Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th July 2019 Written Episode Update – Ganesh & Ravana talking about shri krishna avatar


Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh asking lankesh ravana how the story starts prabhu’s shrikrishna darshan’s avatar & from where? Then ravana starts his narration of story by telling ganesh that this starts from ishwaku vanshi manu raja shradh dev who was gifted by 9 powerful sons & who were best in their own powers & deeds.

Shradh dev sees his 8 sons doing competition of war practice within themselves & gets very happy. Sons pray their father shradh dev. Their father praises them of their practice but feels emotional about his last son who is not here with you 8 sons & feels painful.

Ganesh asks ravana who was his last 9th son & he tells nabhag who was gifted to maharaj shradh dev as 9th son & who is main hero of this story.

He was also very powerful like his other brothers but instead of studying weapon powers his interests were of spiritual & devotional study.

Nabhag is chanting mantra of “om namah shivay” continuously while doing his day to day work too. Some years passed & here shradh dev had also become aged so his all 8 sons had started their duties to take care of their father’s properties too. Once the time came all sons were talking with their father that to stop thinking about his 9th son & our brother. Shradh dev replies that he is also my son & your brother & he also has equal rights on all my properties alike you have so how can I stop thinking about him.

All 8 sons tell their father that yes it is right but for all this he had to be here & lived with us & you as per rights of family but in vain so there are no rights of him which can be justified. Also He is not interested in taking care properties instead devotional studies hence when he is still not returned then how will he return now. So we advice you father that who is not here please forget him & who are with you now think of them & divide these properties within us in eigth parts & their father does that accordingly as per their wishes & states that this is now all your as per area of directions prescribed including seas, mountains etc. & I donate you all. All brothers are happy with it.

Ganesh is in confusion that shradh dev has not left anything for nabhav why so? Ravana explains ganesh that yes nothing was left for nabhag & also shradh dev’s health was deteriorating too by taking only one name on his mouth “NABHAG” & keeps waiting for him that when he will return.

All 8 sons shout their father & tell him where is nabhag who has never cared of you & us & you only think of him.

Nabhag is doing Abhishek for betterment of his father & all his 8 brothers to shiv kund & prays that to please take accept his prayers for good & comfortable life of his father & all 8 brothers to donate.

Ganesh is surprised that at one side all 8 brothers were not willing nabhag’s name to be taken by their father & other side nabhag is doing Abhishek for his father & his brothers, ganesh is confused.

Ravana explains that his 8 brothers had also started to avoid their father too & ganesh says that now these 8 sons are also avoiding to take care of their father, yes says ravana.

Nabhag while chanting “om namah shivay” sees an old man coughing & crying for water as he was very thirsty & suddenly the old man’s son comes running from behind, holds him & feed water from the pond. Seeing this nabhag starts feeling emotional & away from his duties towards his father & immediately decides to go to meet him.

Nabhag comes to his father’s palace & sees lot of changes happened in his absence. All brothers see him arrived & act arrogantly with him. They talk about the past with nabhag & curse him as he has no rights on properties now. Nabhag tells them not to squeeze his rights to see his father & asks where is he? & they take him towards their father.

Shradh dev is eagerly waiting for his son nabhag & suddenly nabhag arrives in his room calling him but shradh dev is feeling he is in dreams but then actually sees him with all his 8 sons together. His father is very delighted to see him & very contented & happy. All 8 brothers are confused seeing their fathers so much emotions towards their brother nabhag & feel to lose one of their share of property & curse nabhag.

Nabhag prays his father & his father blesses him but tells him as he does not have anything to give him due to divided between his all 8 brothers but nabhag insists towards his brothers too inspite they cursing him that he will take his rights & asks for his father to take along with him as he was doing Abhishek for all of you & shradh dev is over-whelmed seeing nabhag’s love towards him & all his brothers were shocked. Nabhag explains & projects his thoughts to his brothers. His father happily accepts his choice & goes along with his son nabhag before showing true colours to his other 8 sons & cursing them. Nabhag stops his father cursing them.

Nabhag & his father are at nabhag’s small place & serves fruits to his father & his father tells him to take too but he says he is contended by his father’s existence with him here & his father explains about his wrong decisions taken in life & what you have earned that to take care of his ailing father but nabhag replies he is very happy with this by getting solutions from his god & he will resolve all my problems. Nabhag’s father also says that there are some brahmins here who are performing maha yagna’s which can be attended & helped by you. This will also help us lead our life here. Nabhag accepts & takes blessings from his father.

Ravana explains the outcome of this to ganesh & what will happen in future.

Nabhag moves towards the yagna place & sees brahmins performing yagna & he is surprised by all these things happening & happy with it.

Precap : Nabhag trying to take yagna Prasad along with him but is stopped by shiv dev.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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