Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Parvati kills karika.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with gunesh and kartikeya telling story of kaam dev.
Kaam dev’s wife devi rati stands as she cries after looking at the ashes of kaam dev. Parvati comes walking outside from the cave, everyone see her devi kali form as her shadow. Parvati comes and devi rati cries and says mata, please do something. Parvati says devi rati, kaam dev did a mistake by attacking his panch arrow on mahadev to rise kaam for me, it was completely wrong. Devi rati says mata I agree kaam dev did a mistake by attacking the arrow on mahadev but whatever he did, it was the order of indra dev and he was forced to do this! Indra dev looks down and thinks if mata gets angry her anger will kill me. indra dev says forgive me mata I am truly sorry for what I have done.
Parvati says dev rati, I

understand why this all had to be done. Devi rati says mata, kaam dev is dead and without him there is no love in this world, if there is no love no one will be born and the cycle of life and death will be stopped, please I am kaam dev’s wife and as a wife mata I ask you for help and my husband back, and I also ask kaam dev back for this world.
There tarkasura is with atyasura and he says to the demoness karkari, karkai go with atyasura and kill that devi adishakti, if atyasura dies then you will kill that devi with your power. Karkari and atyasura go.
There parvati says okay devi rati, I bless you, I will give life back to kaam dev but only you will be able to see him now. kaam dev will get his body and be born again in dwapar yug in the form of Paramavatar shri krishna’s son. Parvati blesses and from the ashes kaam dev arises but only devi rati sees him. kaam dev does pranam to parvati. Indra dev says kaam dev I cannot see you but I think you can hear me, forgive me for what I did, I know this is a huge sin but I was worried due to tarkasura. Kaam dev and devi rati go.
Laxmi then says now tarkasura is a huge problem.
There karkari and atyasura are flying and come near the cave of mahadev as everyone is there. Atyasura thinks I will rather stay back, let karkari go she thinks she can defeat devi adishakti very easily, what a fool! Atyasura stands behind and hides behind a rock. Karkari flies and everyone see her. Parvati looks at her angrily and she just stamps her leg on the ground, a huge wave comes and karkari is killed instantly and turned to ash. Atyasura is thrown behind as he goes flying back to tarkasura’s palace.
Lord Vishnu says devi parvati, you and mahadev have to get married soon, because only your son can kill tarkasura. Parvati comes back from her devi form to her original form of parvati and she says I don’t know, my parents are waiting in the palace and I have to go quickly now. parvati goes. Indra dev says what happened to mata parvati? Lord Vishnu says after hearing about marriage parvati came back in the form of raja himavan’s daughter and for every girl, it is important that her parents give her permission and look after her marriage.
Laxmi says but who will talk to mahadev about marriage with parvati? Lord Vishnu says I will take such an invitation of marriage with parvati that mahadev wont deny.

Precap: laxmi, lord Vishnu and brahma dev go to mahadev for parvati’s marriage with him. mahadev says no I will marry parvati on one condition, I will take her test.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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