Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th August 2020 Written Episode Update – Soorapadman’s sons are killed in the war.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with bhanugopan watching soorapadman giving shivastra to his other son telling both of them to not to depress us as bhanugopan did & bhanugopan gets depressed watching his hand cut too.
All gods are telling kartik it is difficult to face shivastra while kartik says like we faced brahmastra there will some solution & we’ll search of shivastra too & all are calmed.
Devsena is arranging flowers for kartik’s pooja but some voice she hears & feels confused but finds a bird & calms herself saying now I should concentrate on my pooja & she sits for meditation.
Soorapadman’s two sons are coming on battlefield & they are challenging kartik & all that now you have to face us & can’t win.
Gods are briefing kartik about two sons of soorapadman who are asoorendra & adhimukhum & what kind of powers they have within. Kartik is watching both of them closely.
Veerbhau & his brother are moving ahead towards both of them in battlefield.
Both asoors are remembering what directions their father soorapadman had given them to tackle with gods. Asoorsendra is using his powers of fire to blow them & veerbhau & his brother catch fire but ganesh helps them to clear the fire by water through his nose.
Asoorendra is again challenging them & lighting fire to blow both of them & they are becoming restless as veerbhau’s brother asks how to tackle this but veerbhau sustains saying we will fight this anyhow.
Kartik remembers he was blessed some powers to fight fire from father so I’ll use that & he is creating that power to use for saving veerbhau & brother. All asoors & also gods are watching kartik how with the power is pulling all fire from their body & gods are praying kartik doing good work & he saves veerbhau & his brother.
Vishwakarma & yamraj’s daughter’s go to jail to meet jayant but they were stopped by soorasahi’s guard & they both warn them of complain to soorasahi & they allow both to go so they go & meet jayant introducing themselves & he feels happy about it. Jayant also tells them I won’t pray soorapadman but they tell them we are here to ask help from you that to please go near kartik & our son’s will be saved & also to stop this war.
Devsena is praying for kartik doing meditation deeply while the other woman is coming near devsena with bow & arrow in her hands but also appreciating statue of kartik too.
Kartik is pulling all fire powers of asoorendra’s but he still feels that he’ll fight & finally he thinks of resting so that he’ll get energy again & he rests while all the fire is sucked by kartik & adhimukhum shoots shivastra weapon which distributes various snakes to attack kartik & gods are feeling trouble towards kartik while ganesh is thinking snakes can be tackled but how to stop the shivastra & soorapdman watches saying now this shivastra will kill them all while mayurji creates various mayur’s to tackle & eat all snakes as ganesh & kartik are very happy about it while soorapadman gets annoyed about this failed attack. Now kartik sees new trouble of shivastra coming towards him thinking till I was facing asoorendra, adhimukhum has sent shivastra & wonders while veer bhau & his brother come in front of kartik to cover him & all gods including ganesh too come in front of kartik. Mayurji too come in front of all of them to cover all including kartik but kartik thinks otherwise & creates a form like mahadev & jumps in front of all to face the weapon.
Ganesh & all watching kartik in form of mahadev itself & all are praying as ganesh is praising kartik of his form in mahadev itself. Ganesh also says now if mahadev itself is in him then no weapon can harm kartik & the weapon stops in between with some powers while soorasahi says thinking soorapadman may anyhow tackle this war but has he given punishment to his wife?
Soorasahi’s son’s wife’s are forcing jayant to go & stop this war so that our son’s will be saved but he says I will do whatever I can for you mothers but I am here jailed so how can I go anywhere & one of them says my father vishwaakrma had given me one weapon power which can make you release from here.
The shivastra weapon stops & gets converted into kartik’s image there by entering into kartik itself by creating mahadev as his image & all are praising mahadev & kartik shouting slogans.
Vishwakarma’s daughter is using the power given to her to release jayant & they tell him you can go now but soorasahi arrives there & they are shocked.
Soorapadman’s son’s are challenging kartik & all that we’ll fight & use our powers again to attack & kill you all while kartik provides trishul weapons to both veerbhau & his brother to attack both of them as they move ahead warning them that now you both will be killed & they kill them instantly with the help of trishul. Soorapadman’s brother is shocked to see killing of both son’s. Soorasahi is cursing both her son’s wife’s that I knew gods daughter’s are unfaithful towards their duties & they all hear the praise of veerbhau & his brother for kartik so jayant says I think swami has won today & soorasahi’s son’s wife’s feel it means our sons are killed & they start crying for them as soorasahi watches their killing through her powers but she says now I will jail you both too with jayant & she talks about her war still not ended & tomorrow will be my day & leaves them alone in the jail clutched.
Soorapadman watches killing of his son’s as the army is running from the battlefield so he goes to stop & challenge kartik while his other brother tries to stop him & he doesn’t.

Precap : Soorapadman shoots his weapons towards kartik saying now you will be killed & this war will end & he shoots his weapon as it hits kartik but in bright light image & all are shocked thinking has the weapon hit kartik?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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