Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th March 2020 Written Episode Update – Ganesh releases jayant, gods & veer bahu.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with soormukham comes to give light to veer bahu for sacrificing his life & he holds saying emotionally that you wish to make my life sacrifice then I will as I am pure devotee of my prabhu kartik & I will for him & pleads kartik to forgive him.
Devsena is trying to save the big rock coming towards kartik’s meditation & indra too is holding the cane hut to not to get washed out while mahadev & mata paravati are watching how devsena is overcoming the hurdle.
Veer bahu is trying to light himself while ganesh comes with the evil animal thrown in soorasahi’s palace & all are shocked. Ganesh is chanting name of “subramaniam swami kartik” loudly as veer bahu is delighted & all evils are shocked. The original jayant comes walking in the palace chanting name of swami kartik.
Ganesh had saved jayant from the evil animal eating him & he himself had entered in his mouth while all gods & jayant praise ganeshji.
Soorasahi orders to clutch all of them while veer bahu says now we will meet in battlefield while soorapadman also orders to clutch them but veer bahu lights the whole palace & all are shocked & scared of fire while ganesh plans & tells to leave from here now as nobody can notice.
Devsena is thinking how to tackle & she remembers what mata had taught while mahadev praises devsena saying she is the able girl for kartik as she has impressed us & he stops the storm & blesses her.
Soorasahi is cursing all of them while soorapadman asks where could they must have gone & soormukham says I’ll go & search them while soorasahi gives him a weapon saying nobody can leave mahendrapuri so easily& this strong weapon will help you.
Veer bahu plans how to go from mahendrapuri as soorasahi’s daughter also come to ask help from ganesh saying let me also come with you while soormukham comes to surround them shouting I am here to clutch you all.
Indra goes near devsena asking her if she is ok & she replies yes while indra is expressing his discomfort towards her & also had good strength towards devotion of kartik while she faints & indra is shocked holding her.
Soormukham comes near while ganesh is calming jayant to not to get scared as veer bahu & soormukham are fighting. Ganesh is calming jayant saying we will go from here while soormukham is warning ganesh saying you can’t go from here or I will show you what I am while ganesh tries thinking how can he say so confidently & understands saying that he is not alone but his army has surrounded but nobody can notice & he says they all are invisible which I understand this.

Precap: Veer bahu fights with soormukham retaliating his weapon attack & he cuts his hands as well as kills him while soorasahi is shocked to understand this & he also kills all his army throwing towards her palace.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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