Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update – Prabhu Mahadev boons Banasoor his wish.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Banasoor praying Prabhu Mahadev’s Kund saying he’ll devote himself to his devotion now while Narkasoor comes to inform him that Prabhu Narayan has taken avatar of Shri Krishna to kill him hence he should achieve Prabhu Mahadev’s blessings along with all his supportive army & he says he’ll do that including Shri Ganesh also so that nobody can harm them.

Banasoor begins his meditation for Prabhu Mahadev while Mata Paravati becomes wild watching his meditation converting herself into Kaali Mata form.

Shri Ganeshji is standing in front of Mata Kamyaksha in her temple wondering why she hasn’t signalled her about what he has to do ahead. Mushak is also asking him why he is so confused while Ganeshji says Mata isn’t still telling him anything but Mata arrives in her Kaali form & he gets more confused why she has taken this form?

Banasoor is under deep meditation while Shri Ganesh asks Prabhu Mahadev why Mata has taken Kaali Mata’s form but he too vanishes & Ganeshji is confused again.

Prabhu Mahadev goes to Banasoor saying he is impressed with his meditation hence to ask what he wishes & he wishes his Prabhu including all his supportive army & Shri Ganesh to stay with him as his guest in his palace until he doesn’t allow them to leave & Prabhu Mahadev boons him his wish so Prabhu Mahadev along with his supportive army & Shri Ganesh gather while Shri Ganesh says to him he is misusing his boon achieved due to his meditational power & he laughs saying he has achieved this on his own so he can take his decision how to use it & Mata Kaali on the other hand is becoming wild on Banasoor’s evil plans.

Banasoor invites Prabhu Mahadev to his palace but Prabhu Mahadev tells him unless he doesn’t invite Shri Ganesh also his supportive army won’t come because Shri Ganesh itself is their blood so he invites Shri Ganesh too but Shri Ganesh has kept quite on his invitation hence Banasoor blames Shri Ganesh of behaving weird due to which he might use his powers of Boon achieved & Mata Kaali hearing this becomes more wild saying how can an evil Banasoor talk about her son this way.

Prabhu Mahadev intimates Shri Ganesh that he has already gifted him his Boon which can’t be taken back & Banasoor also insists Shri Ganesh to accept his invitation so that he’ll give him great welcome for whom his wife as well as his daughter who is a big devotee of him are also waiting for his arrival. Shri Ganesh is thinking about Banasoor’s family who are performing prayers standing in front of his idol while his daughter is also excitingly sings his prayers. Shri Ganesh thinks his family is so devoted & this evil is so cruel in his deeds hence Shri Ganesh asks him if he accepts his invitation then how he’ll treat with them ie. as a guest or prisoner & he says obviously as a guest because Prabhu is his mentor so how can he behave wrong with him as well as everybody so Shri Ganesh accepts his invitation & he takes them along towards his palace.

Banasoor’s family receives message of Prabhu Mahadev arriving & his daughter becomes excited feeling about Shri Ganesh will also come it seems & they are ready to welcome them. Prabhu Mahadev arrive along with Shri Ganesh & Banasoor’s daughter is welcoming Shri Ganesh first but Banasoor tells her to welcome Prabhu Mahadev first but she says actually Shri Ganesh is first to be welcomed it seems & he says he won’t mind if his father is welcomed first while Mata Kaali becomes wild & Prabhu Mahadev watches him weirdly.

Precap: Banasoor shows Prabhu Mahadev his room having decorated bed for resting but Shri Ganesh also arrives in the same room & Banasoor stops him saying this is for his Prabhu Mahadev & not for him instead & Shri Ganesh becomes wild on his insult to him while Mata Kaali also becomes very wild shouting he has invited his death now. Shri Ganesh comes into his huge form showing to Banasoor saying he doesn’t know insulting a guest means what.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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