Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th November 2021 Written Episode Update – Shri Ganesh supports Chitralekha for helping Usha.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Usha tells Chitralekha she is search of her life partner which Shri Ganesh has also intimated her about it so she says that she has to go through tests to achieve him so Usha remembers what all she faced earlier & feels she can face anything. Usha tells her she is ready so Chitralekha says she should stand strong without moving herself to face the arrow coming towards her & she watches it but stands deeply in devotion while the arrow converts into garland which falls around her neck & Chitralekha praises her true love for the person who is written in her destiny.

Chitralekha asks Usha if she knows him & she says she has seen in her dreams but does not know his name as Shri Ganesh had told her he will be from a God’s community itself & Chitralekha draws some pictures showing it to make her identify who can it be but after various pictures shown she finally identifies her the right picture hence Chitralekha says he is son of Shri Krishna whose name is Anirudh & Usha becomes delighted but asks her she had promised she will take her to him & Chitralekha says she had promised but Shri Krishna is a tricky God who won’t allow so easily to meet Anirudh hence in this only Shri Ganesh can help with his brain powers.

Mushakji asks Ganeshji what he’ll do now & Ganeshji says she is right as Shri Krishna is very difficult God to whom convincing is very hard & also this will increase more waste of time for end of evil Narkasoor.

Narkasoor is enjoying drink while the evil women’s are torturing all those women’s clutched by him & he orders his senapati to force those women’s to get ready.

Chitralekha tells Usha to keep praying for Shri Ganesh while she will leave to bring her lover Anirudh & she goes inside Shri Krishna’s palace but he understands somebody moving inside palace hence he moves to see who is it while Chitralekha gets scared feeling he must have understood it seems & she prays Shri Ganesh who helps her by chanting Shri Krishna’s prayers & Shri Krishna stops searching & goes to meet Shri Ganesh asking him why he called him & Shri Ganesh keeps praising him in various ways for chitralekha to finish her work.

Chitralekha clutches Anirudh in a big picture & takes him out of the palace while Shri Krishna says to Shri Ganesh the work is finished due to which he called him here & he asks Shri Krishna did he knew about it but again he praises Shri Krishna saying he forgot he itself in an intelligent God who he took lightly. Shri Krishna says to him he knew all this earlier itself which is written in destiny so he allowed to let it happen.

Chitralekha puts the picture hiding in a tree outside the palace of Banasoor & signals the women guards who become alert asking who is it & goes to search but does not find anyone while Chitralekha enters the palace tricking them.

Shri Ganesh says evil Narkasoor’s torture has to be stopped towards those women’s while Narkasoor is forcing all those women’s to get ready for marriage & challenges Mata telling them she also won’t be able to help them now but Mata becomes furious & all those women’s are praying Mata for help.

Precap: Shri Krishna tells Shri Ganesh he will support whatever good to do ahead while Shri Ganesh informs Banasoor about his daughter Usha & Anirudh in her room. Banasoor finds Anirudh with Usha hence he challenges him saying before thinking of Usha he has to fight with him & they both get ready in field to fight with each other.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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