Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th November 2021 Written Episode Update – Evil Banasoor challenges Shri Krishna.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Banasoor & Anirudh begin their fight while Banasoor injures him on his hand & warns him saying he’ll face more such injuries in this fight. Shri Ganesh & Usha along with her mother are watching them feeling scared of Banasoor’s attack.

Mata Paravati who is also Mata Kaali is feeling emotional about Anirudh & Shri Ganesh but is also becoming furious about evil Banasoor.

Banasoor is attacking Anirudh but Anirudh retaliates injuring Banasoor several times hence Banasoor also feels he shouldn’t be taken lightly & he plans to use his alternate power.

Mata Paravati is becoming more & more furious while Ridhi & Sidhi are feeling scared saying if Mata becomes wild then this world will face tremors hence Shri Ganesh itself has to do something & this is heard by Shri Ganesh who also too feels of doing something.

Banasoor attacks snake weapon which hurts Anirudh & clutches his hands hence he prays Shri Ganesh asking how can his blessings didn’t work & Banasoor is enjoying saying to Anirudh he should had known he is just a child for him & says who is clutched is not spared by him & plans to attack him with his sword while Usha is scared. Shri Ganesh tries to stop Banasoor but he ignores him saying he is a guest for him so not to interfere & Mata becomes more furious hearing this. Anirudh prays Shri Ganesh to help him.

Shri Ganesh intimates Anirudh to meditate Mata Kaali’s name who can help him in this crucial time & he immediately meditates her & Mata Paravati who converts herself into Mata Kaali & Banasoor wonders watching Shri Ganesh & shoots his weapon to kill Anirudh instantly but Mata Kaali interrupts guarding his weapon before hitting Anirudh & becoming wild warns Banasoor now who’ll save him from her & moves towards him in fit of rage while he warns telling her he has blessings of Prabhu Mahadev then too Mata is moving in anger hence Shri Ganesh feels he has to stop Mata anyhow or else she’ll face Prabhu Mahadev so he interrupts coming in her path stopping her saying he is very hungry because he hasn’t eaten food prepared by her since long time & Mata calms herself coming into her original form. Mata Paravati becomes emotional hugging Shri Ganesh saying she’ll prepare food for him but Usha brings Modak’s prepared by her to offer Mata to give to Shri Ganesh & Mata appreciates her saying she provided this to a mother to give to her son hence gives her blessings of whatever she wishes will be fulfilled & she thinks saying Shri Ganesh has already fulfilled her wish but only her wish is her father should accept her marriage with Anirudh.

Hearing what Usha wished Banasoor becomes wild saying Anirudh can only marry her if he defeats him while Shri Ganesh tells him he can’t defeat a warrior like you but he can challenge any big warrior like his father or his grandfather keeping Anirudh in prison & Banasoor says he is ready to face any big warrior but Anirudh tells Shri Ganesh he has the ability to fight with him but Shri Ganesh advises him there is no harm in taking himself into arrest hence he realizes this might be some trick of brains God & accepts his advise so asks Banasoor does he knows who is his father & grandfather & Banasoor says whoever it is he doesn’t care & Anirudh tells him his father is Pradyuman & his grandfather is Shri Krishna then too Banasoor in his ego challenges Shri Krishna hence Shri Ganesh thinks he has invited his end. Dev Rishi Narad emerges telling him this will be informed by him to Shri Krishna & Banasoor tells him to inform this also that he should get ready & come to face him.

Mata Paravati meets Prabhu Mahadev who praises her saying he knew she won’t return to Kailash without meeting him & she says he knows very well she is incomplete without him & asks him when he’ll return & he assures her will return soon.

Dev Rishi Narad informs Shri Krishna about Banasoor’s message & leaves while Shri Krishna asks Devi Satyabhama now did she understood why he had told her about they will have to go together & she agrees with him.

Banasoor in ordering all his guards to prepare all the weapons properly while his wife is trying to explain him he is doing wrong but he instead gets angry on her.

Precap: Shri Krishna comes in his Rath along with a huge army while Prabhu Mahadev is also standing in front of Shri Krishna & Banasoor watching this tells his wife he’ll create fight between two Gods who will kill each other & he’ll remain powerful in this world.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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