Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartikeya finds tarkasura’s life force.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kartikeya crying and he says mata, I cannot do this, I cannot. Parvati smiles. Kartikeya cries and he sits down and says I have failed and I am a failure, I cannot do this because I am a child, I am no warrior please take my god commander position and stop this war, I cannot defeat tarkasura as I am not capable of doing anything, I can do nothing. Kartikeya cries. Parvati says no son, get up. Parvati says kartikeya just remember, use what you have, use intelligence because it is a riddle you have to solve. Kartikeya stands up and he closes his eyes, he comes back on earth and he looks back in the pond and around everywhere. Kartikeya sees the pond and says tarkasura said his life lied in the charan kamal of my mother, but what did he mean?
Kartikeya then says tarkasura’s life force doesn’t lie in mata parvati’s charan kamal or rather what I thought was feet! It lies in the charan kamal of my first mothers, the ones who fed me for the first time when I was born! It lies in the charan kamal of my mother karthiki! Kartikeya says but how do I kill them either? They have loved me as a son and I was first in their hands and been fed as a mother does, they are my mothers. Kartikeya says I cannot do this, I will accept defeat but not this. suddenly karthikeya’s 5 mothers appear and they say son wait, do what you have to. Kartikeya says mothers! Kartikeya says mothers, I cannot attack your charan, your feet because you are my mata too. the mothers say kartikeya, you have to end this battle by killing tarkasura and for that you have to attack our feet if it is necessary because this is what you were born to do, to kill tarkasura! Kartikeya then thinks and says but mata, I will have failed again if I do this. the mata say we were grateful when we got to feed mahadev son kartikeya, by which means even we all became your mothers. It was enough for us and if you have to serve us then serve us by ending this riddle and doing what you have to.
There tarkasura says to indra dev and all gods, kartikeya wont come because he cannot attack his own mother but I have forced him to do that. I planned this all, because I am intelligent. If kartikeya attacks parvati, then his father mahadev will be angry and everyone knows mahadev’s anger. Mahadev will open his 3rd eye and with his power from the 3rd eye he will kill kartikeya, his own son! The battle will end for me and I will remain immortal for eternity, no one can kill me. tarkasura laughs. The gods say you evil demon, kartikeya will find a way around this and for sure he will kill you.
There kartikeya says tarkasura said his life was hidden in my mother’s charan kamal which means it is hidden on mata karthiki’s charan kamal, and by that it doesn’t mean feet but actually the lotus flower on which mother karthiki sits. Kartikeya then runs with his sword and he jumps into the huge pond, he goes deep inside and he find the golden lotus on which mata karthiki sits, kartikeya cuts it from the root.
There tarkasura falls down and he gets hurt and pain and says how am I bleeding? Kartikeya gets an injury on his heart and he says no, my life force. All gods are amazed.

Precap: kartikeya destroys the life force of tarkasura and returns back on the battlefield to kill tarkasura finally. Tarkasura is in pain.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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