Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th March 2021 Written Episode Update – Pushpadant again vanishes & enters into a villagers son.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Mata appreciates Shridhar that she is supported by such a devotee like you hence she’ll stay here itself on Trikut mountain & also will be blessed by everything. Mata also blesses Bhairav telling him that your temple will also be built here to show the right path of my devotion.
Mata blesses Shridhar’s wife telling her that you both will be blessed by a great child who’ll continue to follow Shridhar’s footsteps to spread my devotion in this world. Both are so delighted that they praise her very much. Mata also tells Shirdhar to take care of her Swayam Gurnoon which will emerge in the temple & Shridhar feels honoured & excited.
Bhairav asks Mata to bless him that all the people coming to visit your temple should step from my stone image & take your blessings & she blesses him accordingly hence he appreciates her honour praising her.
Mata leaves changing image of Bhairav in stone while Shridhar & his wife move ahead near the den to build temple where Swayam Gurnoon emerge. The villagers also follow seeing Shridhar’s foot prints & move on his path. Shridhar & his wife face Shri Hanuman in their way & they both wait seeing & appreciating him hence Shridhar asks him that you mustn’t be a simple person who always being besides me to guide so request you to show your actual form & Shri Hanuman comes in his original form which after watching Shridhar & his wife are stunned & surprised hence they both bend down to pray him while he blesses them. Shri Hanuman intimates him that he is the guard of Mata so now you can enter this den to build temple for spreading Mata’s devotion within the people & Shridhar excitingly enters the den & finds Swayam Gurnoon of Mata’s bright lights flashing & he gets delighted praising Mata.
All villagers along with help of Shri Hanuman also walk towards Mata’s temple praising & chanting her name.
Villagers reach in the temple while Shridhar is arranging materials along with flowers performing prayers of Mata & his Brahman Guru also pray Mata while Shridhar gives Mata’s blessings to him with her lighted Diya & he gets better as all are surprised seeing miracle of Mata.
Shri Hanuman also thinks saying now is the time to leave but still have to wait for intimation from Shri Ram regarding further orders.
Ganesh narrates Pushpadant that this way Shridhar built temple & was devoted to Mata for spreading her devotion & they all also praise Mata singing her prayers while Pushpadant’s ghost soul is instigating him to let’s leave from here as there is no room for you in this devotion but instead he is refusing him then too he pulls him taking away. Ganesh & his wife are shocked that he has left again.
The ghost is taking him around village & he finds lot of people who are behaving weird & his meditational feeling erupt always seeing people who are also devoted doing prayers hence finds evil behaviour in people also.
Pushpadant sees a villager who is torturing his parents & feels very bad about them & curses their son but his son takes care of them & is emotional towards his grand parent’s hence he enters into his body to trouble his father to realize his weird behaviour towards his parents.

Precap: The villager’s son tells his father that grandfather & grandmother has also to eat food this much hence to give them in this pot but he refuses while his son warns him that he’ll too sleep outside if you insist that I shouldn’t say anything. Ganesh tells Pushpadant’s wife that after watching son’s torture towards his own parent’s I remember the old devotee pundlik of Shri Krishna.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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