Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th November 2021 Written Episode Update – Usha finally meets Anirudh with help of Chitralekha.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Mata Kamyaksh says the heat developed by Narkasoor through his evil women’s will end him itself while Shri Krishna explains Shri Ganesh in Sanskrit language who is purely devoted to any God will end the heat of any evil hence he has to act quickly to end these evils.

All women’s are chanting Shri Krishna’s name while Narkasoor says this heat will destroy them from meditating hence they’ll get ready to marry him so he orders his senapati to inform Banasoor about it & leaves from there. Mata says if they keep chanting name of Shri Krishna then this heat will be under their feet like a flower which won’t affect them & they all are chanting his name without any trouble.

Chitralekha shows Usha about the picture she has brought which is none other than her Anirudh’s while Shri Ganesh intimates Mushak he has to begin his job now. Anirudh wakes up from that picture while Usha becomes joyful watching him & Chitralekha says her work is finished which was written in destiny inspite of Shri Krishna guarding him & takes leave from them. Anirudh praises Usha saying he has ultimately met his would be bride which was written in their destiny it seems like Chitralekha said but Usha says to him if her father knows about it he’ll become furious & he assures her unless he doesn’t take along her with him he won’t leave from here.

Shri Ganesh arrives in Banasoor’s palace while Mushak wonders thinking what’ll happen now & Shri Ganesh asks him is he scared of planning to disclose the truth to Banasoor about all this & he says sort of & Shri Ganesh meets Banasoor who welcomes him.

Anirudh tells Usha he’ll meet her father immediately but she stops her saying she is scared about her anger hence to leave from here before he knows. Banasoor asks Shri Ganesh why has he arrived or is there any work with him but Shri Ganesh intimates Mushak to disclose the truth of Anirudh & Mushak says why he is troubling him but then too he signals Banasoor he felt some man in Usha’s room & he becomes furious saying it is not possible or he’ll kill him & orders his senapati to check & he finds Anirudh with Usha hence he attacks him to take him in front of Banasoor but Anirudh retaliates attacking him & tells him he is here not to fight but only to meet his king so to inform him & senapati informs Banasoor but he beheads him saying this person can’t be his senapati who was not able to bring him in front of him while Shri Ganesh says to him he might be his future son in law due to destiny but he becomes wild saying his daughter will be married with his choice & she doesn’t has the right to choose anybody on her own & he meets Anirudh whom he attacks with his weapon throwing towards him but Anirudh saves himself & he asks permission from Banasoor he wishes to marry Usha but he becomes furious saying he has to fight with him first hence they both get ready to fight on his field. Banasoor takes him lightly saying he is a child hence he gives him the opportunity to attack him first & Anirudh prays hands & Banasoor thinks saying is he surrendering but Anirudh says ultimate God Shri Ganesh is in front of him hence he is praying him first before beginning this fight which is his honour & Shri Ganesh gives him blessings accordingly.

Precap: Banasoor attacks Anirudh with his weapon by which he shivers hence Shri Ganesh prays Mata to show her anger now & Mata Kaali emerges to help save the attack of Banasoor’s weapon towards Anirudh.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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