dancing and falls down. Kameshwar gains consciousness and tells Narmada that it seems Mahadev heard your prayers, and says so much time have passed, so morning didn’t come. Narmada gets up and asks if you are

fine. Kameshwar says I am fine. People of the village think how sun didn’t rise and pray to Mahadev to protect them. Betaal tells Vikram that everyone started praying fearing of the world’s end. All devtas came to brahmadev with their plea. Brahmadev asks Mahadev why did he put all earth in danger for the sinner husband of Narmada. Mahadev says whatever I did is to save my bhakt’s husband.

Brahmadev tells about the disaster which can happen if sun don’t rise and says you can dismiss Rishi Maandev’s curse. He says Devi Parvati and you can change the destiny and do anything together. Mahadev says I am understanding your sign. He takes the cloth back from the sun. The sun rises and the light falls on Kameshwar. Kameshwar falls down. Narmada shouts and cries asking what happened to him. She prays to Mahadev and asks what did you do, you protected my husband then took my life. She says what is this joke? Mahadev and Parvati appear infront of her in ardhangini avatar and tell Narmada that they are giving new life to her husband. Narmada is happy. Kameshwar gets up. Narmada asks if he is fine. Kameshwar says I am fine. Narmada thanks Mahadev for keeping up her trust. Brahma dev appears infront of them. All devs appear too. Brahma dev says you have proved to be pati vrata dharm and have changed your bhagya due to your karma, and blesses her that she will become a river after her life ends, and will become the reason of world’s betterment. Narmada and Kameshwar fold their hands infront of Gods. Kameshwar and Narmada hug each other.

Betaal asks Vikram why did Mahadev risked the people’s lives to save Narmada’s sinner husband. Vikram says Devi Narmada has proved for the first time that one shall hate the sin and not the person committing the sin. She has also proved that destiny can be changed due to the karma. Betaal says I can understand that you got emotional with devotion and asks his question. Vikram says Mahadev kept the people in risk for sometime, but set a new arrangement due to which people will find solution to their problem, if he had not done then people wouldn’t have know the truth of karma and bhagya connection. Betaal says you spoke and I am leaving. Vikram shouts Betaal…Betaal flies.

Mahadev and Parvati are riding on their cart. She says something unusual is happening here. Mahadev says something happens here on earth. Parvati asks to see what is happening there and shows the sparkling tree. He asks her to come. She says she will know what is happening.

Precap: Betaal asks why did Mahadev killed her daughter’s husband. She goes to the tree and prays to it. She brings a girl from the tree.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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